Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Shady Creek

Submitted: January 27, 2019

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Submitted: January 27, 2019



The last few days of training went by quickly. The last Friday before the Monday they had inductions, which was AmeriCorps's way of welcoming the Corps Members to the program, the team wanted to do a lot of fun activities, but instead they had independent service projects (ISPs) and personal errands to run.

The weekend was also Kailen's and Francis's birthday, and Jessica wanted to do something special. Homar gathered those who had to run errands, which was Dani, Mazie, and Homar himself, and Jessica just tagged along to gather cake mix to make Kailen and Francis birthday cakes and even bought birthday cards for each of them. After running their errands, Homar takes Jessica to the store where she and Mazie buy cake mix, frosting, and candles. While buying the supplies, Mazie reminds Jessica that Francis and Kailen love fondue and suggests that they buy chocolate chips and strawberries, which Jessica eventually agrees to go with the idea.

Once back at campus, Jessica made an attempt to keep both Kailen and Francis out of the kitchen while she, Mazie, and Marlowe begin working on the cake. Dani was on watch and Homar had Team Leader stuff to work on.

As Jessica got all the tools she needed to make the cake, Mazie stepped in. "Can I make the cakes?" She asked.

Jessica thought it'd be best if she had someone else make the cakes, since she was the one who made Sam his cake for his birthday two days before mini spike. "Sure." She said. "Go right ahead." And she stepped aside.

Mazie and Marlowe got right to work with mixing the cake mix. The first cake they worked on was the party mix cake, which was vanilla with rainbow sprinkles in it. It took no less than seven minutes to make and bake the cake. And by the time the cake out the oven, Francis walked into the kitchen. Thankfully, Mazie had told everyone she knew that knew Francis and everyone did their best to keep Francis out the kitchen.

While the first cake was cooling off, Jessica started clean up, while Mazie began mixing the chocolate cake next. While Jessica was wiping down the tables, one of the other Corps Members who's team shares the kitchen as Green 4 come in and passes them by. He was a tall tanned skin boy, about 6.2 with short curly hair. Jessica had seen him around, but she never seen him come into 943 on the weekends. He went to his team's fridge and grabs a container of leftover chicken and places it on the table on the opposite side of the food shelf. He couldn't help but notice the cake on the counter.

"Is it someone's birthday?" He asked. "Not that it's any of my business."

"Oh yeah." Said Mazie. "It two of our teammates. One for tomorrow and one for tonight."

The boy seemed impressed. "Nice." He said. "Are you guys like going to decorate them?"

"We were actually going to just put some frosting on them, that's pretty much it." Said Jessica as she out away the big bowl she just washed after Mazie finished using it.

"Interesting." Said the boy. "Um, if you want, I can help you with decorating the cakes. Or just simply writing 'happy birthday' on them."

"I mean, you can if you want." Said Mazie.

"We'd gratefully appreciate it." Said Marlowe.

"Awesome. I'm Talique, by the way."

"I'm Mazie."

"I'm Marlowe."

"And I'm Jessica."

"Nice to meet you all." Said Talique.

Talique put the leftover chicken back into his team's fridge and he started helping Jessica with decorating the vanilla cake while the chocolate cake was baking. Mazie and Marlowe had left to go an relax until it was time to sing happy birthday. Talique grabbed the vanilla frosting from his shelf. It was half empty and no one else on his team was using it, so he was certain they wouldn't miss it. Talique had the idea to put both chocolate and vanilla frosting on the cakes together, one half vanilla, the other chocolate.

"So, where are you from?" Asked Jessica as she watched Talique applying the frosting.

Talique heard her but he was too focused on the cake to reply. Once he put the butter knife down, he turned his focus to Jessica. "Oh, I'm from Waterbury Connecticut." He answered. "Where are you from?"

"I'm from New York." Jessica answered.

"Oh really? What part?"


"No way. My mom's from Brooklyn."

"Oh, nice."

Talique used the butter knife to scoop more frosting and applies it to the cake. "So, do you know where your team is heading to for first round?"

