Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Shady Creek

Submitted: January 27, 2019

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Submitted: January 27, 2019



Jessica, Kailen, and Gabriella walked back through the trees and back to the house. The guests that survived all gathered in front of the house, some mourning over the death of those who were killed by Riot. Others were crying and hugging their children and families. Green 4 sat by the road, all of them preying that Kailen and Jessica were alright.

Jessica looked around and saw the destruction that Riot has caused. Kailen felt just as bad about what had just happened. Jessica saw Zilca in the crowd and took Iris from Kailen and walked to her. Gabriella followed. Zilca saw Jessica with Iris and cried joyfully as she held her baby in her arms and kissed her. Zilca then turned to Gabriella and hugged and kissed her daughter.

Kailen walked up next to Jessica. Neither of them could believe that a birthday party was ruined by a man eating dinosaur. Jessica then heard Homar's voice as he sped walked over to her and Kailen. "Oh thank god." He said with relief. "Are you two alright?"

"Yeah." Jessica said. "yeah, we're fine."

Sam rushed over and hugged Kailen. "Are you hurt?"

"No." Said Kailen. "I'm good."

Jessica watched everyone cry and mourn. Jessica then watched as Gabriella laid by a corps on the ground. It was Mark. Jessica walked over to Zilca and Gabriella as they began crying. "I'm so sorry." Jessica said.

Gabriella looked at Jessica and hugged her again. Zilca kissed Jessica on the forehead. "Thank you." She said. "Thank you for saving my daughter."

Zilca then hands Jessica keys. Zilca then pointed to the DJ's van. Jessica hugged Zilca and walked back to Green 4 as they stood by the road. Jessica handed Homar the keys and he walked to the van and the others followed. Jessica looked back and the crowd. She felt sorry for them. How could this have happened? Jessica started to tear up.

Parker then came up behind Jessica and lightly tapped her shoulder and she turned around and saw him. Jessica hugged Parker and started crying on his chest. "I know." He said softly. "Come on. We can't stay here."

Jessica nodded and walked to the van and Parker followed. Jessica climbed in the front passenger seat and Parker sat in the back with the others. Homar got one good last look at the crowd, then started the van and slowly drove off.

Green 4 sat in silence as they drove back to Shady Creek. By the time they arrived, it was already 4:35 in the morning. Homar turned off the van and they all sat in silence. None of them said a word nor did anyone move.

Finally, Homar turned in his seat and faced the team and sighed. "I'm sorry you guys had to witness that." He said with tears going down his face. "Nobody deserves anything like that. No one. And what that animal did was barbaric."

Jessica then felt her anger building up. She got out the van and slammed the door and stormed off to her room. They all watched her leave. Homar knew what Jessica was feeling. And he opened his door and left the van. The others all got out and went to their cabins.

Jessica changed into her pajamas and crawled into bed and started crying herself to sleep.


Jessica woke up and looked around the room. Kailen and Tasha were still asleep in their own bunks. The room floor was a mess with their clothes. Jessica recalls the chaos from Saturday into Sunday, but had it all been a dream? It felt like it. Jessica pulled herself out of bed and grabbed her things to go shower and to get ready for the day. She wasn't sure if they were working today, but it was best to at least be dressed and ready just in case.

Jessica walked down to the dinning hall and fixed herself a bagel with cream cheese and  coffee and sat by the stage on the opposite side of the dinning hall. 15 minutes go by before Natalie walked in and into the kitchen. Natalie was also wearing her AmeriCorps uniform. Maybe they were working today and Homar had told the others after Jessica stormed off to her room last night. Not long after, Parker, Homar and Mazie came into the dinning hall and they too were wearing their uniform. Pretty soon, the rest of the team were awake and all wearing their uniforms. They all still sat in silence, some tired, others still having terrifying thoughts about what had happened last night. Jessica was questioning what could they have possibly done to deserve what happened to them.

Homar finished his breakfast and coffee and washed out his dishes, followed by Mazie and Jessica. "Alright, guys." Said Homar. "Let's get to work and put last night behind us."

The team all got up and followed Homar to the tool shed up the street. They waited for Merlin and George. George arrived first and he walks up to the team and notices that they all had a look of exhaustion  and fear on their faces. "Wow." Said George. "You guys look like you had one hell of a weekend."

"More or less." Said Francis.

"So, Homar. Where did you guys leave off Friday?" George asked.

Homar still kept getting flashbacks of the weekend that he forgot about where they left off on Friday. He tried his best to remember and but his fear aside. "I think we left off by the back of the dinning hall." He said.

