Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Scar

Submitted: January 27, 2019

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Submitted: January 27, 2019



Within the hour they've walked, Jessica and the others came across a fork in the road, something she didn't notice when they drove through. Parker, Natalie, Dani, Kailen, and Francis all stopped and the fork. They felt lost. How did they miss this? Parker thought they must've been so scared when they drove down the road that they never noticed it.

"Now what do we do?" Asked Kailen.

Parker tried his best to think. He never remembered driving around a curvy road. Before Parker could say anything, Francis steps in and says. "We go left."

"You think that's a good idea?" Wondered Natalie. "I don't think that's the way we came."

"Well, do you want to go to the right, Nat?" Francis asked.

Dani and Kailen looked to the road on the road and it curved into around the woods. Just then, they heard Riot's roar, he was close. "Let's go left." Kailen said in a panic.

"Yeah, I agree." Said Dani.

Parker and Jessica were left undecided and Natalie shook her head. The six of them started walking. They walked for at least two hours, trying to keep a steady pace. The further they walked, the less they could hear Riot. It started to get dark after the third hour. Thankfully, they all had brought their jackets. It was more of a concern as to where they would sleep.

Jessica checked the time, it was 7:36. It was getting late and cold. "Guys, I think we should call it a night." She said.

"We should keep moving." Said Francis. "The further we walk, the more ground we'll cover."

"But it's dark and cold out." Said Kailen. "We should take a break and rest for the night. And get going first thing in the morning."

"Kailen is right." Said Dani. "We need to rest and continue tomorrow morning."

"Yeah, I agree." Said Parker. "We'll be stronger in the morning."

Francis looked around and only saw the darkness of the forest around him and the sound of crickets and frogs. "Alright, yeah." He said. "We can camp here for the night. Parker, you want to help me build a fire?"

"Yeah." Parker mumbled. "Jess, can you guys find a good spot for us to start the fire."

"We're on it." Said Jessica.

Parker and Francis split up to find sticks and piece of wood while Jessica, Dani, Kailen, and Natalie formed a circle by spreading out the leaves on the ground. Natalie dug a small circle. Once Parker and Francis returned with sticks and wood, they built a fire bed and Jessica crumbled up some old notebook paper and took her lighter she bought before they left for Shady Creek and started the fire. Parker and Francis fed the fire until it was big enough. The six of them sat around the fire and tried their best to warm up.

"Well. This sucks." Said Jessica. "This is a bad beat."

Parker started to think of other situations to be put in. "Could be worse." He said "We could be dead."

"Oh yeah." Francis said sarcastically. "Because being stranded in the middle of the woods of northern California with a man eating dinosaur on the loose is less chaotic."

Parker looked at Francis with a nasty look. "Gee, thanks for making me feel like crap, John!" He said.

"Francis is right in a way." Said Kailen. "I'd rather have be dead than be chased by a man eating monster."

Parker shrugged his shoulders stressfully. "Okay, fine. Never mind!"

"Look, what's important is that we're all alive." Said Natalie. "And we're safe for now."

"That is true." Said Jessica. "I'm certain by tomorrow we'll find help and get through all this together."

Dani didn't say a word. She was more focused on staying warm for the night. She was worried that the dinosaur would find them before the others could first. Was this how her life would end? Dying on a mountain in northern California. What if she never gotten out? What if she never saw the end of the AmeriCorps Program? Dani closed her eyes and tried not to think of any of the negative thoughts running through her mind.


Miles away, Homar, Mazie, and Marlowe set up a fire for their group and they gathered around and warmed up. Sam and Tasha sat closest to the fire to warm themselves up. Mazie started thinking about how lost, alone, and scared the others might be. It bothered her a lot just thinking of where they could be. "I really hope the others are okay." She said with fear in her tone. "I don't like that we're out here and separated like this."

"I know." Said Homar. "Me neither. Even in my days in AmeriCorps, this never happened to me. I don’t like this. It's really scary."

"We'll find them." Marlowe said. "We'll get out of this together."

"I know." Mazie said. "But what if we don't?"

Marlowe tried to think of something positive to say, but they had nothing. "I don't know."