"Actually, yes." Jessica said. "We are going to Nevada City. We'll be working with kids at a camp called Shady Creek."

"What?!" Talique said with a smile. "Lucky!"

"Thank you. What about you? Where is your team going?"

"Oh, we're going to this camp for the blind." He said as he tried to remember the name of the organization. "I think it's called Lighthouse for the blind."

"Oh, good for you. Are guys going to be working with blind individuals?"

"I mean, I don't think so." Talique said. "I think our main focus is like building fences and work on maintenance stuff."

"Oh, so infrastructure improvement."

"Yeah. Exactly."

They talked until the chocolate cake was finished and Talique helped her decorate that cake. Once both cakes were properly decorated, they put the candles on them.

"Alright, you're all set." Said Talique as he washed off the frosting from his fingers.

"Thank you." Said Jessica. "I really appreciate it." Jessica put both cakes into the Green 4 fridge.

"Now, is there anything else I can help you with?" Talique asked.

"Um." Jessica had to think. She looked around and all the dishes were clean and put away. "I don't think so. But I'm actually getting a little tired. So I will probably see you tomorrow."

"Okay." Talique said. "Sounds good. Night."

"Bye." Jessica walks away.

After decorating both cakes, Homar calls Francis and Kailen and they all gather and sing happy birthday that same night, had cake, cleaned up, and went to bed. The next day, the team went out for Kailen's birthday and Jessica and Francis made dinner. However, Jessica chose to get a head start on dinner without Francis, giving him time to hang out with his friends until 5, which was when they were suppose to cook. While Jessica was making dinner, the other members of Silver 2 came in the kitchen to make their own dinner for themselves. Jessica had a chance to talk to Spencer and Angel and got to know them a bit better.

Monday morning, Jessica woke up with the rest of Green Unit and Green 1 and 4 went to the campus's field where they played Frisbee at first, but when both teams realized that it was still dark out, they switched to soccer which went pretty well. After PT, Jessica went to shower, got dressed, fixed herself coffee and waited outside 943 where she had a run in with Talique and the two began talking until it was time for induction. Jessica stood outside with the rest of her team and waited until the entire AmeriCorps Class walked into 943. The first half of induction was the Unit chants. Gold Unit went first.

The Gold teams all stood up with one Team Leader standing up front. And they all sang:

"GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOLD!" The corps Members sang as if they were in a church quire. And finally the one Team leader signaled them to stop and she simply said "Unit."

The other Units clapped. Next was Blue Unit with their chant. The Team Leaders began to chant first as they all clapped to a beat.

"Stay true to blue, stay true to you." Sang the Team leaders.

"Stay true to blue, stay true to you!" The Corps Members repeated. They repeated this chant at leat three more times.

Finally, the Team Leader leading chant says. "Blue Unit!"

Parker felt intimidation coming from the other units hearing their chants. Next was the Silver Unit, and the Team Leader leading the chant was Silver 2's Team Leader Caroline, she seemed energetic but also looked like she'd be short tempered if you got her upset. All of Silver Unit stood up and locked arms together and started rocking back and forth.

"The strength of the wolf." Caroline began low and confidently.

"Comes from the pack." The Corps Members followed as they rocked.

"Strength of the pack." Caroline went on.

"Comes from the wolf." The Corps Members finished.

The louder Caroline shouted, the louder the Corps Members chanted. Caroline finally reached to the point where her voice started crack and the Corps Members rocked faster and faster. Finally, Caroline screamed as loud as she could scream. "SILVER UNIT!" And the Corps Members howled like wolves.

Parker felt a little bit of shame after hearing the Silver Unit chant. "Holy shit." He said to Jessica who was very impressed.

"There's no way in hell we can beat that." Jessica said back.

Next was Green Unit. The Team Leader leading the chant was Green 3's Team Leader Lena. Parker and Jessica swallowed hard as the entire Green Unit stand up.

"Miss O!" Lena shouted.