"Alright." George said. "No problem. If you guys have a set plan for today, that's great. If the smoke comes back today, which I'm hoping it doesn't, I'll find some indoor work for you guys so you're all not outside and exposed."

"Sounds good." Homar said. "Alright Green 4, grab some scotch broom pullers, loppers, and your PPE and head to the back of the dinning hall. And George, you mind if I talk to you for a sec."

"Yeah, of course."


Homar and George stood behind by the tool shed while Mazie and the rest of Green 4 went back down to the dinning hall and began their work. Sam began to play music for the first half of the morning as they all pulled scotch broom and divided themselves into three groups, Jessica worked with Parker and Francis, Sam worked with Tasha and Kailen, and Mazie worked with Dani, Natalie, and Marlowe, the ten of them split up and worked as hard as they could the first half of the morning.

Jessica, Parker and Francis worked further from the others and maneuvered around the dinning hall to the other end while the others worked down the hill to the dome cabins. Francis couldn't help but talk about the weekend. Jessica and Parker didn't want to. "Do you guys think it's even safe for us out here anymore?" Francis asked. "With Riot out there like that? Like what if he comes to the camp?"

Jessica didn't want to answer that. But Francis made a good point, what if Riot comes to the camp? Will they even be safe? "Who knows." She said. "I hate the thought of that thing being out there."

"I don't like it either." Said Parker. "Who knows where that thing is. I just hope we get off this mountain safely."

"I agree." Said Jessica. "But it's also hope that has gotten us this far. And with the help of that raptor."

"Jess, that raptor did not help us." Said Francis. "It's an animal. It knows nothing but to hunt what it can. For all we know, that raptor was waiting for the rest to ambush us."

"You don't know that." Jessica said. "We don't know what its intentions were. What we know is that the raptors obviously have something against that monster and they're either fighting to protect us or to bring it down and take back the mountain."

"Take back the mountain? Jess, where is this information coming from?" Francis asked.

"You seriously learned nothing from this weekend, have you? Everything you've seen? Everything we learned? Riot obviously has been hunting through the mountain like he owns the place and is clamming territory that isn't his and the raptors are retaliating."

"That makes no sense."

"That makes perfect sense." Said Parker. "Animals will fight back with a rival species try and take their territory or hunting grounds. We've seen how quickly those raptors attacked Riot when he chased us the other morning. And how quickly they attacked again last night."

Francis sighed, but he still stood by his word. But Jessica and Parker made a good argument. Maybe it is territorial rivalry and the raptors are retaliating, but they don't know for sure.

Francis thought more about what Jessica and Parker said this morning, he thought it so much that he kept quiet until the day was over. The rest of the day after lunch went quickly, the team all worked around the dinning hall to up to the Raptor Ridge hill which is across the camp.


After work, Homar and Tasha began making dinner for the team. After they finished cooking and the rest of the team came down to eat. Homar and Tasha had made fried chicken, mash potatoes, and steamed broccoli. It was still quiet between the team until Homar finally spoke. "So guys, I have some news." He said.

"Let's hear it." Said Parker.

"So, I was talking to George this morning, as you know, about Riot, that dinosaur that attacked us." Homar began. "Because I wanted to know if the story we heard at the party was true."

"What did he say?" Asked Mazie.

"Everything we were told is in fact true." Homar said with fear. "Riot was created here at Shady Creek as a science experiment a few years ago as a history class. George said that Riot is a hybrid, part Utahraptor, part Spinosaurus, part hawk. The species is called a Spinotahraptor."

Jessica felt her heart sink hearing this. "How did he get out?" She asked.

"From what George told me, Riot escaped a few months ago, I think like maybe in March. One of the staff members went to feed him and left his cage open and forgot to lock it. Riot got out and killed the staff member and ran off into the forest." Homar continued.

Marlowe was a little concerned. Why hasn't anyone reported this on the news? Is Riot trying to just claim the mountain as his own? Why hasn't he gone into the city? Is it because he knows what will happen if he does? Marlowe had a lot of questions.


After dinner, Jessica went to the main office to call her father. She had his number saved after they last saw each other. Never did she think she'd ever use it, but with what has happened in the past two days, she thought this was a good time to call him. She heard the phone ring and there was finally an answer.

"Hello?" Said Robert on the other end. "Jessica? Is that you?"

Jessica felt her throat close when she heard his voice. She sighed and held back her tears. "Hey dad." She said.

"Hey, cupcake." Robert replied. "How are you?"

"I'm, uh, I'm good." Jessica smirked just a bit. "Um, I just thought I'd give you a call. I know you and I got off on the wrong foot last we spoke, and I don't want that to be how you remember me by."

