Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - The law of the woods

Submitted: January 27, 2019

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Submitted: January 27, 2019



Earlier in the week, when the fires up north got worse to the point where the smoke fogged most of California, the animals in the Nevada City Mountains became very concerned and came to a moment of peace with one another and gathered by the nearest supply of water. Predators and Prey of all kinds took shelter by the rivers and streams they could find. Even the raptors on the mountains took part of this. There were three types of raptors species on the mountain; the Utahraptors, which were the dominant species in the area; the Velociraptors, their population was about as small as the deer population on the mountain, and the Pyroraptors, which migrated down south when the fires broke out up North.

The Utahraptors stood at six feet tall and were seven feet long. They all had feathers along their bodies and their main color was a faded light blue. Some had black feathers with a few white feathers. Their snouts were round in shape and had 13 inch retractable claws on each foot. They hunted in packs of four, one for recon and distraction and the other three for the attack. They mainly hunted bears and mountain lions, the most intimidating predators in the area. While they are big in size, they are more afraid of people and prefer to stay away from them.

Velociraptors were a foot shorter that the Utahraptors but were the same size in length. Unlike the Utahraptors, the Velociraptors were featherless, with only a few strands of thick hair along the top of their heads. Their skin tone was black faded into a dark purple and with two white stripes going along their backs to their tail. They had six inch retractable claws on their feet. Velociraptors hunted in packs also, but didn't have a set number. They preferred to have strength in numbers. They hunted whatever they saw. When comes to encountering people, Velociraptors don't like being around them, but if the person is curious or persistent, the Velociraptor won't hesitate to defend itself.

Pyroraptors were an lot smaller than the other raptors, they stood at three feet tall and four feet long. Like the Utahraptors, they too had feathers along their bodies. Unlike the Utahraptors, they had bigger feathers on the tip of their tails that gave the impression of plane wings. They also had feathers sticking out of the top of their heads, giving them Mohawks. Their colors were a gold color with grey strips along their backs and had five in retractable claws on their feet. Pyroraptors are like coyotes, they hunt in packs and then split up. Like Velociraptors, they hunt whatever they see. Unlike Velociraptors, Pyroraptors won't hesitate to attack a human, especially when the person has their guard down. Pyroraptors mainly inhabited Bidwell Park in Chico California, but when the fires broke out, they managed to migrate around the fires and to Nevada City where they felt safe. However, their stay have been the cause of many incidents in Shady Creek recently.

Each species of Raptors have the ability to communicate to each other, since they are pack hunters. The Utahraptor's alpha, Ikir, gathers the young ones. "Now listen carefully." He began. "We have a truce, so do not go on about hunting any of the bears or lions. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Ikir." Said the young raptors.

One of the mother Utahraptors stepped forward. "Now go on. Have fun. Playing only." She said. And the young raptors scattered and went to go and play with one another.

The Velociraptors came to the water and the deer became a little frightened. However, the Velociraptors acted as if they saw them as allies.

There was one Utahraptor that was not part of the pack, but it did come down to the river as well. He was an elderly raptor but still fast enough to keep up with a pack. Ikir saw this Utahraptor and was joyful. "Scar." He said. "Nice to see you again."

Scar gets his name due to the massive scar going along the right side of his face. After he fought one of his brothers for dominance and won, his brother left a scar on his face. However, after the Utahraptors were forced to migrate south of their original hunting grounds, Scar still stands by his territory and has befriended a family in the area. He keeps the Pyroraptors out of their farm.

"Ikir." Said Scar. "How are the young ones."

"They're still growing. But they are getting faster with every day." Ikir said.

Scar nodded and tapped his right claw on the rock, giving Ikir his respect as Alpha. Utahraptor will tap their retractable claw on their right toe to give another their blessing, gratitude, and respect if they think another has earned it. Ikir felt honored when Scar tapped his claw at him.

"Thank you." Ikir said with a smile.

