Bread, Flowers, and Plants

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

They all match so well together...

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The flower shop was closed, which was reasonable considering it was 4:30 in the morning. Pablo had arrived by four at his bakery, making an enormous effort to ignore the new and recently arranged flower shop standing right across his shop. He had entered the kitchen, started cleaning, and preparing the dough for the bread. When half an hour had passed he decided to take a quick peek trough the window, still closed.

That process continued trough the rest of the morning, the intervals at which he looked becoming more and more frequent each time. It was a relative calm day, the next morning after the holidays, with not so much people getting up early. By noon he was already tapping his foot and getting distracted from his chores. Time passed and as the sun started to lower, he threw away what little semblance of discretion he appeared to have, and resorted to pace back and fort in front of his shop, every once in a while throwing a look at the unopened flower shop.

As luck would have it a client arrived, and as he finished giving the man his change, he caught trough the window a glimpse of a young woman opening the door to the flower shop. He said goodbye to the client and ran to the kitchen to grab the special dessert he had made as a welcome for the new neighbor, he almost fell down when he went to get the little lavender flowers that he had carefully picked that same morning. His race out of the door was halted by his coworkers, who nearly restrained him, and then talked sense into him. The next half hour Pablo waited impatiently, throwing glares at his employees as they repeated how he needed to give her time to settle, they were right and Pablo knew it, she hadn’t even changed the shop’s sign to open.

Eventually she did, and Pablo rushed to the front door, only to catch his breath resting agains the door for the next few moments. He opened the door, a small bell sound echoing trough the place. Pablo found himself mesmerized at the place, it resembled a botanical garden more than a flower shop, plants everywhere, the floor, the ceiling, some in the walls as well. Surrounded by different tones of green, with the sounds of a small fountain somewhere he couldn’t locate, and another sound he couldn’t identify.  That wonderment came to a halt when she saw her, first as she passed by in front of him in a hurry, carrying a succulent in her hand. Then when she noticed there was someone there and she backtracked, chestnut brown hair in a braid, yellow dress, and a succulent on one hand and small silver bag in the other.

“I was just going to go meet you” she commented, still surprised by her unexpected visitor. “Well, I guess we thought the same thing” he replied, as he nervously reached for his front pocket on his apron, “I brought you this, as a peace offering, I sold flowers on my shop, had a little garden patch on my apartment, but that’s your thing now, I won’t get on your way” he paused to catch his breath before he continued “I just wanted to start on the right foot”, she smiled and started laughing “I was going to give you this” she handed him the succulent and the silver bag as she took the dessert and flowers ” I don’t sell flowers actually, just plants” she did a small pause as Pablo stared at her in realization “What I do sell are chocolates, I was going to bring you this as a, well as you said, a peace offering”, he replied as quickly as he could “I.. don’t sell chocolates” They stared at each other in incredulity, before they started laughing until they had to catch their breath and properly introduce to each other, he found out her name was Anne and that what he thought was a flower shop was exclusively a plant shop.

The peace offerings were accepted by both parties, and soon neighbors became a bit more. Despite their unusual schedules they always met and went for lunch or just talked in between breaks and visits and shouting matches from one side of the street to the other. He closed the bakery by 6 pm time at which she came to open her shop. Sometimes she came early and hang out with Pablo in the kitchen, sometimes he came after work to her shop and they talked next to the counter, or while watering the plants. He never saw one single client entering her shop, but the plants sold out, and she received new stock every day, and she always closed the shop by 7 in the morning.

Still they found a way, time spent with each other, sweet notes, dawns and dusks spent on rooftops, watching the sky and talking, laughing, eating. The bakery became more alive with a variety of plants that adorned the place, some fresh in the counter, other sitting at the small tables, some more hanging as decoration from the ceiling. For some reason she didn’t accept to have flowers on pots inside her shop, but she didn’t mind carrying them on her person, so she could often bee seen with a flower tucked behind her ear, or on her clothes, or within her often braided hair.

The plant shop was closed, which didn’t make sense, considering it was 6 in the morning. Pablo had arrived by the usual time at his bakery, making an enormous effort to ignore the plant shop standing right across his shop. He had entered the kitchen, started cleaning, and decided to just stop by and say a quick hello before getting back to work. When he arrived he noticed that the sign said the shop was closed.

Now thinking it trough he hadn’t seen it opened the day before, yesterday had been a pretty busy day, since the next day was going to be the annual festival, people had been buying bread and cakes and desserts for the festivities after the parade. So he didn’t stop by at Anne’s Shop, and at night he had been so tired, he had pasted a quick note to his front door for her to see, and went home. He couldn’t see sign of movement from the day before, but before he could keep investigating a coworker arrived and he had to go prepare the dough. Sadly this day was a calm one, and that gave Pablo plenty of time to speculate, worry and overall do everything but his job. Her cellphone went to voicemail, and her house was a few blocks away from here, so he couldn’t go, or he wasn’t allowed to by is coworkers. One of which finally volunteered to go to, but returned without a satisfying answer. Pablo paced back and forth on the sidewalk in front of his bakery. She was never late, and he knew that but couldn’t do anything but walk, check his phone, and then walk once more. Every once in a while throwing a look at the unopened plant shop.

The sky went dark, but he had closed the shop before that, everyone had already went to the parade before the celebrations started. So he went up to the roof of the bakery, which was the roof of his apartment as well, and he tried to call once more. Only to hear Anne’s familiar ringtone behind him. He turned around as fast as possible only to see her standing there, he moved to stand up, but she signaled him to stay there. As she approached the edge of the building where he was sitting, the street lights allowed him to look at her clearly. Her usual perfectly braided hair, all tousled up and disarranged. She had plenty of scratches on herself, including one on her left cheek and a nasty looking bruise on her right arm. Her clothes were torn up as well and all dirtied, and as she sat Pablo could notice it troubled her to do so, pain reflecting on her tired looking features every time she made a movement.

“What did…are you okay?” she turned to look at him, and smiled a little “I will be, don’t worry I’m safe”, Pablo didn’t know what to reply, he just stared in a mix of worry and relief. Anne once again spoke “I’ll tell you what happened after the parade, okay?” he just nodded, and reached to hold her hand. They held hands the entire time the floats and sea of people passed trough both their shops, and as the last people left the street he tried to wait a little longer before asking what had happened, he did sneak a look towards her. She still kept looking towards the street, and once again he looked at her injuries in concern, and that’s when he noticed, the only thing that wasn’t damaged on her whole person was the little lavender flower pinned to her yellow sweater. She turned to look at him and smiled. “Let me tell you a bit more about my plant shop”

Submitted: January 22, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Sereida. All rights reserved.

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