Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Green 4

Submitted: January 26, 2019

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Submitted: January 26, 2019



An alarm goes off at 5:30 in the morning, and Jessica sprung awake, but it wasn't her alarm. It was her roommates. However, her roommate didn't wake up to the alarm. Jessica took her headphones and played some music and tried to go back to sleep, but she couldn't, the alarm would go off. Eventually, the alarm stops and Jessica slowly started to close her eyes, but then her alarm went off. It was 6:00. Jessica groaned as she got out of bed. Jessica got up and walked to the shower. As she was showering, her phone started vibrating at least 12 times. As Jessica got out the shower, she had realized she forgot her towel on the bed. Her morning was already off to a bad start.

After Jessica got dressed, she checked her phone. It was a text message from her Team Leader:

Hello Green 4! This is your Team Leader Homar. We will use this group chat for information relevant to the entire team. Personal questions for me, or each other, are to be personally sent to one another. Please respond with your first and last name. This way I know you got the message and your teammate can add you.

The second Jessica read the name, how it was spelt made her question the pronunciation, but she got over it. Jessica then read the rest of the messages that were sent in that same text. It was the rest of her teammates. Kailen Williams, Sam Whestphal, Natalie Reece, Tasha Jefreys Mazie Cheesebrough, Marlowe Simek, Parker Segelhorst, and Francis Dennis VI. Jessica entered her name and left her room to go get breakfast. She was excited about meeting her fellow teammates. She was curious as to how they all are personality wise. It's hard to tell by text. She saved all their numbers and got in line for breakfast, which was cheesy eggs, sausage, corn bread, and coffee and apple juice.

Jessica sat inside 943 and ate, looking around for familiar faces. While she waited, she checked the news on her phone, looking for something that sparked interest. She found an article about animal attacks north of Sacramento.


Animals attack in Nevada City woods.

This week is turned to a week of terror. Within this month of October alone, there have been four animal attacks in Northern California. A most recent attack was reported yesterday as a 14 year old boy was mauled and nearly killed by a wild animal at an outdoor school known as Shady Creek. The boy was found lying in the middle of the rec field with slashes and claw marks on over his body.


The boy was identified as Thomas Jones, an eighth grader from Lyman Gilmore Middle School. Thomas was rushed to the hospital after he was found. Thankfully, he survived his mortal injuries. When Young Thomas woke up, he told the doctors and the reporters that the animal that attacked him was a dinosaur.


"I saw it with my own eyes." Said Thomas. "It was about as big as a turkey. I thought it was, at first. But once it got close to me, it attacked me."


Further investigations to the incident is still underway, but there have no sign of the creature that little Thomas has described. Doctors believe that Thomas had a dream about a dinosaur when he had fainted due to a loss of blood, and while investigators and doctors believe it to have been a bear attack, the claw marks on Thomas's chest do not connect to a bear attack. Bears have been known to kill their prey. Thomas was still somewhat alive when he was found.


Jessica then got a call from her Team Leader. "Hello?" She answered.

"Hey, Jessica." Said Homar over the phone. "We're gathering outside 943, where are you?"

"Oh, I'm inside 943, I'll be right out."

"Okay. Thank you."

Jessica rushed outside and looked around for Homar. Just then, a tall dark skinned Hispanic man with long curly hair raised his hand and waved at Jessica. Jessica rushed over and gathered with other corps members around her. Homar does a head count and once he sees that there are 10 of his team in front of him, he began to speak. "Okay, perfect." He began. "So, what we're going to do now is we are going to get our uniforms. So if you follow me, please." Homar led his team to a large field, big enough to play a full game of foot ball in. At one end of the field was a 20 foot cement wall. Across the field was a small strip-mall.

On the other side of the cement wall was a bunker and three team leaders standing outside that bunker. Homar exchanged information with the three team leaders and one by one, the team went in and got three grey short sleeve shirts, two long sleeve shirts, two pairs of khakis, two pairs of shorts, a white polo shirt, and a pair of black polo pants. Once they left the bunker on the other side, there was a pile of big red bags. The team grabbed one for each of them. Next, they walked over to an open truck where there were two men standing there. Inside the truck were stacks and stacks of black steel toed boots. The team got their feet sized and received their boots.