"Oh, cupcake." Robert said. "It's fine. I understand last we spoke you were very upset. I probably deserved more than that. But I want you to understand that I love you and your mother. If you ever need me in the future, my door is always open for you and your mother."

Jessica couldn't hold back her tears any more, they started to fall down her face and she smiled so much that she couldn't fight it. "Thanks, dad. I appreciate that."

They talked for a good hour, sharing stories and jokes, before she knew it, Jessica realized that she was laughing with her father. She then started realizing that meeting her father now is like meeting a really good friend you haven't spoken to in years.

Jessica then checked the time, it was 10:15. They had been talking for hours and Jessica had to get some sleep. "Hey, dad. I have to go. I have to get up early tomorrow. How about we talk again Friday when I'm free."

"That sounds great, cupcake." Robert said. "And hey, maybe when you get back from AmeriCorps, we can catch a bite to eat, the three of us, you me, and your mother."

Jessica started crying again and smiled and then chuckled a bit. "I would like that very much." She said.

"Alright. Sleep tight, cupcake. I love you."

"Yeah. Love you too, dad." Jessica hangs up and starts crying. She sat in the office for another 15 minutes thinking about having a family lunch with her parents like old times and how nice that would be. She thought about going back home so much that she forgot about the chaos that has happened over the weekend. Jessica got up and walked out the office to walk back to her cabin. As she was walking, Jessica saw Marlowe, Mazie, and Kailen walking out of the Bird room, a room full of pictures and stuffed birds right next to the main office.

"Hey, Jess." Said Kailen.

"Hey, guys." Jessica said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Mazie noticed Jessica's face was red. "Hey, are you okay, bud?" She asked.

"Oh, yeah." Jessica sniffled and wiped her face one last time. "I was just on the phone with my dad."

"Awe." Said Marlowe. "Did he reach out to you or did you reach out to him." Marlowe recalls Jessica telling them about her encounter with her father on the last day of CTI.

"I reached out to him this time." Jessica answered. "I thought I need to stop hating him for running and just forgive him. Thought I should at least give him another chance instead of avoiding him."

"I'm glad." Said Kailen. "I'm proud of you."

Jessica smiled and the four of them started walking down the hill to their cabins. As they reached the bottom of the hill, they stopped when they heard a loud roar that echoed through the camp. Jessica and Kailen started to shake. That had a hunch as to what creature that could've been. The roar came from the Shady Creek entrance. It was quiet once again, the four of them looked down the road, waiting for the creature to reveal itself. And sure enough, Rio came marching around the corner  and saw them. Riot's face was covered in scratches, the feathers around his neck were nearly gone from the raptors attack. He was angry, hurt, and tired. He has toyed with Green 4 long enough. He was going to finish them off tonight if it’s the last thing he does.

"Oh no." Mazie said in shock. "Not this thing again."

"What do we do?" Asked Kailen.

"I don't know." Marlowe said.

Riot roared again. Marlowe and the girls ran down the road to the dinning hall, hoping they'd be safe. Riot stomped his foot and ran after them. Riot rampaged through the trees and the small area by the dinning hall that Green 4 had worked on the first week they were there. Jessica, Marlowe, Kailen, and Mazie made it to the dinning hall where Francis, Homar, Parker, Natalie, and Tasha were just sitting around and talking. They see Marlowe and the girls run into the building, then they see Riot rising over the small hill to burst into the building.

"Everybody hide!" Said Homar.

All of a sudden, a Utahraptor screeched at Riot from behind. Riot stopped and turned around to look at the raptor. The Utahraptor screeched and roared at Riot, and he looked back confused then roared back. Before he could make a move, four more Utahraptors emerged from the shadows and blocked off the door to the dinning and roared and screeched at Riot. Riot stood there confused and roared back at them, but more and more Utahraptors came out of the shadows and started roaring and walking towards Riot. Riot was so focused on roaring louder that the Utahraptors around him, that he didn't realize that he was staggering back down the hill and away from the dinning hall. Jessica and Francis walked up to the door and watched the Utahraptors force Riot down the hill.

The Utahraptors then cornered Riot by the pool and prepared to attack, however, there was a bright light shining from raptor ridge. It was Sam. The light got Riot's attention that he completely ignores the Utahraptors and ran after Sam.

Jessica saw Riot run up towards raptor ridge and she ran outside and after Riot. Francis tried to grab her. The Utahraptors watched as Jessica ran past them. "Sam!" Jessica screamed.