The rest of the Unit began to chant. "It's green in here! There must be some service in the atmosphere! Let’s go! It's green in here! There must be some team work in the atmosphere! I said O-G, O-G, O-G, Green, Green, Green! O-G, O-G, O-G. Green, Green, Green!"

Parker and Jessica sat down with the rest of Green Unit, some cheering, others staying silent. "That was god awful compared to Silver Unit's." Parker whispered to Jessica.

The AmeriCorps induction began not long after. The induction lasted at least an hour of the Unit Leaders and AmeriCorps staff congratulating the Corps Members and Team Leader on getting through their three weeks of training.

Jessica felt proud of herself. She was glad that she held herself together during training. She thought she would've quit due to the morning Physical Training. If only her father could see her now. But then Jessica started to think more about her father and how he left when she was five without saying goodbye.

The Unit Leaders then started calling up each Team Leader and announcing their team projects and locations.

Once Induction was over, everyone went outside where there was complimentary cupcakes and coffee. The teams gathered for their Unit photos and then Green 4 gathered in front of the orange bush in front of 943 and took a team photo.

After the teams celebrated, Jessica went back to her room for a little. She changed out of her AmeriTux and into some jeans and a tang top and started reading more news articles. An article that sparked interest to her was hearing about the fires that broke out up north. Just reading the article made Jessica feel sympathy for those who lost their homes. While she continued to read the articles, she eventually fell asleep.

Kailen soon called Jessica and she woke up. "Hello?" Jessica said in a very low tone.

"Hey, where are you?" Kailen asked over the phone. "We're gathering up by the van."

Jessica looked at the time, it was 6:30. She had been asleep for a good five hours. She forgotten that they were all suppose to go out to eat for Kailen's birthday. "Oh shit." She said before yawning. "Okay, I'm coming."

"Okay." Kailen hangs up.

Jessica gets out of bed, puts on her running shoes, grabs her jacket and keys and rushes out the door and to the parking lot. She didn't care that her hair was little messy, it was worth it since the rest of the team have been waiting for 15 minutes.


The team went to Olive Garden across town. They waited for ten minutes before finally being seated. After they ordered, Jessica overheard Homar's conversation with Dani. "Hey, did you hear the news?" Homar said.

"What news?" Dani asked.

"There was an animal attack up in Nevada City." Homar takes out his phone and pulls up the news article. "Apparently a young boy was attacked by what was believed to be a bear, but the boy said it was a dinosaur."

Dani had a curious look on her face when she heard that. "It couldn't've been." She said. "That's so weird."

Jessica couldn't help but jump in the conversation. "Yeah, that's what I said when I first read that article." She said.

"You read that article too?" Asked Homar.

"Yeah. It was like our first week in CTI." Jessica explained.

"Where did the attack happen?" Dani asked.

"Um…" Homar looked through the article. "It says that it was in the woods of Shady Creek." He said. "So that took place at our Sponsor's property."

Dani's mouth opens in terror. "Oh no."

"But here is the spooky part." Jessica began. "While the assumption was that it was a bear attack, the claw marks on the boy only shows three. A bear has four claws." Dani and Homar started to think once Jessica said that. "Plus, the claws are slightly bigger to have been a black bear. And I haven't heard of any grizzly sightings in California."

"Well, what do you think it is, Jessica?" Homar asked.

Jessica had thought of every possible animal that could've made those claw marks. "Honestly, maybe it was a dinosaur." She said with a straight face. Dani and Homar looked at her as if she was crazy. "I mean really. Honestly. What if it could been one?"

"It's just, dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years." Homar said. "I really don't believe they're still around."

"Well, I mean there have also been speculations that they're lurking around in the Dominican Republic." Dani said. "Have you read that article about dinosaur foot prints back in 2014?"

"No." Homar said. "Was that really a thing or was it a hoax?"

"Well, that's the thing. They don't know. The prints were in perfect shape to have been a hoax."

"Well, I also read articles about a massive unknown creature rising from the Gulf of Mexico." Jessica said. "Many believe it's a Megalodon, others think it's a Mexican Loch Ness Monster."

