Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - The Party

Submitted: January 27, 2019

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Submitted: January 27, 2019



The man drove through the mountain's windy road. Nobody said a word. They were all just relieved that they could finally end this and pretend it never happened. "Are you guys alright?" Asked the man.

Francis snapped back to reality and looked at him. "Not really." He said. "It's been one hell of a weekend. We just to get off the mountain and get help for the rest of our friends out here."

"You said you guys were run off the road by a deer?" The man asked. "must've been one big deer."

"It's a, uh, long story." Jessica said.

"Well, you can explain everything in a minute. But first, let me get you guys some food. 24 hours without food? You must be starving."

"We are." Said Kailen.

The man drove past the bridge and few miles around the corner to a field and a house in the back of the field. He drove up the drive way towards the house, there were Christmas lights around the door and along a canopy on the side of the house with three tables of food and drinks. There were people all outside and under the canopy talking, and laughing.

"What's going on here?" Asked Dani.

The man turned off the car and opened the door and got out. "You'll find out." He said. They all got out the van and walked towards the house. The man lead Kailen and the others into the house and into the family room. "Were these your friends you were talking about?"

In the family room sat Homar, Sam, Mazie, and Marlowe. Homar looked up and saw Kailen and immediately jumped out his seat in excitement. "Oh my god!" He yelled as he ran over to Kailen.

Kailen was just as shocked and she ran to Homar and they hugged. Jessica gasped and started to cry and ran over to Homar. Dani and Natalie ran over also, then Parker, then Francis. Sam, Mazie, and Marlowe jumped off the couch and the ten of them had a big group hug, some crying, others laughing.

"Thank god you guys are okay." Said Homar. "I thought we lost you."

"We thought we lost you." Said Dani.

"How did you guys end up here?" Jessica asked.

"Mark here found us this morning." Said Mazie. "We were walking down the road, hoping to run into you guys. We saw the 'G4' marks on the trees and just continued down the road."

"While we were walking, we saw this mini van drive by." Marlowe added. "Thanks to Sam, we were able to flag him down. And sure enough, Mark here brought us to this humble home and we told him of our current situation. And he promised to keep a look out for you guys while he went to go and run some last minute errends for this Sweet 16."

"Sweet 16?" Dani repeated. "You mean this is a birthday party?"

"Yep." Said Sam. "It's for his niece Gabriella."

"Oh, and that 'deer' that ran you off the road is Riot." Said Mark.

Green 4 went quiet and looked at him. "Who's Riot?" Asked Sam.

"Riot is what you would call a hybrid. It was science experiment on a hawk that went terribly wrong at Shady Creek a few years ago." Mark explained. "He escaped back in June after a reckless counselor left his cage opened. I know because I was there when it happened."

Jessica smiled. "Oh, who called that? Me." She said to Parker.

"Wait, where's Tasha?" Asked Natalie.

"Oh, she's outside getting food." Homar answered.

"Why don't you guys get dinner?" Mark asked. "You can catch up later."


The rest of Green 4 went outside and got food prepared by Mark's sister Zilca. The team spread out and mingled with the party guests and Mark as well. Sam sat down and spoke to Gabriella while he was getting soda for him and Kailen.

Jessica sat at the edge of the canopy looking out to the sky as the sun started to set. She had a lot on her about the past two days. How could this happen? Why did this happen? She then started thinking about what she said to her father last she saw him. How could she have lived with herself knowing that she left him heartbroken and probably die with that as her last thought? Jessica then felt a hand tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw Mazie standing over her.

"Hey." Said Mazie.

Jessica felt a bit lost. She didn't know what to say to her. The first thing that Jessica thought of was Friday night when Mazie snapped at her and never apologized. Was she trying to apologize now? What other reason would she come to talk to her? "Uh, hey." Said Jessica.

"Mind if I sit?"

Jessica still felt a bit of hesitation. "Uh, yeah. Go ahead."

Mazie sat down next to Jessica with a beer in her hand. Jessica looked out to the field then the sky. Neither of them said a word for a minute. "How are you feeling?"