The next morning, Parker and the others huddled together like penguins for warmth. Parker and Francis sat on the outside of their huddle for the girls to remain warmer. Parker felt a warm breeze against his face that came and gone. It woke him up. The air was super cold, and there were no hotspots in the area they were sitting. And the fire died out hours ago. What was making this warm air? Parker turned to his left to see a snout two inches from his face. Instinctively, Parker jumped up and staggered back.

"What the fuck?!" Parker yelled.

When Parker moved, Natalie fell back and sprung awake. She sat up and looked around. She then saw a raptor standing three feet from her face.

"Natalie, get behind me!" Said Parker.

Jessica then woke up when she felt the cold air slam against her arm and she too saw the raptor and screamed, waking Kailen and Francis. Francis jumped on his feet and Dani, Jessica and Kailen ran behind him. The raptor didn't move. It just looked at them. Jessica looked at it carefully, feathers all over its body, large retractable claws on its toes. It was a Utahraptor. The same type that she heard Omega and Yeti talk about last week. But why wasn't it attacking them? What was it waiting for?

"Nobody move." Said Parker. "Nobody move." The Utahraptor stood there, huffing and puffing and looking confused.

Jessica looked at the raptor. It looked calm. Was it shy? She had to know. Jessica stepped forward and slowly walked towards the Utahraptor.

"Jessica!" Parker whispered. "What are you doing?"

Jessica put up her hand at Parker and continued to walk towards the raptor. "Easy…" She said. Jessica slowly reached out her hand to it. The Utahraptor sniffed her hand and then placed its snout under her palm then purred. She then rubbed her hand against its face and the Utahraptor purred some more. "He's friendly." Jessica said.

Kailen stepped forward and walked to Jessica. Kailen then placed her hand on the Utahraptor as well and continued to purr. Kailen couldn't help but smile. She couldn't believe she was actually touching a dinosaur. Kailen brushed her hand against its feathers, The feathers felt like thick eagle feathers and its skin felt super thicker. The raptor then started to chatter as it looked at Jessica then Kailen. Kailen then noticed that the raptor had a scar on the side of its face. The raptor that was in front of them was Scar.

Natalie then Parker approached Scar. Parker then put his hand on Scar's neck and then smiled. "Hey, buddy." He said. "What's your name?"

Kailen flowed her finger against the scar. "How about Scar?" She said.

"Scar sounds like a badass name." Said Dani. "Makes him sound more intimidating."

"What is he doing out here?" Francis asked.

"He must've seen our fire from last night." Said Parker. "And probably kept his distance until the fire died out."

Jessica started scratching Scar's neck as if he were a dog. Scar was enjoying this too much and purred louder. Jessica placed her forehead onto Scar's forehead. Scar then tapped his left claw.

Just then, they heard Riot's roar. Scar started to growl and Jessica and Kailen backed away from him. Scar then looked at Jessica and Kailen and chirped then turned around and ran. They all watched the raptor leave. Scar then came back and looked at then and chirped again.

"I think he wants us to follow him.." Said Dani.

Kailen was a bit confused. "Should we?" She asked.

Riot's roar is heard again and Scar chirped a bit louder. "I say we follow." Jessica said.

"Wait, we can't." Parker said. "What if this thing brings us into a trap?"

"I'm with Parker on the this one." Said Francis.

Scar started to chirp louder with turned into a screech. "Guys, make a decision." Jessica said. "That thing could be on it's way right now."

"Okay fine." Said Parker. "We're not following-"

Suddenly, Riot came charging through the trees at full speed. Scar lunged at Riot and aimed for his neck. Scar scratched at Riot's neck while the giant dinosaur roared in pain. Parker dropped to his knees and watched the two dinosaurs fight. Natalie ran over and grabbed Parker and pulled him off the ground.

"Come on!" Natalie said.

The six of them started running through the forest. Riot watched as they ran. The only thing keeping him from them was Scar. Scar acted first and aimed for Riot's neck again. Riot swung at Scar and Scar jumped onto his arm and bit down on Riot's small sail on his back. Riot wiggled and spun and finally swung Scar off his back. Scar landed on his feet and went back for another strike, but Riot literally smacked Scar and knocked him into a tree. Riot then turned his focus back to his fleeing prey and ran after them.

