Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Mini Spike

Submitted: January 26, 2019

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Submitted: January 26, 2019



Jessica woke up screaming the very next morning in terror. Her was already in the shower but Jessica's scream was so loud, everyone on the second floor heard her. The second Jessica realized it had been a nightmare, her heart slowed down a little. Jessica got out of bed and got dressed. She didn't think twice about leaving the room without brushing her teeth, or the fact that she left the room without her belt.

Jessica grabbed her breakfast and sat alone on the curb. She didn't feel like socializing, especially after her scream this morning. While she ate her eggs, she kept thinking about the dream, it felt so real. The air as she ran through the darkness, the water when she fell into the puddle, even the agonizing pain by the teeth and claws digging into her. The more she thought about it, the less she felt hungry. Jessica threw her eggs in the trash and rushed into her room and washed her face, trying to block that thought.

"What is wrong with me?" She said to herself out loud. "That's it, no more news reading before bed."

The rest of the day, Jessica heard people talking about her screaming this morning. They didn't mention her by name, but they described the scream pretty well to hers from this morning. Jessica wasn't sure how to tell people that it was her without them looking at her and saying "you need help". Jessica decided to keep quiet about it, until she heard Dani talk about it after lunch with Parker and Natalie.

"Did you guys hear that scream this morning?" Dani said.

"What scream?" Asked Parker.

"Yeah." Said Natalie. "I heard it. It was super loud too."

"Wait, what's going on?" Parker asked again. "What scream?"

"So, like around maybe 6:15 this morning, there was this loud scream." Dani explained. "If you were on the second floor, you could hear from the other side of the hall."

"It was a serious wake up call for me." Natalie said. "But I was also concerned for the person's well being."

"Damn." Said Parker. "What do you think made that person scream?"

"A bad dream, maybe?" Dani suggested.

Jessica couldn't take it anymore. She had to tell them. She couldn't hear them talk about her and not know it was her. "It was me." She said. Dani, Natalie, and Parker all looked at her with looks of shock. "I'm the one who screamed this morning."

Parker tried his best not to laugh. Natalie and Dani both had looks of concern. "What happened?" Natalie asked.

Jessica explained as best as she could about her nightmare. Just explaining it made her tear up. The one thing she left out was the news article she read the day of.

"Oh." Dani moaned. "Jessica." Dani got up and hugged Jessica as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "I'm sorry that happened to you."

"We're here for you, Jess." Said parker.

"All of us." Natalie added.


The next two weeks went by smoothly, but it felt like forever. Most of the classes were on diversity, van training, tool safety, and the many branches of AmeriCorps, such as the National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), FEMA Corps, AmeriCorps VISTA, etc. On their weekends, the team went out and did their own things in their own  circle of friends that they made. Sam, Kailen, and Tasha would go out and do something fun, Mazie, Dani, and Marlowe would find something to do on campus, Natalie would either be in her room or in 943 reading a book, Francis has been bonding with other corps members outside of their team, and Parker has been studying for the SAT's. Jessica stayed in her room, binge watching her favorite Netflix shows, and Homar had team leader stuff he was working on.

By the 21st of October, The entire NCCC class all four units pack their red bags to go camping for at least four days. Jessica packed her red bag with her winter coat, rain gear, rain boots, and her AmeriCorps uniform. She then packed her two sleeping bags, her towel, soap, and two pairs of outdoor clothing. Not long after, the units went their separate ways, going to four different camp sites. The Green Unit arrived at a camp called Camp Load Star which was two hours north of Sacramento.

The camp rested in the mountains of Wilseyville California. There at least eight cabins, but the corps members and team leaders shared at least four, two for the males, two for females. They used the camp's lodging area as their main base of operations for the four to three days. The first day mainly resulted in all of Green Unit settling into their cabins. That night, Jessica and Marlowe, who prefers to be referred to as they/them, made dinner the first. And after dinner, Natalie and Jessica sat with other corps members and played the card game Uno and later before bed, they played the game mafia with most of the others teams and team leaders.