Sam stopped at the bottom of the hill when he heard Jessica call his name and then saw Riot emerge from the darkness towards him. Sam ran back up the hill as fast as he could with Riot closing in on him quickly. Riot was close enough to grab Sam, but slipped and fell from the loose dirt on the hill. Sam reached the Raptor Ridge's building and ran towards the showers. Riot came up from the cliff and continued to pursue Sam.

Sam ran to the stage area and up the stairs. Riot climbed over the ridge and towards the stage. Sam was so focused on Riot that he didn't realize that he was blocked off by a six foot fence. Riot marched up the stairs towards Sam and he looked away and closed his eye and waited for Riot to eat him. All of a sudden, Riot felt sharp claws dig into his side and slid down the stairs a bit. It was Scar, and he looked like he was in bad shape. Sam looked up and saw Riot and Scar on the stairs and went to the left corner and ran down the stairs.

Jessica finally caught up and made it to the stairs, but couldn't see who Riot was fighting. Riot rammed Scar against the stairs and then grabbed him by his back and crunched down, sinking his teeth deeper into the injured raptor  and shook him like a rag doll before throwing him down the stairs and hitting the Shady Creek sign. Riot bellows and marched down the stairs to finish off Scar once and for all.

Just then, another Utahraptor pounced on Riot and started clawing his back. Riot was getting furious with the Raptors attacking him while he's off guard. Riot shook the raptor off him and threw it into the bird room. A second Utahraptor came and  scratched at Riot and he staggers back. Riot shakes it off and hits the Utahraptor with his tail, sending him into the bathroom window.

Jessica watched as the raptors gave their lives to fight off Riot. Riot then saw Jessica and ran after her. Jessica ran through the small corridor and to the other side to the field end and Riot caught up quickly and blocked off the way to the dinning hall. Riot then cornered Jessica by the edge of the field, by a cliff. Riot growled and then roared loudly as he prepared to attack. Jessica then saw a bright light around the corner near the hill of Raptor Ridge. As Riot stepped forward to charge at Jessica, he sees the bright light and is struck by it. It was the van. Riot is then swept away by the van, trying his best to get control of his footing. Both Riot and the van go over the cliff and fall and crash hard into the ground below. Riot is impaled by the van and the engine catches fire and explodes.

Jessica stood there in complete shock, trying to process what happened. It all happened so fast. She then got up and ran over. There was a white figure on the grass a few feet from where the van and Riot fell from. It was a white hoodie, it was Sam's hoodie.

"Sam, are you alright?" Jessica asked.

Sam got up, saw Jessica then marched towards the cliff and looked down, it was no high than a 16 foot drop. Down the cliff laid Riot's body burned with the his lower body blown off and the van in several pieces. Sam and Jessica were for certain that Riot was dead.

"Nobody!" Sam shouted. "No Dinosaur, no hybrid, no hybrid dinosaur tries to eat me and gets away with it!"

"Sam, are you alright?" Jessica asked again.

Sam turned around to look at Jessica. "Yeah." He said. "I'm alright. Are you okay?"

Jessica chuckled. "Come here, Nepoleon." She wraps her arms around Sam and hugs him.

Kailen, Mazie, Marlowe, Homar, Francis, Tasha, and Parker came running up the hill and to Sam and Jessica. "Oh my god." Said Homar. "Are you guys alright?" He asked.

"Yeah, we're all good." Said Sam.

"Sam saved my life." Jessica said. "He's a hero."

"Where's the dinosaur?" Asked Kailen.

Sam and Jessica point to the cliff. The team looked down and saw Riot's burned corpse below. "Oh my god." Said Marlowe. "Sam, you did that?"

Sam didn't know how to respond except to simply say. "Yep."

"Sam, you're a freaking hero." said Homar with a smile.

"Great job, buddy." Said Parker.

The team started congratulating Sam on his heroic act and he began to like the attention. This was something he couldn't get over.

While the team was congratulating Sam, Jessica remembered the Utahraptors that fought off Riot and she ran back to the stage. She ran towards the Shady Creek sign where Scar lied. Jessica placed her hand on Scar's head, the raptor was dead. Jessica felt her throat close and tears forming around her eyes. She then felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Kailen. Jessica stood up and hugged Kailen. Both of them mouring over the elderly raptor that protected them on their journey.

Mazie and Marlowe found one of the raptors limping around in the bird room. It looked seriously injured but it was still alive. Parker, Sam, Francis and Homar found the other raptor in the bathroom, it was alright, just a bad scrape on its left hip when it crashed through the window. The Utahraptor walked out the bathroom and ran out into the darkness. The other Utahraptor limped away and looked back at Green 4 as they watched it leave. It purred at them, then limped off to be with the of the pack.

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