Victor’s Prize

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


Victor had made his selection from the array of subtle offerings kneeling obediently on the floor along the wall. Each with their eyes averted to the floor and hands folded subversively in their laps. He walked down the line, examining his selection closely.

He paused infront of one who caught his eye. She was small. Short with delicate features, soft looking lips and huge dark brown eyes. He imagined what those eyes would look like, looking up at him from her knees as those soft lips wrapped around his manhood.

“ Look at me.” He commanded as he stood infront her kneeling body. As she lifted her head to meet his gaze, he took her chin in his hand, turning her head slowly from side to side. She kept her eyes on him as he moved her face from one side to the other.

He slide a finger into her mouth, and then another, pressing down on her moist tongue. She sucked on his digits instinctively, never letting her eyes leave his stare. “ Good.” he smiled. His mind wondered to other, more intensely aggressive things. “ You’ll do just fine. We’ll have a good time, you and I!” ~ When Victor was alone with his prize, he was more than eager to break her in. He wanted to mark across her delecate body. He wanted to make her his and pocess her body. But slowly, he thought, even as his cock pressed against the fabric of his trousers. Don’t get carried away too fast, he reminded himself. First things first.

Each wall of the room was lined with various cuffs and chains, brackets and ropes- each providing various amounts of restraint. The table in the middle of the room was adorned with toys of all kinds, play things for pleasure and for pain. Tools to cut and to flog, to insert and to vibrate. All methods to dominate another’s body in all kinds of ways were at his fingertips. He pressed her back against the far wall of the room. “ Remove your clothing.” She obeyed, her eyes subverted as she let the fabric around her fall to the floor. “Now for the rules. I only have two. Repeat the rules after me.”

“ You will show gratitude for all I do to you and you will address me as Sir.”

“ Yes, thank you, Sir.”

He smiled as he continued, “ I own you, you are mine.”

“ I am yours, Sir, to do with what you will.”

“ Yes, yes you are!” Victor growled low, almost hungrily as he rubbed his hands slowly down over her arms. He cupped her breasts briefly and rubbed his index fingers around each of her nipples, making them stand at attention. He moved his hands slowly down over her stomach, her hips, her thighs, learning the form of her body.

He moved her legs further apart with his knee as she stood with her back against the cool wall. “ Look at me.” As she met his eyes, he slipped a finger between her legs. She tensed as his inserted a second finger, deeply probing her wet anxious womanhood. She held his gaze silently in nervous anticipation. ~ “ I want you on your knees.” he said sternly as he slipped his fingers out. He unbuttoned and removed his shirt as she lowered herself before him. “Put your hands behind your back.” She complied . He pulled a set of leather binding cuffs off the table and moved behind her. The cuffs covered her arms from wrist to forearm as he secured each of her hands against her opposite elbow.

“ Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” He unzipped and removed his trousers. She didnt look at his looming cock as he stepped infront of her, but continued to look into his eyes as her mouth gaped open before him. Victor grinned wantingly, taking her chin in his hand, rubbing a thumb across her smooth wet tongue, moving it in just slightly into the rear of her mouth as he tilted her head back. “ Lets see how hungry you are for me. Show me what you can do.” He positioned his erect prick over her tongue and held it there.

She closed her lips around his thick shaft as he took the sides of her head in his hands. He held her head still as he moved his hips slowly towards her face. He let his dick slip halfway in before moving the tip back out to her lips. Back in, then out of her mouth, letting her make a sucking popping noise as he moved himself in and out between her lips.

He gripped his fingers more securely in her hair as he entered her mouth again, this time pulling her face forward and pushing his throbbing cock deeply, letting it slide way down her throat. She gagged around his shaft. He could feel her throat tighten and he pumped slowly from the back of her mouth to down her throat. ~ Victor let out a pleasurable moan as she squirmed slightly, trying to lift her head more comfortably to take him all into her mouth. She gagged again as he picked up the tempo. He continued to fuck her mouth, harder now, pressing himself all the way in, her nose hitting his stomach as he pumped.

He was getting close to release now, the first time in a session always coming the quickest. Her mouth was so warm and moist around his cock. Each time she gagged around his shaft, her throat squeezed. Making her gag felt so good as he pumped, bringing him even closer to his peak. She closed her eyes. But, he shook her head slightly “ No! YOU LOOK AT ME AS I FACE FUCK YOU. YOU LOOK AT ME AS I CUM DOWN YOUR THROAT” She opened her eyes. Her hands were fisting and unfisting , clawing and twisting behind her back.

Once, twice more he pushed himself into her mouth, down, back out slightly, then down again. He pinched her nose closed and held his other fist tightly in her hair. Then, on the third thrust, he came. She felt his member pulse and dance down her throat. He pushed in as deeply as he could, letting out a satisfied moan as he shot his success. After a moment more he backed himself out and released her nose. She gasped and coughed. “ Now,” he said, panting slightly “ clean it off.” She tried to catch her breath as she started licking Victor’s still hard cock. “ That's a good girl! Now, thank me.”

