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Sometimes games have a bit of true within them.

*Work in Progress*

Submitted: January 22, 2019

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Submitted: January 22, 2019





One, two, three, four, five, six…” The woman’s voice came merely as a whisper, her breathing heavy. Hands tight around the baseball bat she had grabbed a few minutes before. Echoing in the distance she could hear two distinctive voices, reciting the same words as her, she could also hear steps.

“Twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen…” She saw a shadow lurk on the wall to her left, so she slowly moved towards the right remaining hidden behind the structure she had found cover when the turn had started. From there she could see Mark hiding behind a broken door on the indoor balcony, he locked eyes with her as they both continued to count, a question clear on his eyes. She shook her head, she had hoped he would have known where Laurie was, she could hear her, but couldn’t tell where her voice was coming from.

“Twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty, thirty one..” They needed to keep moving, they just needed to locate Laurie first. She couldn’t have been far, they had already given her two turns two scout ahead, she should have come back, she should be near. The more they stayed there the more familiarized the creatures chasing them became with the location, the space grew smaller, the more easy it was for them to find her group. She couldn’t let that happen, she couldn’t lose anyone else for this.

“Fifty one, fifty two, fifty three, fifty four, fifty five…” She had left the structure and had moved to the wall opposite of where mark was, hiding under the metallic stairs leading up to the balcony on the second floor. She could see clearly mark from there, his face illuminated by the reflection of the pool below him. He looked at her, and his lips moved without making a sound “We have to move”, she shook her head desperately, they had to wait. She hadn’t had the chance to tell them before, but she couldn’t risk shouting, she would have to make a run for it once the turn ended. She tried to climb the stairs, but found out she was stopped by an invisible wall. So apparently the stairs formed part of the upper area. She knew she couldn’t leave the area she had been hiding on the current turn, but she thought the stairs wouldn’t count, would’ve made a nice advantage for once.

“Eighty eight, eighty nine, ninety, ninety one, ninety two….” She could hear one of them approaching, she would be spotted hiding there. She looked around in desperation for an alternative, before crouching and moving away from the stairs. She tried to pay attention to Laurie’s voice, wether it sounded louder the further away she got from the stairs, but she couldn’t distinguish. She could be anywhere for all she knew, this place, this, whatever this was, it never cheated, but it also never played fair.

“Hundred sixteen, hundred seventeen, hundred eighteen, hundred nineteen, a hundred and twenty.”

She ran, she didn’t waste a second looking at Mark, she just raised her right arm, urging him to stay where he was. She reached the stairs and began climbing as fast and as silent as she could. They could be a bit louder during this time, but the metal stairs took an excessive advantage on that, and made the loudest noise possible with every step she took. She dared look at one of the creatures that had been lurking for the entire turn, it had slightly turned its head towards where she was, she slowed down a bit. Perhaps this time they would have a bit of luck and have a longer break. She continued to run across the inner edge of the building to the other side. She reached Mark and managed to halt without falling completely to the floor. She talked in pauses while regaining breath. “Right before we were transported here, there was a note, or instructions or something” Mark kept quiet, helping her stand up right, she continued “If we lose half the team, we’ll all automatically lose, all of us. We need to find Laurie first before advancing, we can’t risk it now” Mark looked distraught “ But if we stay here…” she shook her head “ She’s near, we have the chance to save Brent, but we have to play it safe… this game, if we lose Laurie we’re all done for”

A faint beeping noise could be heard all around. Mark hesitated for a second before nodding “We can survive one more round, then we’ll see from there” she finally stood up completely “Seems fair, good luck”.  They could feel the place shift, grow smaller, hideouts disappearing. They had already spent many turns in the same place. Mark ran trough an open door to an adjacent hallway. “There’s room here” he whispered, she was already running the opposite way, but the beeping noise was growing louder each second, the new turn would star much sooner than expected. She ran towards the door, only for it to disappear. She could faintly hear Mark calling her name, she looked around in desperation, the other door to that room was across the building not far away from the stairs she had climbed trough, the beeping was growing louder and she was in plain sight. She began running towards the stairs, knowing that she wouldn’t make it. Louder and louder by each moment, yet she continued to run, that’s when she saw Laurie peeking trough the door, the beeping noise gave out one last long sound. She had no other choice, she climbed the railing with the impulse she had and jumped the noise still sounding as she entered the water of the pool below.