The six of them ran as fast as they could, Jessica and Kailen then started to slow down, they weren't as athletic as the others. They could hear Riot's roar getting louder and closer as he approached them closer and closer. Riot got closer to Kailen and prepared to grab her. Kailen gave it her all as they all ran. Jessica then heard Riot roar again. When Jessica looked over, she still saw Kailen running. Jessica looked back and saw Riot and several other raptors around him. Jessica didn't stop running. She followed Natalie and Parker as they ran through the trees and into an open valley.

"Where to now?!" Asked Kailen in a panic.

Parker tried to think quickly, he didn't have a lot of options to off of without having time to think. He could hear Riot getting closer. "Back in the trees." Parker said. The six of them ran back into the forest on the other side of the valley.

Riot was able to shake off the pack of raptors and chases after his fleeing prey. However, once he reached the valley, he found it empty. There was no sign of them. He didn't even see them running through the trees on the other side of the valley. Riot bellowed angrily.

The raptors that attacked Riot were Velociraptors that caught him trespassing in their territory. They waited for an opportunity to attack him and they saw this as their chance. Of course the Velociraptors explained to him that he was trespassing and threaten him to leave before they call more of their pack to bring him down. Riot stormed off back the way he came. Reaching the fire spot where he left Scar, Riot noticed that the Utahraptor had already ran off. Riot was getting frustrated, his prey is getting away and its all because of one Utahraptor.


Parker and the others were hiding behind trees, hoping Riot wouldn't find them. And thankfully he didn't bother to search the forest. Jessica and Kailen were struggling to catch their breath after that run. They were sitting on the ground, trying to breathe slowly.

"Is it gone?" Gasped Jessica.

Parker was a little scared to look, but he looked anyway. There was nothing from his perspective. The valley was empty. Not even a deer crossed by. He looked at Jessica then nodded at her. "You're good."

Jessica then collapsed on the ground. "Oh thank god."

Dani came out from behind her tree and looked out to the valley. "Oh, I hope Scar is alright." She said.

Francis looked at her as if she was crazy. "Seriously?" He said loudly. "That thing lured that monster to us. He baited us."

"What are you talking about?" Kailen asked as she stood up off the ground. "If it weren't for Scar, we'd all be dead by now." She said. "He attacked that thing and let us get away. He was protecting us."

"No." Francis said. "We got away because another pack of dinosaurs tried to get us and they got that thing instead. These things aren't looking after us. They're animals, predators. They hunt to survive."

Jessica stepped in. "We don't know for sure what happened." She said. "What's important is that we're still alive and we were able to avoid that thing long enough to live another day."

"I agree." Said Natalie. "We're alive and we're together. That's all that matters."

"Right." Said Parker. "Now let's just focus on getting out of here."

All of a sudden, Dani hears a noise a few miles to the west. It sounded like wheels rolling along pavement. Dani began to run towards the noise. Parker and the others followed.

"Dani, where are you going?" Francis asked.

"Don't you hear it?" Dani said as she ran.

"Hear what?" Asked Jessica.

Dani continued to run to the noise and it got louder. Soon, they reached a road. Dani listened carefully, but the sound of the car had already passed. They were too late. Jessica and the others had caught up and looked around.

"What were you looking for?" Parker asked.

"I heard a bypassing car." Dani said. "I thought we could've flagged it down if we were fast enough."

Francis rubs Dani's back. "It's okay." He said. "You did what was right."

Jessica hugged Dani, but then she heard the sound of an oncoming car. "Do you hear that?" She said.

Dani released herself from Jessica and they both looked down the road. There was a car coming. Dani gasped with excitement. "Hey!" She yelled. "Over here!" She began waving and jumping up and down. "Over here!"

Jessica picked up what Dani was doing and did the same thing. "Over here!" She yelled. "We need help!"

Coming around the corner came a dark red mini van. The driver saw them and slowed down and pulled up next to them. The driver rolled down their window. It was a man in his early thirty's with short spikey hair dressed in a red flannel shirt and black jeans and white sneakers. He was dressed as if he was going to a party. "You guys okay?"

"We need help." Said Parker. "We were attacked by this…" Parker realized quickly that if he said they were being hunted by a dinosaur, the man would drive off thinking they're crazy. "We were run off the road by a deer and we lost some of our friends down the way. Is there a way you can bring us into town?"

The man looked at all six of them. He could tell they really needed help by how dirty they looked and the fear in their eyes. "Hop in." He said.

"Thank you." Said Dani as the six of them opened the doors.

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