"Father." Said a small Utahraptor. This one was smaller than the others, no bigger than a Pyroraptor. "I can pounce. "Watch." The young raptor began jumping at small and then rolled along the ground. "See?"

"Well done, son." Said Ikir. "We'll make a fine Utahraptor out of you yet."

Scar couldn't help but chuckle. He then sees Pyroraptors come out of the bushes as one leads them to the river. "Thirsty." The leader said.

"Thirsty." The other Pyroraptors repeated.

The Pyroraptors gathered by the river in a line and pecked at the water like birds.

Scar looked disgusted as he watched the Pyroraptors. "Who let them into the mountain?" He asked Ikir.

"We do not know." Ikir answered as he scratched his neck. "But they have been causing more of a problem with the humans, and the humans are blaming us and the Velociraptors for their actions."

"It has only been a few weeks and I have seen the moving red and white egg come and go along the human trail." Scar continued.

"The sound the square egg makes at night frightens the young ones and riels them when we put them to sleep." Ikir said. "But there have also been sightings of cows and horses in the northern area. Do you have any knowledge of what has been causing this?"

Scar sighed. "I have seen the creatures the humans raise." He said. "But I know it is not our new guests. But more of an older and bigger guest that has forced us to migrate south from our territory."

Most of the day went smoothly, the bears, mountain lions, squirrels, rabbits, birds, deer, and raptors were all enjoying the safety of the river. Just then, Scar and Ikir hear the screech of vultures from above. They see at least three vultures flying by the cliff and then Ikir feels the ground shake just a bit. Ikir growled and tapped his left toe. "Towet, behind me, son." He said to the youngest raptor. The small raptor ran behind his father. "Don't leave my side.

The other animals all stopped what they were doing and looked up to the top of the cliff towards the street. There stood a large figure and it slowly came down the hill towards the water. The deer ran as the figure came to view. It was the massive dinosaur. A new species known as a Spinotahraptor, a hybrid dinosaur spliced with Utahrapotr DNA and gator DNA. This hybrid goes by the name Riot.

Riot marches down to the river. The bears and mountain lions cleared a path for Riot as he stomped towards the river and drank from it. After feeling satisfied from his drink, Riot marches along his side of the river, scaring off more deer and making his way to the Utahraptors. Even the Pyroraptors were afraid.

"Danger!" Said the leader Pyroraptor.

"Danger!" Repeated the others.

Riot continues to march along the river. "Everyone on this side of the mountain comes to the river with greeting." Said Riot so calmly with a deep and intimidating voice. "So many friends and smells to catch up on. So many old faces to see and new prey to hunt in the near future." Riot gets closer to the Utahraptors. "But… I can't help but notice there is this strange smell today." Riot continues to sniff. "What is it? This scent that I'm on?" He comes face to face with the Utahraptor pack with only the river keep him from them. "I was thinking it was some kind of…" He sniffs again. "Human."

Scar stepped forward. "You know there are no humans in our territory, Riot." He said.

"No." Riot said. "But I can smell new humans in my territory. And I want to know why."

"They're probably just passing through." Said Ikir. "Nothing to be concerned about."

"And what do you know of humans, Ikir?" Riot asked. "Have you ever encountered one?"

"I don't need to." Ikir replied. "Humans know better than to cross our path."

"Humans are just trying to live their lives, Riot." Said Scar. "Perhaps these new humans are here to help the large human nest. Need I remind you, you came from said nest."

Riot growled. "Does my face not remind you of what humans can do?" Riot himself had a scar on the left side of his face. But there was also a dark mass of skin a that looked burned if you looked close enough. "Share your hunting grounds for a few years and everyone forgets how the law around here works." Riot starts to pace back and forth. There are certain laws in the woods of Nevada City that all the animals go by to keep the natural order of things. "Well, let me remind you: when a human has a non-human living with them, that non-human is now human, and humans are forbidden!"

One of the female Utahaptors stepped forward. "What do you know about the law around here?" She said.