She stopped licking and spoke, still slightly breathless “ Thank you, Sir, for allowing me to blow you. Thank you, Sir, for letting me swallow all of your seed.” ~ “mhm” He patted her cheek firmly. “ Stand up and turn around.” She did, though awkwardly bc her arms were still bound behind her. Victor helped her to her feet as she stumbled. He walked her over to an adjustable bench which he raised to be at her stomach height. He pushed her against it, bending her over it slightly and holding her steady until she found her footing. “ Stand there.” He commanded as he rubbed a hand over her ass. He rubbed over her outer thigh, across her crack, grabbing her other cheek then spanking it once before rubbing it again. “ I want you to count for me.” He said to her as he looked over the toy table.

After a moment, he decided on a broad paddle. Getting a feel for the weight of the paddle in his hand he said, “Ok dear, count!” And he brought the paddle down swiftly across the fat of her left ass cheek.

“OWE! one”

“good!” he brought it down just as swiftly across her right ass cheek. “OH! two”

He cracked the paddle down firmly across her left then right upper thighs”

“three… four” she choked on four, tears starting to well up just slightly in the corners of her eyes as he brought the paddle down again and again “ FIVE... SIX” she cried out, pressing into the table and shifting from one foot the the other.

Victor took a brief pause to gently rub the welting red areas of her back side with his palm. “ Shhh… you can do a few more… you’re such a good girl! Now. Count!” He he stepped back to bring the paddle down. She breathed out horsely.

“ seven… OUCH EIGHT”

“GOOD! now again!” he said bringing it down across her rear two final times.

“ Nine… AH! TEN” she cried just softly as she whispered “ Thank you, Sir.” He rubbed her red swollen ass cheeks, then lowered his face. He kissed once, twice, both sides almost tenderly, before biting down hard into her flesh. She moved, startled, and tried to turn around but he held her against the bench by her bound arms.

“MMmmMM” Victor pressed his tongue against the flesh of her behind, hungrily breaking her skin with his teeth. He was getting hard again. He sucked and kissed the area briefly before standing up and stepping back to admire his work.

Her ass was brilliantly presented to him, red and slightly bruised now. ~ He stroked his penis slowly with one hand while rubbing his other hand across her ass. He squeezed and stroked her welted skin. He ran his fingers slowly up then back down her crack. He pressed his index finger slowly against the pucker of her anus, circling it gently, and pressing again. “ Have you ever had it up your ass?”

“No, Sir.” she responded meekly.

Victor smiled as he popped his finger quickly into her hole, inserting it up to his nuckle. She was so tight, she moaned loudly, raising a foot off the ground. She was tensing and squeezing her ass around his finger as he moved it around, wiggled it up and down inside her.

He slowly guided his finger almost out of her hole before pushing it quickly in again a few times. She made so many gutteral noises as he primed her ass and opened her up to recieve him. The sounds escaping her made him so hard. He removed his hand and positioned himself behind her.

He pushed her legs apart with his knees. He put a hand on each of her hips firmly, letting his swollen prick rub against her back side. He postitioned his manhood right against her puckered hole and held it there. He leaned over her, closer to her ear and whispered “ Its ok to cry out, dear.”

Without holding back or being gentle, he thrust his cock deep into her ass all the way to the hilt in one push. She cried out and reared up, but he pushed her back down rough and swiftly. With one hand hooked firmly onto her hip and his other gripping tightly to her bound wrists, he bent her over. He pulled out slowly, then aggressively pumped forward, all the way into her again. Then again. With every blow of his cock, she screamed as she was knocked against the bench. Her ass started to bleed as he worked her over, the blood only making it that much easier for Victor to slide into her, tear into her, pushing, pumping, thrusting repeatedly into her tight virgin ass. ~ With every unforgiving thrust against her backside, Victor brought himself closer to satisfaction for the second time. As he would approach release, he’d pause momentarily before slamming himself into her again, letting the feeling subside slightly, delaying the explosion building in his balls. Then as he reached the brink, ready to reach his climax, he grabbed her sides roughly.

One mighty thrust in and slowly out … two, deeply in, and slowly out… THREE, slamming himself into her tight, sore ass for the final time, Victor felt the rise, then the explosion. He let his load go without remorse, cumming deep inside her asshole before slowly pulling back out.

He laid his body over her twitching, sweat soaked backside as his seed dripped down out her hole and between her shaking thighs. He straightened up after a moment of pressing against her heaving exhausted body. He looked down at her ruined hold, still open, raw and dripping.

“MMmmMM, I knew you’d do just fine for me. I told you we’d have fun, you and I, didn’t I?

“ Yes, Sir. Thank you. Thank you for fucking my ass and for cumming inside my hole.” she cried softly, still laying over the bench.

Submitted: January 22, 2019

© Copyright 2021 CeraVi. All rights reserved.

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