Homar was amazed hearing all these stories and became more curious about what else might be out there. What if Jessica was right? What if there were dinosaurs still around?

Just then, everyone's meals arrived and they all started to eat, sang happy birthday to Kailen, and went back to campus.


Next morning, Jessica got dressed at 5:30, did some last minute cleaning and waited for her room to be inspected. Two Team Leaders came to inspect the room and Jessica and her roommate passed. Jessica grabbed her bags and left her room, made sure nothing of her was left behind. Jessica brought her bags to the van and went to go grab some coffee. At the gas station, Jessica saw Talique in there, getting himself coffee.

"Hey, you." Jessica said.

Talique looked up and saw Jessica and smiled at her. "Hey, you." He said.

"Why are you in your AmeriTux?"

"Oh, my Team Leader said this is what we're wearing when we arrive at our Spike." Talique explained. "She said we need to look professional. And what better way to look professional than to wear the AmeriTux?"

"Oh." Jessica thought about it and it made her think why Homar hasn't suggested it. "That actually makes sense."

"Yeah." Talique grabs at least four packets of sugar and puts them in his pocket. "You excited to go on Spike?"

"I'm actually am." Jessica said as she began to fix herself a large cup of coffee. "But I'm also a little nervous."

"Why nervous?"

"Well, it's because I'm going to be working with kids and I don't know what to expect." Jessica explained. "And don't get me wrong, I love kids and I took CNA classes in school, I think it's because I'm miles from home and the kids I'm dealing with are over the age of 10 and you know how pre-teens can be."

"Actually, I do. I have two younger siblings who are going through their pre-teen phases."

"Oh. Aren't those fun?"

Talique and Jessica paid for their coffee and walked out the gas station and back to campus together. "So what about you?" Jessica asked. "Are you excited for your project?"

"I am a little." Talique answered. "To be honest, I've never done outdoor construction, so this'll be interesting for me."

"Aren't you and your team working at that blind camp?"

"Yep. I've never worked with those who are blind, so I want to see how that works out for us."

"I'm certain everything'll turn out fine."

"Yeah, you're probably right." They make it to the van parking lot. "Well, I will talk to you soon, and I hope you and your team have fun up north."

"Thanks. And I hope you and your team have fun out in Napa."


Jessica walked up to the Green 4 van where Parker and Natalie began packing the van with the red bags and sleeping bags. Marlowe, Francis, and Tasha stood outside the van inhaling helium for fun and talking in high pitched tones. Homar was still finishing up room inspections, and Mazie was in the kitchen cleaning with Sam and Kailen.

Another hour had passed and it was finally time for the teams to depart. Silver Unit drove off first, followed by Gold Unit. Green 4 managed to stuff themselves into the van with their equipment. It was a tight squeeze, but they managed on their own. Once it was time for Green Unit to depart, Green 4 waved Ms. O, their Unit Leader, farewell. Francis was driving while Homar was in the front passenger seat. Mazie, Sam, and Kailen sat in the front row, Tasha, Dani, and Marlowe sat in the middle row, and Natalie, Jessica, and Parker were squeezed in the back row with all the bags.

Green 4 drove up north for a good hour. During the drive, Jessica had to use the bathroom pretty badly. She regret drinking that large cup of coffee too fast before she got in the van. She tried her hardest to hold her bladder but it got worse once they drove up the mountain of Nevada city. Jessica did her best to get her mind off her bladder. She looked out the window and put in her headphones and started blasting music.

Mazie had to use the bathroom herself, but she had a little more control than Jessica. She looked out the window, admiring the mountain view. As they drove deeper into the mountain, Mazie saw something quite large scurry across the street, Natalie saw it too. Before either of them could say anything, they hear Homar shout. "We're here!"

The van pulled into a dirt trail road up a hill. Halfway up the hill, there was a gate that was open and they drove into it. Further down the trail, it turns into concrete and they come to a fork in the road. One went down to small cabins, one went straight ahead around a second hill, and the third went up the second hill. Homar checked his GPS.