"Hahli." Said Ikir.

"Hunting for pleasure. Killing for power. Claiming a territory that is not your own. You've never know the law around here." Hahli went on. "The humans are protect us, and we protect them from threats like you. If you want to get to them, you go through us, you burned abomination!"

Riot growled and then roared at Hahli's comment. She was right about one thing; Riot was created in a lab here in the Nevada City mountains, he was created in the lab in Shady Creek as an experiment to show the kids and prove that dinosaurs were real. However, Riot did not like being trapped inside a cage and managed to escape six months ago by attacking his food handler.

While Riot was prepared to attack Hahli and the other Utahraptors, Ikir stepped up. "The hybrid knows who rules this part of the forest." He said. "I'm sure he doesn't mean to come here and make threats. Especially during a time of peace." Ikir knew that Riot wouldn't go behind the laws of the forest and knew he would step down.

"No. I'm deeply respectful of these laws." Growled Riot. "They keep us safe. So here's my promise; nothing lasts forever. The rains will return and the smog will clear, and when it does, this time of peace will end. You want to protect the humans? Fine. But ask yourselves, how many lives is a pack of humans worth?" Riot walked away and back up the hill and towards the road. The other animals watched him leave.

A few days have past by quickly and the smog did clear after one terrifying night when the smog did not clear until morning. Riot's threat did not go unheard. The Utahraptors argued for days, fearing what Riot would do.

Scar himself became more protective of the family to the north. Then that morning came when Riot attacked the farm, Scar waited for Riot to attack the family. When Riot finally came to the family's property, Scar retaliated and the family was able to escape.

The night Mazie had snapped on Jessica, Riot wandered back to Shady Creek, following their scent and setting them as his next target.


The next morning, Riot marched to the Utahraptor's territory, which was the a rocky terrain covered by the trees. Ikir resided by a cliff and below was the river. The mother raptors had the young ones hide in the nest while the male raptors surrounded Riot as he marched towards Ikir. Riot came face to face with Ikir then sat down.

"I see the humans that arrived last week are still here." Said Riot.

"They are." Said Ikir. "But we have not gotten involved with them."

"And why, may I ask, has one of yours stopped me from killing any in my domain?"

"Scar is not one of us. He runs on his own." Ikir sat down also.

"I thought I made myself clear, the humans in my domain are mine to kill."

"Scar is a prime, Utahraptor. He does things on his own terms. Meaning you and I do not have quarrel. And once again, we have peace."

Riot looked around, all the Utahraptors were out and watching him. Riot stood up. "Well, I guess it's done then." He said with satisfaction in his tone. Riot started to walk away. "Unless I can draw them BACK OUT!" Riot acted quickly and grabbed Ikir and pinned him down. Before the other Utahraptors could act, Riot throws Ikir off the cliff and into the river.

"Ikir!" Hahli howled.

Riot turned to face the rest of the raptors. "Do I have your attention now?!" He said furiously. "I didn't want things to be this way, I made it so simple. All I asked for was one thing, and you denied me! Well, that ends today. So spread the word! Until I have the humans in my domain, your hills are my hills!" Riot began pacing back and forth where Ikir once stood. All the other Utahraptors did not move. "Since you did not respond to reason, now you will know fear!"


Riot had the Utahraptors remain in their territory for the rest of the day while he went back to his and kept a close eye on Green 4 as they took off for the day to drive up to Lake Tahoe for a fun day. Riot followed them until they went into town to get breakfast and gas. Once Riot saw their van again an hour later, he followed them up north. Riot had lost site of them when they reached the cliffs further up north. While catching his breath and getting something quick to eat, Riot came across the two hunters. Riot became more furious seeing more humans in his territory. Riot bellowed and chased them up the hill.

One of the hunters tried to hold Riot off, but Riot fought back and let him run ahead to lead back to the road in hopes he'll lead them to Green 4, which he did.

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