Walking at night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Odd things happen at night, wether good or bad it's up to you.

Submitted: January 23, 2019

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Submitted: January 23, 2019



There are times in your life when you will lay in bed, unable to fall asleep. Tossing and turning and counting sheep will not help and you know it by now. At some point during the night, if enough hours have passed, to the point that time feels eternal and yet short. When the clock signals the world has already gone to sleep. You will feel a sudden urge to stand up, go outside, and start walking, at this point you have two choices.

Stay, try to sleep, once you’ve made your choice, you’ll feel the urge diminish. In a few minutes you’ll be able to fall asleep. Making this choice will have no repercussions. The other option is far more interesting. Get up, don’t grab anything, don’t stop at any point. If you stop or grab anything, it will be a normal night as any other, and by the time you have set a foot outside you’ll realize the madness that is going out, and return to bed. Once again, there will be no consequences if you chose to do this or if you do it by mistake, you’ll fall asleep in minutes once you lay down in your bed once more. That’s your last chance to go back to bed once you’ve stood up. So if you proceed, if you got up, if you didn’t stop, didn’t grab anything once you’ve gotten up your bed, and reached the main door, then the fun will start.

If there’s one instruction among the many I will give you that is vital to remember, is always go trough the main door, wether it be an apartment, a house, a room or any other place you call your home for the night. By no circumstances take a side door, an alternate route, or a window. If you do you will be able to proceed, but you’ll be watched from the moment you set a food outside, your every movement will be spied upon, and getting back might become a real challenge.

Now, if you exit trough the main door, close it silently. Once you do, it will become locked. By the time you chose to return it will be unlocked, it just stops you from turning back once you’ve closed the door behind you. Walk until you’re no longer in what you call your home (get out of the building, the garden, the colony you live in), that’s when things will begin to happen. You’ll soon notice that the clothes you’re wearing weren’t the ones you were wearing while you were in bed, don’t worry they’ll return to normal when you come back.  The weather might seem warmer or colder than it was before, it might be raining, or a clear sky when the opposite was previously true. All of those are good signs, so will it be if the weather is the same as the one when you were laying in bed, or if you keep walking in your same clothes.

The one thing that will remain the same will be your shoes, how could I forget. That was my mistake, they are the one exception to the rule. You can grab shoes or boots or whatever footwear you wish before you go outside, in fact it is recommended for the first times you go outside at night you do so. Going barefoot is always an option, but it makes things a bit..weirder. Not more dangerous by any means, but more interesting. It is always recommended however, that you go out with footwear the first time, it’s better to get used to it for the first times. Then you can experiment. Now pay close attention; if by any chance your footwear does change once you go outside, it will adapt to what you’ll need, you’re in no danger, but keep an open eye that walk, it might be needed.

With that covered up, lets go back to the main event. Once you’re outside, and whatever’s changed is already changed. You’re free to start walking in any direction, the places you’ll see might not resemble the ones that usually surround your home, that’s okay. Do not worry about the possibility of meeting a stranger on your walk, most times the streets will be deserted, the few times there is someone on the road, that person will not meet your eye, and will not attempt to approach or speak to you, and I’ll advice you to extend the same courtesy to them.

If someone talks to you, you may talk back if you wish to, but never compromise, never agree to something, never promise something. You are allowed to lie, and they won’t be able to tell. You might hear some advice, some words of encouragement, or inspiration, or just nonsense from the universe. Don’t worry you’ll remember those words once you return. But again I have to repeat, do not promise anything, do not accept any invitation of any sort. Most of the times that can be dangerous, and might put in jeopardy your safe return. You can always lie, or chose to stop answering, they will walk along with you for as long as you maintain a conversation with them, once you stop they’ll stop walking or go on a different direction, you can say anything personal to them, it will pose no threat in itself, but it might increase the chance of them appearing again on your next walk, so keep that in mind.

Also as a warning, if someone talks to you, don’t stop. They’ll walk along you, and if you forget for a moment just start walking again, and it’ll be okay, but if you stop for long times when talking to someone it might be an odd experience. Also stopping when there’s other people in the street is not recommended, you won’t get tired when walking, and pausing for a moment is no problem when there’s people around, but it’s advised not to be done for long periods of time. If you find yourself alone on the street feel free to pause as long as you want, take a breath, watch the stars.