“One, two, three, four…” She swam upwards wondering how much noise would the splash had made, and hoping that wherever the creatures where, they hadn’t directed their attention to her, she could still hide on the edges of the pool, although being quiet would be a bit harder in water. She raised her arm, but it seem to be unable to cross the surface of the water. Then she realized, the pool wasn’t an area, the water was, and she couldn’t leave it for the next two minutes. 

“Nine, ten, eleven, twelve…” She tried to remember, what was the longest she had ever been able to hold her breath. Had it even been a minute? could she make it up to two” She would have to find out, she remembered humans can hold their breath longer underwater, she continued to count while trying to remain as motionless as possible.

“Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen” She knew she wasn’t going to make it. She already needed air, it didn’t matter that Laurie had returned if she lost all of them would. There was nothing she could do, out of instinct she hit the water surface again and again, but her movements were weaker by the moment, and more uncoordinated as desperation quickly settled in.

She could see a deep cavern, tinted blue with shadows that danced in the water, and lights were they shouldn’t be. 

That’s the moment Brynn Munsi lost consciousness.




In another place, but the same time, Brent paced back and forth. In a place that looked like an abandoned subway station, although at this point he knew better than to make quick assumptions. He had heard that beeping noise again, it started and stopped at irregular intervals, and so far hadn’t told him anything useful about what his situation was. He stopped his walking to productively kick the garbage can, which made an empty noise, almost reproaching Brent’s anger being taken upon it. Brent slumped onto the floor, at least the space was slightly bigger than his room back home. The dark part of the tunnel stopped at an invisible wall, and the stairs to an escape where impossible to walk trough as well, he could manage to see that once the stairs ended a cavern opened. Light pouring trough it, and the reflection of water dancing agains the rock walls.

It was all his fault, he knew this well. His teammates had either lost, were losing or, in the best case scenario, were losing time looking for him. Second game and he had already been benched, or whatever this was. At least nobody else was here, everybody else was safe. He closed his eyes. He had started to doze off when he felt his shoes were wet, he opened his eyes, and noticed that from the stairs water was pouring trough, he tried to cross the threshold but he still couldn’t. What would happened when the water filled the place? he asked himself in despair. That’s when he saw her.

Water was pouring with the strength of a waterfall by this point, but he could see Brynn coming trough the stairs. “Brynny” he muttered, before rushing towards her, he tried once more to cross the exit, throwing himself against the invisible barrier as hard as he could, only to fail again. She crossed the threshold with no effort and collapsed into Brent’s arms, just as the water stopped. The whole place was puddled with water, but Brent didn’t seem to notice as he checked Brynn for pulse. She was still alive. 

It didn’t take long before she woke up, coughing and gasping for air. After she had regained her breath, she turned and noticed Brent was there. She hugged him without saying a word, he also stayed silent for a while. When they finally parted, Brynn began to take notice of her surrounding, “You’ve been here the whole time?” she asked in a quiet tone. He just nodded, still recovering from all that had happened.  “Did you lose?” he asked after a while. “Not sure” she replied as she stood up, taking in her surroundings.  “I think I died” she calmly commented, as she climbed down towards the railway to better inspect it, she couldn’t go trough the darkness of the tunnel.  

“Wait, is that the same as losing? am I dead?!” asked Brent as he stood up quickly, Brynn stopped what she was doing to think. “No, I saw you when you disappeared, you just lost by the game’s rules”, Brent sat down at the edge of the platform. “Are you sure you..?” she turned towards him and climbed to the platform sitting next to him. “ The next game was some weird version of hide and seek,  we took turns to hide, and when we did, we had to stay on the same area, I- was running out of time, jumped to the pool. Turns out water was an area rather than pool” she rested her head agains his shoulder. “That sounds unfair” he commented, they looked at each others, smiled and enunciated at the same time “Always unfair, never cheating”.


“ Twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four…” Once the turn had started, Laurie could no longer peek trough the door frame. She had to find Mark, they were fewer hiding spots than the first time she had gone trough this hallway, she could faintly hear marks voice counting. Brynn had been on the opposite hallway before the turn had started, perhaps that’s where Mark was hiding. All that remained from an open hallway with rows of shelves and furniture to hide in, were a few loose desks and every now and then a couple of shelves to crouch behind. They were two creatures lurking quite close to each other in the next hallway, each flanking one side of it. 

