Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - The Aftermath

Submitted: January 27, 2019

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Submitted: January 27, 2019



The next couple of days went by quickly. George and Merlin began working on getting the van out from the cliff and leaving Riot's corpse to be devoured by the raptors. Wednesday after work, Mazie and Jessica conducted a HAWC activity which involved the team digging a hole in the volley ball field by Raptor Ridge and placed Scar's body in the hole and buried him to honor him. Kailen placed the raptor claw on the grave. The 11 of them stood around the grave in a moment of silence.

"Does anyone want to say a few words?" Asked Homar.

Everyone looked around. None of them wanted to say anything. Kailen then stepped forward. "I will." She said. "Scar was probably one of the coolest of his kind. We might not have known him for that long, but he kept us safe when we were stranded out on the mountain over the weekend. He had more balls than any of the other raptors, he stood up to that monster. And no matter how many times he was thrown around, he still got up and fought for what was his." Jessica started to tear up. Marlowe and Homar smiled. "I guess what I'm trying to say here, it's that you shouldn't be afraid. You need to fight for what's right, fight for others who probably can't defend themselves. You can't just turn away because life has turned you sour. Scar taught us that this past weekend." Kailen wiped a tear from her eye.

"Well said, Kailen." Said Homar.

"To Scar." Said Jessica. She was holding her water bottle and so was everyone else. They all raise their water bottle and clanked them together.

"To Scar." They all repeated.


That weekend, the team went up to Lake Tahoe for a the day. Jessica and Kailen were a little afraid to pass through the area after what happened, but it was worth it.

The next week that followed, Green 4 was assigned to a new project in the same area. They were to cover for Green 1, who were sent out on Disaster. The camp they had to work at was call Sierra Friends. There, for the first week, the team worked on small infrastructure improvement projects, Sam, Kailen, Jessica, and Natalie were assigned to painting an office room, Mazie and Dani were assigned to installing thresholds in doors around the camp, Tasha and Parker were assigned to cleaning bathrooms and showers, and Homar, Marlowe, and Francis were assigned to cleaning an earth cabin called the Stone House. This brought them to Thanksgiving weekend, which went by quickly.

By the second week at Sierra Friends, Green 4 then worked a little more in the Stone House, their project was removing the floor and scraping the tar off the concrete floor. By the end of the week, Homar got a call from Ms. O and Homar tells the team that they are being called for Disaster up north in Chico.

Green 4 had spent Mazie's birthday at Sierra Friends before driving up north to Chico to help Fire Victims with getting supplies and accessories and even taking care of animals at an animal shelter that were also victims of the fires.

After the second week, it was finally time to go back to Sacramento. The 11 of them had been through a lot within their first round and they couldn't wait to go back to Campus and put their adventure behind them.


Finally the date came, December 21st. Jessica packed her bags and loaded them in the van. Francis, Dani, and Tasha drove Jessica to the air port. "Okay, Jess, you be good over break." Said Francis.

"You too, guys." Jessica said. "And have a Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas." Said Dani.

Jessica was excited to go home and tell her mother her adventure. But she was more than excited to have lunch with both her parents while she was home.

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