Walk any direction you want, you will never be truly lost, and you will never circle back home until you chose to do so. The streets will always be lighted enough, and the cars (if they are any) will go slow enough to not be any threat to you. Please never accept to get a ride from those cars, one might slow down and offer to take you someplace, to give you a ride. Deny them politely, or keep walking and ignore them. If you get inside one of those cars, you’ll have to close the door, the pilot won’t do it for you. You have until then to get out, because once you close the door you won’t be able to return home. No one will ever force you inside a vehicle, and no matter the way you deny them, they’ll never take action against you, just don’t get in.

As for other mean of transportation, any closed vehicle (cars, buses, convertibles, trains) follow the same rules that cars do, and you will rarely see a bus. The times you do see one of them, they will be full of smiling people, don’t get in. Unlike cars, once you step inside it, it’s already too late.If you come across a subway or a subway station you may get in, and in most cases it’s often advised to, they will take you where you need most, and once you get out you’ll be on a different road, and your journey will continue as usual. Many times they are even there to protect you, few of the places where you’ll meet other walkers. Smile at them, talk if you wish, once you return you won’t be able to remember their names, or where they were from, or what their faces looked like, but you’ll remember some things. It’s always nice. 

Bikes and carriages are rare to see, but they are pure. The driver will smile at you with a warm face, and invite you to get a ride with them, by all means get in. This are golden moments to experience, you’ll feel relaxed, the view will be beautiful, and the drivers of those often give the most valuable advice, the most precious of inspiration and words to lighten up your soul and heart. Be polite to them, they deserve that. Deny them if you wish, they will never hold a grudge against you, but don’t be rude, or it might become more difficult to go out at night.

Now running, its one of the most wonderful things you can do, do it, run till your hearts contented and you feel full with energy and childish joy. The only exception is if you went outside from other way that wasn’t the main door, or if someone or something on the road is giving you a bad feeling, in those cases keep walking, running will make the situation escalate, other than that run to your hears contempt. Never run if there’s a bus nearby, it will remain by your side if you do so, and the invitations to get in might get more insistent and strong to say it someway. No matter their words they will not take any action against you, start walking and don’t speak, it will eventually go away. If you are talking to someone and you begin to do run, they will do the same, it’s by no means dangerous, but it might look creepy, so just a heads up.

A small advice on your walk, stay on the main roads, big streets, ample avenues, lighted up roads. You might take sides streets and alleys if you wish to, but always make sure they are either lighted, or if they are dark, that you can see light somewhere. It is not dangerous, but the farther away from the main road, the more complicated returning to it will become. Don’t enter strangers houses (and remember everyone is a stranger). If you get confused and enter a home by mistake, it will be known that it was an error, once you’ve realized, say an apology out loud without shouting, and get outside, closing the door behind you. No harm will come upon you. If you’re talking to someone and they invite you to their house don’t go in, by any reason, if they wan’t to show you something or give you something, they will go inside themselves (keep walking or stop and wait there’s no difference) and they will come out with whatever it was, but don’t go inside. Feel free to take whatever gift they offer, but if they’re just showing it to you then don’t take it (you will know the difference).

Restaurant, shops, malls, any public place or building you’re allowed to enter as long as it’s unlocked. If it’s locked you don’t enter those, unless you can unlock them by your hand or by wit, never by force. Once you’re inside you may stand still, sit and do whatever you please. You may take anything you want from inside; there might be food waiting in the tables of a restaurant or rings and trinkets in the shops, you are free to take them as you please, they will only accompany you on your walk. Once you arrive home they will no longer be, but they will be present in one way or another, consider it a gift.

If you see in any of the places you enter (that isn’t a house) a weapon of any kind, take it, and start heading back home. You don’t need to search, just start walking with the intention of returning home, and so it will happen. You will most likely no longer find anyone on the streets, the exception in some cases will be a chariot, a carriage, or a bike that might appear. This time I will strongly advice to take their invitation, they’ll get you home safe no matter what. I want to be very clear, with the exception of the transportation mentioned before, if you see someone, anyone, no matter if you’ve seen them or talked to them before. Don’t talk to them, don’t accept any invitation from them, keep walking (Don’t run.), show your weapon or aim at their direction without looking away from them and keep walking. Be confident in your safety and by no reason attack them, because then you’ll enter a battle you’re not prepared to win, no matter your training or skill during the day. 

In this situations were a weapon of any sorts has appeared to you, there are two very specific cases in which I urge you to follow my directions strictly: if you ever see a subway station, or an animal of any sorts approaches you. If it’s the first run towards it (no matter if there’s someone or something around you), get in. Once you’re inside you’ll be safe, chances are it will be full with other walkers, talk to them, hug them, some might be scared. As a side note any weapon you have will not harm any walker, so don’t worry about that, the subway will advance and once you get out, you’ll be in front of your home, don’t go back, get inside your house, another thing that might happen while you’re riding the subway is that you might wake up in your bed, this is a rare last resort but it can happen both with subways and animals, if you awake in your bed then you are safe, it might be disorienting, but you’ll be okay.