Their first half of their official day involved trail improvement, which resulted in Green 4 and Green 1 clearing a path across the field from the camp. After lunch, Green 4 and Green 1 switched with Green 5 and Green 2. Green 4 and Green 1 sat in the lodge area and sat through at least four hours of knowing the states that make up the Pacific Region of AmeriCorps on the west coast and the past AmeriCorps teams that have been to this camp and how to make their year of AmeriCorps a great one.

Right after the meeting in the lodge, Homar sat the team down by the camp's amphitheater in circle.

"Alright, guys." He began. "Now before we begin this little meeting, I want you all to turn around and close your eyes." And they did. "Now, I know it's only been like two weeks, but I already can tell that we are going to do amazing things together as a team. And I just want you all to understand that I appreciate each and everyone of you and your sacrifice for these next ten months to come."

Hearing Homar's speech nearly made Jessica tear up.

"So, I'm going be placing little notes behind you." Homar said as he placed puzzle pieces behind everyone. "Don't turn around just yet. And once I say go, you're all going to turn around." Jessica felt Homar standing behind her as he placed the last puzzle piece behind her and took a step back. "Okay, you can turn around now."

The team turns around to see the puzzle pieces in front of them. The pieces were the size of children's puzzle with numbers written on the back. One by one, in numerical order, the team assembled the puzzle and it revealed their very first project. During most of their training, Green 4 has been misguided about their first assignment, hearing rumors of them going to Texas, even though Texas was not in their region. And when they confronted Homar about, he didn't confirm it nor did he deny it either, so it was hard for the team to believe what was going on. But the puzzle's notes were clear once it was assembled. They were going to a camp called Shady Creek, which also acted as an outdoor school during the school year.

The girls cheered with excitement. Homar explained further to them that they would be working with kids half the project and the other half would be restoration and it all seemed amazing. Jessica was looking forward to it, she had forgotten about the article she read two weeks ago.

The last day of Mini Spike, Green 4 worked on team building courses, such as walking on ropes, going through a net without touching the net, and learning how to flip a tarp with the entire team on it. They somehow managed these obstacle courses with Natalie's guidance with past experience in solving tough problems.


Returning from Mini Spike, the team went back into training with more diversity work. During an outdoor activity, some members of the Green Unit got emotional due to the outdoor activity and tension rose between Mazie and Francis, which really got under Francis's skin.

After Halloween, the AmeriCorps staff began conducting Specialty Role training, each Corps Member on the team had a specific role on their team if it were team bonding or learning of the are their serving in. There was at least six specialty roles one for two Corps Members each;

Media Representatives: their role on the team is to document the team's work in the area and write news articles about the team's work and how they make an impact on the community they're serving in.

Health And Wellness Coordinator (HAWC): In this role, their job is to ensure the team's wellbeing, they are in charge of Physical Training, conducting team activities, and ensuring the team has food at their housing.

Life After AmeriCorps Representatives (LAA Rep): Corps Members in this role is to ensure that the Corps Members know what they want to do after they graduate AmeriCorps.

Vehicle Safety and Tool Coordinator (VST): Corps Members in this role is to make sure the team is working safely together, ensure that the tools the team uses is perfect for the job they working in, and ensuring that the van is fully operational.

Project and Community Liaison (PCL): Their role on the team is to teach the team about the community they're serving in, as well as working further with diversity in the community.

Recruiters: This particular role is simple, to encourage High School students and College students to join AmeriCorps, this can be done by setting up a booth at a job fair or simply scheduling a designated time during school hours to speak to the students about AmeriCorps.

Homar assigned two members of the team to have the roles they picked for themselves. Francis was chosen as the Media Rep, Marlowe and Dani became the LAA Reps, Parker became the VST, Natalie and Kailen became the PCL's, Tasha and Sam became the Recruiters, and Jessica and Mazie became the HAWCs.

Jessica took her specialty role to heart, she took CAN classes her first year of college and felt as if she could put her skills to good use when it came to the team's health and wellbeing. She knew she could do this.

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