Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Arriving in Sacramento

Submitted: January 26, 2019

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Submitted: January 26, 2019



It was a very busy day at the Omni Hotel, it was the Labor Day weekend and guests were coming in that Friday morning. Jessica had a lot on her mind before she had to go to work. She only had two days left in the hotel before she had to fly home in New York just to pack to fly out to AmeriCorps in Sacramento. Jessica knew it'd be a long weekend, the weekends were always the most busy especially for the kitchen staff. That just meant there'd be more dishes to clean and to put away, and, as usual, she'd be on her own with the clean up, considering the fact that her coworkers would rather stand around and joke and talk and let the dishwasher fill up and not take out the dishes and put them away like they're suppose to. She even tried to talk to her manager about it, but he's never around when she needs him.

Jessica got dressed, grabbed her phone, and walked down to the hotel bar with the two hours left she had before work. Behind the service line was Mike, one of Jessica's good friends. He was a tall slim 22 year old who spends most of his free time meditating and watching anime. Jessica walked up to Mike and sat down. "Hey, Mike." She said with a smile and her dimples showing.

"Jessica." Mike said with enthusiasm. "My crazy best friend. What can I get for you?"

Jessica looked around at menu. She had almost everything on the menu. But her most favorite was the friend chicken. "I'd love a blow job." She said.

Mike's smile faded. "Oh yeah." He said. "Me too." Mike secretly has had a crush on Jessica since they first met, but he'd rather not ruin their friendship by telling her that.

Jessica gave Mike a dirty look and reached into her pocket to grab her wallet. "The drink, smartass." She said. "But first, just get me the usual." She hands him her ID, even though Mike knows that Jessica is 24, its still the policy at the bar to check ID's and Jessica isn't as upset about it, knowing she'll be working in the back on Sunday.

Mike wrote down Jessica's order and sends it to the back. Mike then grabs three bottles and a shot glass and starts mixing drinks into it. "So, are you excited to go to California in a week?"

"You bet your sweet ass I am." Jessica said as she watched Mike mix the drinks. "I can't wait to fly out there, meet new people and-"

"Learn new skills." Mike finished for her. "I know. You tell me and Cait that every time you come in here." Mike puts the drinks away. "So, what are you most excited about doing this program?"

Jessica had to think of other reasons. She's been wanting to do AmeriCorps since she had two recruiters come to her school during a job fair and explained to her what AmeriCorps was about. "I guess the fact that I'm starting a whole new chapter of my life soon. I've never been to the West Coast before." She said. "But who knows? Maybe I can find a new home out there."

"Well I am happy for you." Mike pulls out a can of whip cream. "Alright, tequila, chocolate milk, and whip cream. I give you a blow job. I-" Mike had to process what is happening. "Why are you making me make that?"

Jessica takes the shot glass and brings it over to two young men in the corner of the bar about her age and hands it to one of them and walks off.

"What was that about?" Mike asked.

"Oh, you'll find out." Jessica said with a smile.

All of a sudden, Mike had a look of fright on his face and dropped to the floor. Jessica got down too and the shot glass is thrown at them and shatters on the bar. Everyone in there goes quiet. "Mike, I'm telling you, the next time you make me one of those nasty ass drinks, I'm going to break my foot off in your ass!" Said one of the young men in the corner.

Just then, one of the hotel security officers stands up from his table and walks over to the young men. "Is there a problem here?" Asked the officer.

The young man froze. "Uh, no sir. We're just playing."

The officer gets in the young man's face. "If I find out you're throwing anything else in the bar, I'll personally throw you out of this hotel. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir."

Jessica smirked and Mike stood up and started cleaning the shards of glass on the bar. Mike looks at Jessica. "Nice try."

"You got me." Jessica said, shrugging her shoulder. "I was hoping he'd get kicked out before I left. I'll just have to try harder next time."

Mike placed a rag on the bar and started wiping it. "You really don't Isaiah, huh?"

"Nope. Not after he tried to get in my pants the night you introduced me to him."

"I'm sorry." Mike said. And he felt guilty every time Jessica mentions it. "He never acts like that. I swear."

"Yeah, well. You're lucky you're my best friend."


Jessica spent the rest of the weekend working with very little breaks in between. On Fridays and Saturdays, Jessica works in the main kitchen cleaning dishes from 5 p.m. to almost 1 a.m., depending on how long it takes to get the dishes done. On Sundays, Jessica works in the bar with Mike, still cleaning dishes, but luckily for her the bar is never busy on Sundays. It was her last weekend at the hotel and she was more than happy to leave, but upset because she had to leave Mike and the rest of the friends she made there.


