A Love like the Ocean.

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Love and the ocean go hand in hand.

Submitted: January 23, 2019

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Submitted: January 23, 2019



A Love like the Ocean


The ocean. It’s big. It’s deep. It could kill you. It’s filled with the unknown. 

Sometimes, so cold it hurts to breathe. 

Waves crash over you like you’re nothing. Weightless. 

The danger..yet beauty.. is what keeps you coming back. 

Your love pulls me back up from the depths of the water. But sometimes it drags me back down. Drowning me. 

The water feels heavy as it crashes against my body. 

The same feeling I get when your words crash inside my head. 


Your love is like the ocean. 




Your lips make me float. 

Your touch makes me soar. 


But your words. They make me lose my breath, sometimes. 

The same way the ocean makes you breathe in deep and feel paralyzed when it’s too cold. 

Or when you jump in from too high and that beautiful blue water hits you like concrete. 


Why could something so beautiful hurt you so much?


Your love is like the ocean. 


Deep. Calming. 


The ocean is able to calm itself. The way your love has been able to calm me. 


The depths of the ocean represent the depths of my love for you. 

Endless, it seems. 


You are my shoreline. I look for you when I have gone out too far. 

You pull me back in. 

Your arms are where I always end up. 

My safety net. 


Your love is like the ocean. 


Never ending. 


Your love makes me feel alive.

For as long as the waves are crashing down on the sand, is for as long as I will love you. 


Love is an up and down battle. 

What comes up must come down. 

The same way that waves will always crash; I will always love you. 


Your love is my ocean. 


It is filled with the unknown. 

It’s deep. 

It’s beautiful. 

Your love is my ocean. 

Your love is what brings me back. 

Your love pulls me back up from the depths of the water we call life. 


Our love can survive the ocean. 

It can overcome all tides. 

It can float back up to the top. 

It is beautiful. It is real. 

And it is not going anywhere.

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