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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Some things just keep coming back.

Submitted: January 22, 2019

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Submitted: January 22, 2019



A large group of people gathered behind the police line that morning, most of them with no real purpose but to obstruct the main road, and having a valid excuse as to why they were late to work. Of the few people who really had any business being there, Daniel was by far the most stubborn of them all. Leaving aside his instinct, telling him to walk away as fast a possible, he approached the front of the line. Telling himself the reason of this soon to be proven foolish decision was to see how far away the street was closed, and not because of curiosity, or the desire to help.

Once in front of the line, a young officer approached quickly as he waved towards Daniel, removing him the option of walking away and pretending he didn’t see him.

“Hey Dan” spoke the young man, with a cheery attitude much odd for someone working at crowd control at 6 in the morning.

“Hi, Just wanted to know how far was the street closed” replied Dan, the officer answered “All the way to 3rd” he noticed Daniel’s defeated expression “Sorry, you’ll have to take Country Road”

Daniel tried to hide the fact that he missed his co-workers as he tried to do small talk “So how you’ve been?” the young guy replied “Good and you?”


“Nice to know you’re doing well in your new jo-“

“No, that kid is climbing the lamp pole to get a better view” replied Daniel as he pointed towards a lamp pole to his right, were a school aged kid, was already one story high up, winning the encouragement of the rest of the kids.

“Hey you! Get d- and he fell on top of his friends, well that solved itself, say you want to take a quick look” asked the young officer “It’s quite a curious situation, the-“.

“Nope, I’m late to an appointment sorry” he shouted as he walked the opposite direction in a hurry, for his non existent appointment.

The rest of the day went on normally, at least for him. The main purpose of Daniel’s life was to live a life as normal as possible, a ridiculous notion to live by if you ask me.

The next morning he took as much precautions as possible, as to avoid any odd stuff from happening, he didn’t watch the news during breakfast, nor did he read the newspaper on his way to work. The rest of the week progressed without any further incidents, but luckily he was meeting with Lisa on Thursday.

They met each Thursday on their regular dinner. Daniel had been waiting for her on their regular table when she arrived, a tired look, and dark circles under her eyes, most likely because of the workload and the lack of help in working trough said work.

“Hi” He greeted as he smiled at her, “Hey” she replied as she dropped her bag and binders on the free space of the booth. She raised her hands in defense as soon as she saw him open his mouth “I won’t tell you anything, ok?” he tried to dissimulate a smile “Good” he just replied. 

They had dinner and talked, about life, sports, dogs, everything but work. It wasn’t until they were the last customers left at the dinner that the topic resurfaced again. “ I think I might have to go early, I have to finish some research, with a-”, “You ever thought about quitting” he asked a out of the sudden, she smiled “Ever thought about coming back?”


“Not ever?”


“C’mon it wasn’t that bad”

He stared at her with incredulity, she conceded a bit “I mean we’ve been on  a couple of-“ he laughed “ 7 Lisa. 7 times we’ve had to deal with situations like the one your new little case is brewing up to become, I can’t even go to the bank anymore wi-“

“It was fun!”

“It wasn’t fun, c’mon Liz!”

“Fine, it’s your choice, but I’ve got to tell you I believe there is a huge c-“

“If you say the word conspiracy I’m going to throw myself out that window”  She smiled at him “I’d love to see that”, he felt like singing. He tried to hide his smile, and his interest as he said, perhaps a bit to loudly, “look I’m too- forget it, I have stuff to do I got to go”, and yet despite both their intentions to leave early they continued to talk for three hours that night, until the restaurant closed for the day.

After that little incident, Daniel felt himself out of danger, he hadn’t noticed anything odd, and things were going great as far as he knew. It was an early Saturday morning at the time he was proven wrong.

He heard a knock on the door and Lisa’s voice that urged him to open up, “Daniel! I know you’re in here, you’re going to help me with this, want it or not”

“I’m not here Liz” he replied as he ate from a bowl of cereal.

“Sure you are, Daniel Dnail open up”

“I’m not getting roped into this again!”

“Please just one more!”

“Go away! I’m becoming a criminal”

“A car exploded today, purple fire came ou-“

“Purple fire?”

“It’s only going to get weirder Dan” he could almost see her smile from the other side of the door, she knew he already got him.

He opened the door slightly “Just once more?”, she nodded trying the best to hide her smile, he took a deep breath ”Just one more and I’m done for real, I swear even if I have to the Artic to do so” he went to grab his coat, as Lisa replied “Sure”.

He locked the door as Lisa started explaining, about conspiracies, and purple flames and missing people. He liked this, he looked at her, and the thought of working together again made him feel at home. 

After both of them stopped a massive conspiracy, he agreed to return to work as Lisa’s partner, and didn’t retire until the age of 90, when as promised, they both moved to the Aritc, much to the displease of certain escapees that had been hiding in the northern region, to the delight of Lisa, and to the happiness of Daniel, still after all this years poorly disguised as resignation.

The End.

© Copyright 2020 Sereida. All rights reserved.

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