Jessica closed her eyes. She was fighting whatever reluctance that was coming out and try to be nice. "I'm fine." She said with a little attitude. "Just a bit shook. But I'm glad the over."

"Well, you're alive. Right?" Mazie smiled.

Jessica refused to look at Mazie, a part of her was still angry at her. "Yeah. You're right. We're alive. We're together. And we're going to get back on the good foot hopefully tomorrow."

Mazie could sense Jessica's anger. She knew she was still mad. "Hey, I'm sorry about Friday night." She said. "I didn't mean to say that. I was just having a rough day."

A part of Jessica wanted to believe her. She felt a small bit of relief when Mazie apologized. It was enough for Jessica to look at her.

"Are we still cool?"

Jessica closed her eyes and wanted to say no, but after what they've been through this weekend, maybe she should consider giving Mazie another chance. What's the worst that could happen? Jessica smiled. "Yeah. We're cool." She said.

Mazie smiled and they hugged.

Suddenly, loud screams are heard from the back of the house. A group of kids came running from the back yard and ran around the canopy. What followed them was a Utahraptor. Homar stood up and watched the Utahraptor chase the kids around the house. The parents and adults noticed but didn't acknowledge it, as if they didn't care.

Jessica and Mazie watched as the Utahraptor pounced and tackled an eight year old. The Utahraptor then cornered the other children. Mazie stood up. Jessica couldn't help but smile. She knew which Utahraptor that was. It was Scar. As Scar growled at the kids, the little girl got back up and shouted. "Get him!" The kids cornered Scar and tackled him to the ground and dog piled him. Jessica started to laugh.


The birthday party continued on as the night began. All the parents, adults, teenagers, and kids were dancing on the dance floor, laughing, and talking. The DJ then began hosting dance off and other party games. Everyone was having a blast. Even Francis, Tasha, Marlowe, Mazie, and Jessica participated in on the fun.

The last dance of the night involved the teenagers dancing, requested by Gabriella. All the girls and boys got to opposite side of the dance floor and when the DJ started to play Spanish music, the teens jumped in and started to salsa, but then switched dancing partners every 30 seconds. Jessica remembers this type of dance for her Sweet 16. Her mother threw her a Mexican Sweet 16 theme.

At the very end of the dance, all the teens were at least with a partner, all except one; Gabriella. Gabriella frowned as she looked around. She thought she had invited everyone she knew in school.

Jessica could hear Gabriella's parents behind her. "Poor Gabby." Said the father. "The Santos family still has one bachelorette."

Zilca frowned then looked at her brother Mark who was watching from a distance. "No." She said softly. "We have two."

Jessica shook her head and walked to Gabriella, who went to go sit down at the corner of the party as it began to quiet down and she buried her face in her hands. Jessica sat next to Gabriella and rubbed her back. "Ah, don't worry, Gabby." She said. "You'll always have next year."

Gabriella smiled. "Hey, I'm lucky to be rid of this party." She said.

"Hey, don't be so down. Believe me. You'll soon realize that you're sometimes better off on your own until you turn 19. That's when all the guys will be at your feet."

"Thank you."

Gabriella leaned towards Jessica and gave her a hug. "No problem." Jessica said with a smile.


The party guests began quieting down and started to warm up. Kailen and Sam went to grab more soda when they heard a strange sound coming from the trees from the back of the house. "What was that?" Asked Sam.

"Not sure." Said Kailen.

The sound is heard again and Zilca heard it this time. Zilca and Mark ran to the back yard when they heard it. "What's going on?" Asked Mark.

"We don't know." Said Sam.

Zilca then looked at Mark. "Where's Gabriella?" She asked.

"Last I saw her, she went inside with Iris." Mark answered. "Why?"

Before Zilca could answer, the sound is heard again followed by an orange light. The four of them went quiet and stared at the light. Rumbling is then heard as the light got brighter. Sam quickly realized that it was a car on fire. "Get down!" He shouted.

The car is flung out from the trees and crashes into the house. The party guests all gasped and screamed. Mark stood up, holding a frightened Zilca. Sam and Kailen looked up, hoping it was over. Another orange light is seen and a second car is thrown at them. Kailen and Sam dropped to the ground again and the car crashes onto the canopy, destroying the DJ stand and the dance floor. The guests all scream and ran for the road.