Jessica flew into Queens New York Where her mother was waiting for her. Once Jessica got home, she immediately washed all her clothes and packed them into a green duffle bag she was given by the AmeriCorps group. Jessica was excited when she heard that she'd be going to AmeriCorps. The day she found out she got accepted, she put in her two week notice with Omni and chose to work the last weekend. Jessica has been looking forward to this since the end of July. She was ne of the very few and last people to have been accepted to AmeriCorps.

Jessica started counting down the days, which were only three left to October 10th. That same day, she got a call from one of the team leaders from AmeriCorps and was informed that she would be in the Green Unit and her team name was Green 4. Jessica couldn't wait any longer. She wanted to go so bad.


Finally, October 10th came and Jessica was energetic. Her mother drove her to the airport at 5:15 in the morning. However, the second Jessica got her ticket and her bags sent to the plane, her excitement had changed. All of a sudden, she was shaking, trembling. She was suddenly scared, what if her teammates don't like her? What if she doesn't like the environment? She had a million negative thoughts run through her mind as she got on the plane and took off at 6:15. Soon enough, Jessica fell asleep on the plane and all her thoughts faded. Jessica landed in Orlando Florida and followed the passengers out the plane.

Jessica got off the plane and saw a small group of young adults huddled up. One of them recognizes her and flags her down. Jessica steps out of line and stands with them. "Hey, are you with AmeriCorps?" Asked the girl in the group.

Jessica smiled with relief. She was glad that she found at last a few people going to AmeriCorps. Jessica followed the group to find gate 4A. It only took them five minutes and they all sat down together and just talked. It felt nice to get to know everyone in the group. Jessica hoped that they could be her new friends. After sharing each others information, Jessica learned that there were only three others in the group who are in the Green Unit. The rest were either in Silver, Gold, or Blue. A half hour passed, and the group got on the plane and flew across the country to Sacramento California. Jessica again fell asleep. She had no sleep the night before. She was up all night spending time with her cousins before it was time foe her to go.

The flight lasted three hours, and by the time Jessica woke up, they were already landing. Jessica followed the passengers out the plane and followed the AmeriCorps group to the luggage pickup where they grabbed their duffle bags and walked out to the lobby Once there, there were three Team Leaders holding signs that said AmeriCorps on them. Jessica and the group followed the team leaders out to three 15 passenger vans and put the duffle bags in the back of each van. Jessica got into the second van and the three vans drove across the city to an old air force base.

Jessica climbed out the van and grabbed her duffle bag and followed the group to a canopy that was setup with table. There were at least six Team Leaders standing by the canopy and two Unit Leaders sitting under the canopy. Jessica and the other new corps members greeted themselves to the team leader, checked off their names and placed their duffle bags by a basket ball hoop.

Jessica walked around one of the buildings which looked like a dormitory and across the parking lot to another building that said 943 by the door. Jessica entered where she met two more Unit Leaders. They were sitting at a table with at least over 200 name tags on them. Jessica found her name and she was pointed to corner of the room where she sat down with the group she came in with and they were given a brief summary about AmeriCorps and it benefits. Next, Jessica is given her room number and room key. Right after, Jessica then got $25 for her luggage then got her driver license documented for later on. Jessica then went to get her photo take for her AmeriCorps ID and is give a lanyard.

Jessica is then escorted outside where she is then given two sleeping bags and bed sheets. Jessica had so much to carry, she had to waddle like a penguin to her dorm, which was 947. Jessica found her room on the second floor and took the bunk bed. There was already someone else who had taken the bed by the window. In her case, first come, first served. Jessica then went back outside and grabbed her duffle bag and brought it to her room.

Right after she was finished with settling in her room, Jessica went outside and grabbed a bagged lunch that the staff provided for them. She sat down at a bench under a palm tree which provided shaded and she ate in silence for at least five minutes. Half way through her sandwich, Jessica is approached by a girl with a bagged lunch of her own. She had blonde hair, light blue eyes and a nice smile on her face. "Hey, is this seat taken?" She asked.

"Oh, by all means." Jessica said with her mouth full. "Please, take a seat."

"Thank you." The girl sits down. "I'm Danielle by the way, but everyone calls me Dani."

Jessica takes a second to swallow her food then reaches out her hand to Dani. "I'm Jessica. Jessica Li."

Dani shakes her hand. "Nice to meet you." She said with smile. "What team are you on?"

"I'm on Green 4." Jessica said.

Immediately, Dani's expression changed from curious to excitement. "Oh, no way. Me too." They slap each other high five. "So, have you seen anyone else from our team?"

"Um…" Jessica looks around. "No. I still don't have a clue who is our Team leader. I just know his name is Omar."

"Yeah, me neither."

They talked for a good few hours until it got dark and Dani went to her room. Jessica went back to her room also and relaxed for a while. Jessica was more eager to see what tomorrow would bring to go to sleep, but she eventually did.

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