The Caulm: When Jennifer knew

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
There is a timeline to everything. Jennifer had to forget to move on, but what happened when she lived the life she wanted.

Table of Contents

First things

Submitted: January 25, 2019

“Don’t ruin a good thing while it’s in front of you,
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Rip your heart out

Submitted: January 25, 2019

If I was to join the organization as I had tried to stay away from for so long they would just simply let me walk freely as long as I too... Read Chapter

Me three

Submitted: January 25, 2019

“That’s why I…” he held a hand over my mouth playing with my lips before I could speak another word, moaning at the touch and fin... Read Chapter

Me and You

Submitted: January 25, 2019

In the restaurant we had a simple pizza with no spicy sausage, even as Sabrina pleaded for it. I had ruled it tout as a bad idea consider... Read Chapter

the real nightmare

Submitted: January 25, 2019

The real nightmare I woke up simply feeling groggy and with a headache as a throbbing memory of a nightmare came back to me. I was ta... Read Chapter

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