Zilca got up quickly and pulled Mark by the arm. "Come on!" She yelled. And they ran. Kailen and Sam got up and ran as well. Homar and the rest of Green 4 ran with the fleeing crowed and made it to the road. Jessica knew it was Riot.

Kailen, Mark, Sam, and Zilca ran past the house when they heard Riot's loud roar. Zilca then stopped when she heard a cry for help from the house. "Mom!" It was Gabriella.

"Gabriella!" Zilca yelled.

Gabriella was trapped on the second floor with her baby sister Iris. "Mom!" She cried out as she heard Riot's roar. "Mom!"

"Gabby?" Said Mark. "Gabby, where are you?!" However, Mark was too afraid to run into the house.

Kailen then noticed the trees in the forest falling. Riot was coming. Mark and Zilca stood there screaming in terror. Kailen acted quickly and ran into the house and up the stairs. The car had blocked off Gabriella's room from the stairs. Kailen grabbed a piece of wood and shattered the window of the car.

"Give me the baby." Kailen said to Gabriella.

Gabriella carefully handed Iris to Kailen and she held her. "Now just climb through." She said. Kailen looked out the window and saw Riot burst through the trees and bellowed as he charged towards the house. "Hurry!"

Gabriella quickly crawled through the car window and she and Kailen rushed down the stairs and ran out the front door just in time as Riot burst through the house like it was a window. Riot saw a large group of people running in every direction. He didn't know where to begin his slaughter. Riot decided to begin on his left and work his way down until he got them all.

Homar and the others were on the right side of the yard, hiding behind a van the DJ used for his equipment. Homar watched in horror as Riot began eating people one by one. Homar then looked back at the rest of the team. "Is everybody here?" He asked. He began counting everyone. They all counted.

"We're missing one." Said Jessica.

"Where's Kailen?" Asked Sam. Homar looked around as he watched people scatter, it was too dark to identify faces. "Last I saw her she was helping Zilca get Gabriella out the house."

Riot continued slaughtering and eating people as many at a time. Riot then looked into the forest across the street and sees two figures running. It was Kailen and Jessica. Riot ran straight for them. Jessica saw Riot run into the forest and ran after him.

"Jessica!" Homar yelled.

Jessica had no idea it was Kailen Riot was running after, but something told her to follow him. Kailen stopped to catch her breath. She felt her lungs caving in.

"We got to go." Said Gabriella.

Kailen turned around and saw Riot running towards them. Kailen and Gabriella started running again. They ran as fast as they could through the trees with Riot closing in on them. Jessica tried her best to catch up to them. Jessica then saw three black figures speed past her and heading straight for Riot.

Kailen and Gabriella ran as far as they could through the forest until they reached another road. They then stopped when Kailen realized the other side of the road was a cliff. Gabriella could hear Riot's roar getting louder. Kailen took Gabriella by the hand and they ran up the street as Riot burst through the trees and roared as loud as he could. He then looked around and then saw them running up the road and followed. Riot got closer to them and spread his arms forward, ready to grab them. Just as he was about to grab Gabriella, Riot felt something sharp pierce into his neck and stopped running.

Kailen turned around and saw three Utahraptors pounce on top of Riot. Riot spun around and wiggled, trying to shake them off. Kailen then saw a black figure behind Riot. Kailen ran for the figure, it had to have been someone from the party. Kailen grabbed Gabriella by the hand and ran past Riot, who didn't even notice them as they ran by. Kailen was right, it was someone from the party, it was Jessica.

"Are you okay?" Jessica asked in a panic.

"We're fine." Said Kailen. "Let's get out of here." The three of them ran back into the forest.


The Utahraptors jumped off Riot and scattered, all except Scar, who kept attacking Riot until Riot was able to throw him into a tree. Scar went down and tried to get up, but Riot stomped on his back. "You are nothing!" Riot growled. Riot then looked around and noticed that Kailen and Gabriella were gone and roared once again in anger. Riot then turned around and grabbed Scar and threw him over the cliff.

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