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this is a non-fiction story of my life and how i dream of my life playing out.

Submitted: January 23, 2019

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Submitted: January 23, 2019




One cold dreary Tuesday, Ryan was sitting at home, dreaming of everything and everywhere he wish he was, like LA or Seattle no Lake Louise and Lake Moraine, his dream photography spot. But no here he was fighting against all odds and every hater in his life. Hs dream, to be a freelance adventure photography living in LA with all of his friends. And one last thing to top it all off, married to his girl of his dreams, Kimber one kid and a German Shepard named Zeus in a house on the beach. This is it, he thought “life’s perfect!” But that hasn’t happened yet he is still stuck in the small town of Mobile, Alabama barley making it through Middle School, the only thing that is keeping him going and not stopping dead in his tracks is the thought of a perfect future. Everyday when Ryan gets home from school he finishes home work then goes out to perfect photography so that when he was ready to take it to the next level and do it for the rest of his life he would be ready. His parents and friends were very supportive of his dream. Except moving to LA, they believe that when you move to LA you change and become like everyone else there, that is not true what you become is up to you and no body else. Back to Ryan’s dream of being an adventure photographer he planned on working freelance but that can be a hard field and photographers don’t make a whole lot of money how it is, unless your really good, that is one of the reasons Ryan is learning all about Photography while he is young. Something his cousin Josh told him who he looks up too a lot said he sees Ryan doing great things in the future since he is starting so young. Other than his parents Josh is probably Ryan’s biggest supporter of his photography. Another thing that is going to help Ryan in his career is he has already developed his own style of photography, just like Casey Neisat has made his own style of vlogging. “I think I have a problem” Ryan said to himself one day while looking up pictures of Lake Louise and Lake Moraine, but how could you not it’s the most beautiful place on planet earth which is something to say because Ryan loves Hawai’i so much. Ryan plans on going to Lake Louise and Lake Moraine in the next few years until then he will continue to perfect his photography so that when he is ready to take his bucket shot that dream photograph that he has wanted ever since he first saw that picture of those two Lakes.

-Ryan Morgan

© Copyright 2019 Ryan writes short stories. All rights reserved.

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