Memoirs of Breaking

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Let Vanessa tell you her story of murder, love, and deceit from the very beginning.

Table of Contents


Prologue It was silent, the awkwardness hung in the air. But the tension was thick, so thick that if he wanted he could take the bl... Read Chapter

Chapter One

Chapter One   My father was an extremely religious man. He was a good man though, he loved me and took care of me, I lived... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Chapter Two   Up until that day, I had never met my mother before. My earliest memory of her, was one of her leaving me be... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Chapter Three   After a year my mother had officially gotten custody over me and enrolled me into school. Like most first ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Chapter Four   A week went by and I didn’t mind the peace, some part of me thought they would return. A month went b... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Chapter Five The first people I met were the director and assistant of the orphanage. Mr. Ken and Ms. Mara. Ken owned the place and... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Chapter Six I was lucky to get sorted into your cleaning group, and from then we stuck to each other like glue, me you and Ai. I do... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven Everything happened quickly after that. I woke up in a room I learned would be entirely mine, and I was no longer to ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight It took me months to recover what I lost, but it took you years. Once I could be up and about again, I went to yo... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

I am labeling this chapter as a Trigger Warning.
Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven For the next few years I slowly hunted down any of the other children who had escaped from the orphanage, the ones t... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve I didn’t follow him again for a few weeks, I will admit I wanted to here and there. I went about my following and ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

Hey guys, feel free to leave comments and opinions. It really helps me better my writing by getting a sense of what I need to work on. Happy Readings :)
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Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen He stopped asking me questions after that, and I was fine with that. The less he knew, the better. What I didn’t... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen, I walked in the house and slammed the door behind me, Marcus jumped up from a chair and looked at me. “Holy ... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen   Marcus didn’t understand. He was trying to move forward, some of us were stuck there and unable to get o... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

  Chapter Seventeen The night before... “Your joking, right?”, I asked as I followed him around the house, I was hot... Read Chapter

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