“Thirty three, thirty four, thirty five, thirty six…” there was only a lonely desk and a couple small boxes standing in between the hallway. She took out a few metal screws she had collected on her way here, peeked out from behind the small chair she was hiding behind, and threw them as far as she could. She ran towards the desk, before the creature could finish assimilating the sound, she then repeated the process, quickly moving from one hiding place to another. Finally she took the rest of the metals she had taken and threw them as high as possible towards the ceiling, the two creatures turned quickly to the commotion and she was able to hide behind a set of shelves out of sight of the creatures at last.

“Forty eight, forty nine, fifty, fifty one…” She ran the rest of the way until she saw Mark, hiding between some stacked chairs and a broken wooden table. He stared at her in surprise and relief, he was counting as well but raised his hands in question as Laurie hid under the table. She began searching trough her pockets until she found a piece of scrap metal, and began carving under the table as quietly as possible. “Went two buildings further, loops back here, couldn’t find Brent ” , Mark read the words and stared towards her, a thousand questions reflected on his face. He extended his arm and she handed him the piece of metal “Brynn?” , she tried to mimic the swimming movement, but seeing that Mark couldn’t understand she just wrote “Pool”. 

“Ninety six, ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine…”

“But I felt your pulse…and I mean you’re alive right now” replied Brent,  she stared at him “That’s a good point” she straighten up and checked his pulse “You’re alive as well”, they stayed silent for a while “Alive and stuck” commented Brent.

“ A hundred eleven, a hundred twelve, a hundred thirteen”

Mark raised his arms questioningly, Laurie scratched the wood again “Together/run”

“A hundred eighteen, a hundred nineteen”

The place where Brynn and Brent were, became completely submerged in water, they looked at each other and held hands as they swam towards the exit in one last desperate attempt.

“ A hundred and twenty.”

Brynn and Brent ran as fast as they could, she told him about the two creatures waiting on the next the hallway, they turned around the corner, only to find none. They didn’t stop until they reached the door leading to the open area, they looked towards the pool but could hardly distinguish anything. Laurie almost tripped when rushing down the stairs and since Mark was going in front of her she almost took him down with her. She managed to regain balance, and they both reached the ground floor. 

They were no creatures on sight. As they reached the edge of the pool they saw two figures emerge from it. “Brent!” shouted Laurie and Mark at the same time as they rushed to help them out. 

“What, how…where you underwater all this time?” asked Mark as he reached his arm towards his two friends, Brent started to answer ”No, I was in this weird place, it looked like a subway station, and suddenly Brynn arrived” Brynn still recovering her breath just raised her hand in acknowledgement. “Wait you lost as well?” asked Laurie in horror, “No, I- the water was an area, and I couldn’t leave” Mark and Laurie stared in confusion until realization dawned upon them. 

The beeping started again, “We need to get out of here, did you find a way out?” asked Brynn, “No, it all loops here, and it’s getting smaller by the turn”, Mark added “Although it appears there’s no more creatures, so the answer is not fighting them, how are we supposed to win this?” They had all stood up, reaching the stairs with Laurie and Mark helping Brynn and Brent walk. They were on the first steps when the final beep echoed trough the place, “Wait!” shouted mark as he rushed back only to crash against an invisible wall, “Are the stairs an area?!”  asked Brynn in panic.  

Laurie rushed up only to find out she couldn’t reach the second floor, meanwhile Mark hit the invisible wall as hard as he could,  when suddenly it disappear, causing him to fall to the floor. ”What?!” he uttered as the rest of his friends rushed back down to help him. A voice boomed from within the walls of the building.

“Hide and Seek, status: won. No members lost, and player: Brent Soria retrieved trough trapdoor in area A13”

“Wait you went trough a trapdoor?” asked Laurie in a hushed tone, Brynn shook her head “Pretty sure not”

“Games Won: 1, Games Lost: 1. Final game and tie breaker will start in: twenty, nineteen…”

“But you arrived to the bench” replied Brent, “Thought it was a subway station?” replied Mark “Oh wait, I get it..”

“Sixteen, fifteen…”

“We can’t die” stated Brynn in realization, “Perhaps not..” replied Laurie contemplative.

“Twelve, eleven…”

“Hey there’s your bat!”, shouted Mark as he ran towards the discarded bat lying next to the pool. “Don’t think we can bring things to the next round” commented Brent, “It’s worth a try” countered Mark.

“Seven, six…”

“First it was tag, then hide and seek, what do you think will be next?” asked Laurie.

“Five, four…”

“Maybe the clapping game” said Mark, hopeful.

“Three, two…”

“Oh I just had an awful idea of which game it could it be” exclaimed Laurie, “Which game?” asked Brent.


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