Next, the team sat in a circle as another team got their uniforms. Green 4 were then given belts, hats, helmets, safety goggles, gloves, and a bandana. Homar then had them go and change into their uniforms and meet in the computer lad in 947. There, Homar had them fill out surveys which only took no less than three minutes, and finally, once everyone was done, the team sat down in the lounge area across the hall from the computer room.

"Hey, guys." Homar began. "Um, welcome to AmeriCorps, officially. My name is Homar, the H is silent. It's a long story. Anyway, before I fully introduce myself, I want you guys to introduce yourselves first. So, we'll go around the room and just tell us your name and where you're from." Homar looks at the girl in the corner to his right. "So we'll start with you and we'll go to the right."

The girl looked like she had a lot of positive energy that she was waiting to let out. "Um, My name is Mazie." She began. "And I'm from West Virginia."

Next to her was Dani. Dani had a little shy look on her face, but she was willing to speak. "Um, my name is Danielle, but everyone calls me Dani." She said. "And I'm from Georgia."

Dani turns to her right. Next to her was a girl with really short hair and looked like she had an attitude. "Um, I'm Maggi." She said. "But I'd prefer that you guys call me Marlowe. And I'm from Maryland."

It was Jessica's turn next. She suddenly froze when she realized everyone was looking at her. Jessica took a deep breath and she began to speak. "Um, I'm Jessica." She said. "And I'm from New York."

Next to her was a boy with tattoos all over his left arm, down to his wrist. "My name is John, but I prefer you all call me Francis." He said with a loud and cocky tone. "And I'm from New Hampshire."

Next to him a girl who looked tiny compared to him. She looked very shy and nervous. "I'm Natalie." She said in a soft tone. "And I'm from Idaho."

Natalie turned to her right to a boy in the far left corner of Homar. Just by his body language, everyone could tell he didn't want to be here. "I'm Parker." He in a loud and somewhat of a deep voice. "And I'm from Colorado."

Parker then looked to the by behind him. He also worse glasses, as did Francis, and Marlowe, he had blonde hair and blue eyes. "My name is Sam." He said loudly. "And I'm form Pennsylvania."

Next to Parker was a dark skinned her with tattoos on both her shoulders. She too also looked like she didn't want to be here. "I'm Tasha." She said with a little attitude. "And I'm from D.C."

Behind Tasha was a girl about as tall as her. She had long black hair and a baby face. She just looked a bit uncomfortable. "Um, I'm Kailen." She said. "And I'm from Kentucky."

And it finally came back to Homar. "Right. So, as you guys already know me." He began. "I'm also from Colorado. I actually did this program nine years ago. And I thought to myself, why not give AmeriCorps one last go? So, now I'm here with NCCC Pacific Region."

Homar's story sounded like an awesome adventure his first time around. Jessica was eager to see what kind of adventures they would be going on this year, hopefully they would be unforgettable.

The rest of the went pretty smoothly. They mainly just sat in 943 with the rest of the Green Unit, getting to know their Unit Leader Jeanine Oien, but every calls her Ms. O. It seemed like a pretty easy and simple day. Jessica was excited for the year.

After the training day was over, Jessica went back to her room and continued to read the use article she was reading in the morning. The more she read about it, the more she fear for those out in Nevada City and those that go camping.


That night when Jessica went to sleep, she started having nightmares. Jessica found herself running through the dark forest of Nevada City. Her breath exploding from her lungs. It was pitch black, she couldn't see a thing. Behind her, Jessica could hear a loud monstrous roar coming from the darkness behind her.

Jessica then see a light ahead and she runs for it. However, as she did, she tripped over a log and fell into a puddle. Jessica tried to catch her breath. Just then, the forest went quiet. Jessica looked around, she then hears footsteps coming from behind. Jessica couldn't see anything, but she felt something sharp grab her foot and drag her out of the puddle. The last thing she felt were sharp teeth biting down on her torso and ripping a huge chunk of flesh from her body. She felt everything, the teeth, the claws, the pain. All she could do is wait until death came to greet her.

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