"So, we're going to go up this hill and the administration office should be up there." Said Homar.

"Got it." Francis said. Francis turns right ant up to the hill top. At the top was a large building that stretched across the field around it.

Homar rolled down his window and turned off the music and he could hear children chanting on the other side of the building. Homar got out the van and walked around looking for staff members. The further her walked around the field and the building, he noticed that the building was actually a dormitory that curved around the corner of the hill and it's outer curve shape facing the field and the view of the rest of the mountain. In the middle, there was an opening and Homar went through it. On the inner curve there was chapel deck stage made of stone.  On the stage were teenagers and adults in their thirties singing songs to the crowd, which were children from ages to 8 to 14.

Back at the van, Jessica couldn't wait any longer, she had to use the bathroom before she pees herself. "Guys, I'm sorry." She said. "But I really have to go. Parker, can I ask you to get out?"

"One sec." Said Parker. Parker shuffles himself out of his spot, stepping over sleeping bags and on Mazie's and Sam's bags before jumping out the van.

Jessica didn't wait, she followed Parker right out and ran into the office building, Mazie was right behind her. Jessica got turned around quickly, but after looking down every corner of the hallway, she found the bathroom and barged right in. Coming out the bathroom, Jessica walks back to the van and sees Homar standing there with a man in his late 40's.

"Hey." Homar said with a smile. "Where's Mazie?"

"She's in the bathroom." Said Jessica.

"Nice to meet you." Said the man. "I'm George."

"Hi, I'm Jessica." Jessica shakes the man's hand.

"So, Jess, how this is going to work is you and the girls are going to be down in the cabins down the hill by the creek and me and the boys are going to be up here in the dorms." Homar explained. "So, Parker, Sam, and Francis are going to get their stuff out first, then you and the rest of the girls, as soon as Mazie comes out the bathroom, are going to head down to your cabins. Once you have everything out the van, come back up and we're going to get a tour of the place and join the students for the rest of the day."

"Okay." Jessica said. "Sounds good to me."

It took at least an hour for Green 4 to settle into their cabins. Homar, Sam, Francis, and Parker settled into a room called the Howl Room, it was just the name of the room. Everyone room within the dorm were named after specific types of birds. The girls settled down in the cabins by the cafeteria which was down the hill from the Raptor Ridge building. Jessica shared a room with Tasha and Kailen, while Mazie, Dani, Marlowe, and Natalie shared their own.  Once the girls were settled in their cabins, they brought the van back up to the office where Homar and the boys waited. Once there, the girls were greeted by George and a woman who was just as tall as Jessica.

"Hello." Said Mazie.

"Hi." Replied the woman. "I'm Mya, but my nature name is Merlin."

"Nice to meet you." Said Kailen.

"So this is our AmeriCorps team, huh?"

"Yes it is." Homar said happily.

"Okay, well, before we give you the grand tour, I want to get to know each an everyone of you." Said Merlin. "So, we'll start with you." She points at Homar. "And we'll go counter clockwise."

"Okay." Homar began. "Well, I'm Homar, I'm the Team Leader of Green 4, and I'm from Colorado."

"My name is Francis." Said Francis. "And I'm from Massachusetts, the sea side."

Sam was next. "I'm Sam, and I'm from Pennsylvania."

"I'm Parker and I'm also from Colorado."

"Um, I'm Natalie and I'm from Idaho."

"I'm Marlowe and I'm from Maryland."

"I'm Tasha and I'm from D.C."

"I'm Mazie and I'm from West Virginia."

"I'm Kailen and I'm from Kentucky."

"I'm Dani, and I'm from Georgia."

"I'm Jessica, and I'm from New York."

"Nice to meet you all, Green 4." Said Merlin. "I guess I'll introduce myself again, I'm Mya, but my nature name is Merlin, and I'm from here in Nevada City."

"And I'm George, and I'm originally from Portland Maine, but I moved to Nevada City about five years ago."

