Decisive Moment

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I wrote this just two minutes after it happened. Moral of this story, don’t text and drive!

Submitted: January 26, 2019

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Submitted: January 26, 2019



Decisive Moment 

Time of writing: 4:11 pm 

Event took in Minot ND at 4:09 pm


The six of us, the two of them, the man to the left and the people to the right. Our Dodge Durango, their little bluish car, the watching cars all at the four way stop. 


We had the right of way as the light turned green and dad started to go. The husband in the little blueish car was on his phone and took the turn towards us at the same speed. The driver didn’t look up from his phone until dad honked the horn, something he hardly ever does. At the same moment, dad veered left a mere few inches as the incoming car came to a halt. 


The mouth gaping shock on the face of the driver’s wife said it all. My sister and mom calmed themselves and our two friends breathed a sigh of relief. As we made our turn the man in the black truck to the left signaled to dad that he had done well. All of us saw the tragic ending that could have been... the blood and the shattered glass of similar incidents that we know all to well, If dad hadn’t been paying attention that could very well have been the outcome. But his decisive attention saved us all from a head-on collision that would very well have been fatal. We all laughed a little at thinking about the conversation that went in on between the man, his wife and the kids in their little blueish car. Hopefully he will pay better attention next time!

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