Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The attack

Submitted: January 26, 2019

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Submitted: January 26, 2019



It was nearly 9:30 in the evening. Angela patiently waited at the nurse's station for her shift to end so she can go home and get a long night's rest. Today was a very short day for her; not a lot of emergency operations, nor were there any of her male colleagues harassing her. She wished there could be more days like this everyday from here on out. Angela worked at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in Nevada City, California. She really liked working here, aside from her coworkers who try and flirt with her daily. Angela had just moved out here to Nevada City a few weeks ago from Portland Maine, to pursue her career in the medical field.

Just a few more seconds and Angela would be driving home to her apartment and relax for the rest of the night. Just as Angela was about to clock out for work, the double doors burst open and two doctors came rushing in with a mother and a 14 year old boy on a stretcher. Angela was shocked to see them rushing through and into the emergency room. Angela rushed right over.

"What's going on?" She asked so worried like. "What happened?"

One of the doctors, Dr. Theodore, grabs a box of glove and tosses them to Angela and she catches them. "He was attacked by something." He said. "Grab me the scalpel. Hurry!"

Angela rushed to the back desk and grabbed tray with utensils for an operation and rushed to the emergency table where the medics had placed the boy on. Angela handed the equipment to Theodore and got a good look at the boy; he looked awful, he had a big slash going across his chest, scratches on his arms and the flesh from his knuckles were gone, all that was showing was the bones of the knuckles. The boy himself looked pale, Angela could tell that he had lost a lot of blood, maybe two pints or three. Angela was certain that the boy would die, even if her and the doctors could treat him fast enough.

The mother was screaming in a panic behind Angela. "My baby!" She cried.

Theodore froze before he could start operating. He turned to Angela and grabbed her by her scrubs and pulled her to him. "Please get her out of here." He said with an irritated look on his face.

Angela walked to the mother and walked her to the door. "Just stay out here." She said calmly. "We're going to everything we can to save your son." And Angela rushed back into the emergency room.

Theodore and the other doctors started operating on the boy, whatever did this to the poor child had done it at least an hour before they rushed him here. The doctors stitched the boy's wounds and removed any sign of twigs and dirt. Thankfully, the boy had a pulse by the time the doctors finished. Angela went back out to inform the mother  and she was more than happy to hear the good news.

Angela started cleaning up the emergency room of the blood and the equipment. While Angel started rinsing off the blades and placing the bloody scrubs in the laundry basket, she hears a sound behind her. She stops and turns around. Angela hears the noise again. It sounded like a low squeak. It was boy. Angela rushed over. The boy was trying to say something as he looked at Angela very weakly. "What is it?" She asked.

"It… was…" The boy said softly. He stopped to catch his breath. "It was… a dinosaur." The boy passed out.

Angela was trying to process what she just heard. A dinosaur? Maybe he meant to say bear? Angela rushed out the emergency room and told Theodore what the boy just told her.

"A dinosaur?" Theodore said with a look of confusion on his face. "I highly doubt that."

"Yeah, that's what I said." Said Angela with a straight face. Angela then turned to the mother. "Where was your son when this attack happened?"

The mother whipped the dry make up from her face from crying for hours. She cleared her throat. "He was at Shady Creek." She said. "That outdoor school/camp."

Angela had heard about Shady Creek from one of her neighbors who's sister had volunteered there a week ago. "Do you know if there are any bears in that area? Wolves? Hyenas? Mountain Lions?"

Theodore then turned to Angela as if she were crazy. "Remember where we are." He said. "This is Northern California. There are no wolves or hyenas out here." Theodore looked at the mother. "But examining the wound, we identified the slashes as something massive. So it probably had to have been a black bear."

The mother felt sick to her stomach as Theodore explained the injuries and how they had to stitch up her oldest child. Angela kept thinking to herself, if it were to have been a bear attack, there would have been four claw marks on the boy's body, not three. And if it were to have been a bear, there would've been nothing left of the boy's front torso. Something wasn't adding up.

Not long after, Angela had clocked out, grabbed her jacket, her backpack and walked down to the lobby. Angela stopped at the soda dispenser to buy a bottle of ginger ale for the road. Just then the two medics that rushed the boy to the emergency room, walked past her, talking.

"-Can you believe that happened?" Said the first medic. "That poor kid."

"I know." Said the other medic. "That's the fourth incident this week. They really shouldn't be doing those sessions with a wild animal like that wondering out there."

Angela froze when she heard their conversation. She turned around and followed them down the hall and around the corner. But by the time she caught up to them, they had already gotten into the elevator. Angela stomped her foot and walked back down the hall to the main lobby and into the parking lot where she got into her car and drove to her apartment.

All night, Angela couldn't help by think about that poor child and what he said "a dinosaur". Could it have been true? The more Angela thought about it, the less she could sleep that night. Angela got out of bed and looked up dinosaurs alive today. Not a lot of results came up that fit her search, most of them were articles on movies such as Jurassic Park and Land of the Lost. She then started looking up dinosaur sightings in Northern California, but nothing. As Angela scrolled through her search, she came across a news article of a mysterious creature emerging from the Gulf of Mexico.

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