If an animal appears while you’re making your way back, once you have spotted it, it will begin to run, follow it, no matter which direction it takes you, if it breaks inside a house you follow it in, if it goes inside a car you do the same (this time you will be safe and able to return home, just get out as soon as the animal does), if it goes into a shop and stays there you do the same until it starts moving again. The only exception to this rule is if the animal get’s inside a bus, this is a rare event that most likely will never happen, but if it does, then that animal should not be trusted, walk in whichever direction you wish, the animal will stay in the bus. You will eventually get home, or find a way back (either a bike or carriage, a different animal, or subway). The type and color of the animal does not affect how trustworthy it might be, a black cat might lead you home, while a sweet dog might get inside a bus for you to follow. In few occasions the animal that presents to you will be big, if so it might bow down to you for you to ride it, if that happens accept it’s ride, it will get you home. Eventually you’ll find yourself in front of your home, get in and you’ll be safe.

All the events previously mentioned are a rare occurrence, they are not impossible, they might happen, but are rare, just take the needed precautions and no harm shall come to you. Now to go back home in any night, either because you want to sleep, or just want to, you can. There’s no reason by which it’s not advised to go home, just start walking in a different direction that the one you’re currently walking, with the intention to reach your home, it doesn’t matter if you’re not going the same way back (it will rarely be), just the intention to go back will lead you there. In the case that you have become scared, by any reason or by none at all, which tends to happen the first time, and sometimes other times as well, don’t despair, walk with intention, no matter if you’re scared, take deep breathes and remember what I have stated, you will get home. 

If you’re scared, chances are the road might be shorted than expected, an animal, carriage or bike might appear. Even a subway might present itself, they are there to help you feel safe, but you can ignore them if you wish. Whatever you’re feeling just walk (or run if you wish to) home, eventually without recognizing it you’ll be in front of your home. Once you cross to the house grounds, the surrounding area will seem more familiar as you approach your home, get in trough the main front door and you’ll have officially arrived and your journey will have ended. No one will notice your absence, you won’t meet anyone on your way to your bed, some time might have passed or not at all. If by some reason you were required to get up at night, or someone came to check on you at some time you’ll arrive before that moment. Once you get into bed you’ll notice you’re wearing the clothes you had  when you were laying on your bed before, and whatever footwear if you forgot to take it off upon arriving will be in it’s due place.

You’ll fall asleep quickly to a peaceful sleep, and you will remember everything in the morning, so don’t worry. Your home is always the same, nothing will follow you back and once you close the door you’re home, once you’re in bed time moves normally and life moves on. The only exception to this rule is if you did something you shouldn’t: if you messed up, or disobeyed an important rule. If things have drastically changed, if you encounter anyone on your way to bed; no matter if you know them, or what they say to you, If you have an uneasy feeling that should have gone away upon arriving home, then exit, as fast as you can. Whichever way you can, exit that house, walk outside in the opposite direction and, after walking for a bit you’ll arrive to the real house, the same rule will apply upon entering (although it’s very rare that the same situation happens twice), if you reach your bed and nothing weird has happened then you’re okay, morning will come, and as long as you don’t break any new rules the next time you go out for a walk nothing like that should happen again.

This is an extreme occurrence, which happens only if you’ve knowingly broken the rules, by no means are you in risk of this happening if you follow the instructions.

I don’t want to leave you scared, but I don’t want to send you in blind, cause it can be a magnificent experience. Of course if I list only the dangerous things it might seem awful, or terrifying, but it’s so much more. To put if in context If I listed all the rules and dangers and exceptions to your daily life, you’d be terrified of your daily life, but it isn’t terrifying, it is beautiful, just as the night you walk trough.

So I want to leave you with a few happy advice; don’t stress, cause you can get lost and you’ll return home, no matter the direction you go, as long as you want to do so. Listen, cause there’s so much to hear; advice and inspiration and dreams and words from other walkers and others that want you to be well. Run and laugh and walk for no reason other than the night is yours to be...

… to love.. and to walk at night...

I hope this helped, I don’t know what else to mention, I’ve already covered everything about your journey, the choice is yours at all time, even to the point of wether you make it back or not. 

Best of Luck, Good Night, and have a good Walk,
“ “

© Copyright 2020 Sereida. All rights reserved.

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