I Tried! A Poem

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The dream took me to an exotic territory
A paradise away from ordinary trajectory

I Tried, a Poem


'I was sent to another era while I thought I was having a dream, albeit an extended one. I was chosen to stop the unthinkable, the global nuclear catastrophe; and I was given a choice.'


Based on a fictional story: A young man is awakened from the dead in a future world, post global nuclear devastation and his journey begins in what he calls, the Paradise.

His challenge; to inform and persuade the people of his time to refrain from unleashing an inexorable demon.


The dream that took me to an exotic territory,

A paradise away from the ordinary trajectory,

The fantasy was prolonged longing to stay for long,

I deemed it as an innate desire with nothing wrong,

An aura of beauty and serenity portraying illusory reality,

I met her, she had a pure heart with undying geniality,

The unsullied souls amiably formed a holy communion,

Blessed with a child, a darling boy of untainted adoration,

He filled our hearts with radiance which brightly shines,

The fear of losing a precious treasure as hope declines,

I yearned for illusion to last and drag as far as it could,

In grand scheme of things the roles change as they would,

In protracted stupor, I was chosen to witness the imminent,

A future of nightmarish events and the horrendous incident,

I chose to return to prevent a massive disaster, to redeem,

The memories were so vivid then how come it was a dream,

The enigma kept me baffled for long and I could not start,

When reality finally dawned on me, I rose to play my part,

To rid world of an impending annihilation so sad,

They didn’t pay attention 'n thought I had gone mad,

With resolve strong, I continued with my lone crusade,

A dismal journey with thorns in way and no path safe,

But it kept me going for a reward so great,

That if I succeed, the world will be saved!

The war was with our own anger and assumed worries,

It is hard to defeat an enemy hiding up in sleeves,

The mammoth cloud of devastation marched unabated,

But I stood firm and steadfast with resolve persuaded,

It was when the angel of death struck at dawn,

Without blowing the trumpet of doom so as to warn,

The global fireworks started in a bizarre cacophony,

Fear and distrust, our hallmarks, defeating sanity,

I saw it coming and they found me laughing manically,

But they failed to discern that I was crying frantically,

Tears trickled down my cheeks as I closed my eyes,

To avoid a horrid sight which I had seen many a times,

But this time it was far greater in reach, strength and power,

Leaving trails of unprecedented destruction like a bloody shower,

I smiled broadly for the moment of salvation had finally arrived,

Bringing an end to collective madness, though some had strived,

I often reminisce if it was a futile struggle, as implied,

The effort was not in vain; I feel fulfilled that I tried.


Submitted: January 26, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Razi Akber. All rights reserved.

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