What Never Was

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Fake & Different.

Submitted: January 24, 2019

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Submitted: January 24, 2019



What Never Was.

Peel away the happiness,

See what lurks behind,

The grief and fear and anger,

Of the person whom once shined.


I denied the person I was meant to be,

The person whom everybody knew,

To express the side that destroyed me,

The side that was more true.


They questioned me and I denied it all,

It was all quite funny, really,

They seemed to truly trust me

Which was a terrible mistake, clearly.


I did it again and again,

Releasing the monster inside,

They never connected the dots,

Until too many of them had died.


Haha! I watch and laugh,

As they try to solve the case,

They'd never think I to be responsible,

Even when I'm staring them in the face.


I got away with extraordinary things,

Even I think so,

I'm not as innocent as I may seem,

So I think I better go.



~L. Knife

© Copyright 2019 L. Knife. All rights reserved.

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