"Alight." Said Merlin. "Now before we go to lunch, I want to give you guys a tour of our beautiful little camp."

Merlin and George give Green 4 the tour of the Raptor Ridge building first, explaining that half the building was made from the Earth itself, worker built the dorm with martial from the ground without using cement and concrete. They then brought the team to a building on the other side of the hill. Inside were four types of birds; there was a bald eagle, a falcon, a hawk, and an howl.

After the tour, Merlin and George bring the team down to the cafeteria where the team all got lunches and sat down outside with the other staff members. As the team was eating, one of the staff members walked up to them.

"Hey, AmeriCorps!" He said with a burst of energy. He was a tall man with long curly hair. "Such an honor to have you guys here! I'm Omega. Omega is my nature name, my real name is Omar. Where are you all from?"

The team introduced themselves one by one, and every time they introduced themselves, Omega's excitement grew louder and louder. Francis could tell he smokes weed by the way he talked and how long his hair looked.

After lunch, Green 4 followed the students and staff back to the stage area up at Raptor Ridge where the staff began to sing more songs involving the environment and the life within it. Jessica had a lot of fun as the songs were sing-a-long songs. After the songs were over, the staff split the kids up into six groups and Homar split the team so each of them could get into one of these groups. Jessica was assigned to the rain group led by Echo, one of the staff members, who's real name is Emily. Echo taught her group about how the hills came to be, telling the students about the rain that flows through the hills that make the land scape and finally brining them down to the creek in lower camp.

While Echo was teaching her class, Jessica saw something up stream, it looked like piles and piles of sticks on the side of the creek. Once Echo had the kids spread out about the creek to study the water flow, Jessica pulled her aside.

"Hey, Echo, do you guys have beavers in this area?" Jessica asked.

"Um…" Echo walked over as Jessica pointed to the piles of sticks on the side of the creek. "Not that I know of." She said. "But if I didn't know any better I'd say that looks like a birds nest than a beaver's dam."

Jessica looked at it again. Echo was right, it did look like a birds nest. "Oh. Okay." Jessica couldn't help but look at it. It seemed pretty big to be an average bird nest. "What kind of bird do you think it is?"

Echo got down to get a closer look. "Um. It's hard to say. There are lot's birds that nest near water. Maybe a duck?"

Jessica looked at the nest and realized it's slightly larger than a duck's nest. But maybe Echo is right. "Oh. Okay. That makes sense."

Another hour had passed and Echo brought her group up from the creek. Jessica couldn't help but think about the nest and what kind of bird would make one that big. Maybe it was a duck. Maybe it was a goose. She couldn't help but think about it. Once Echo's class made it to the dinning hall, she had her students get snacks and let them play with the other students that were there. Jessica met up with Dani and Francis and they went inside and hung out with the rest of the team, laughing and sharing stories of what they did in their separate groups.

The staff began to rally up the students to get them back to their rooms before dinner. Homar elected Sam and Jessica to cover for two staff members that called out at last minute. Sam and Jessica were in charge of a small cabin of boys from ages eight to twelve. Sam would have the boys during the evening and Jessica would have them during the day and they would switch out between breakfast and before dinner.

As Jessica and Sam compromised their schedules, the staff members rushed to the front of the dinning. Jessica, Homar, and Sam were a little concerned. If staff are running as if someone got hurt, it had to be serious. They rushed over along with the rest of the team. The counselors stood behind with the students. Jessica couldn't see a lot but she did see blood on Omega's hands. What happened? Did someone get hurt?

All of a sudden, Jessica heard Omega say "is anyone a doctor?"

Jessica and Tasha stepped forward. "I am." They said. And they walked through the crowd to see a young man laying on the ground with scratch mark along his chest and blood gushing out of the scratches. He looked just like Omega. The young man was actually Omega's younger brother who's nature name is Yeti.

Jessica acted quickly, but in order for her to do anything, she needed supplies. "I need gloves, some hot water and a rag." She said. Parker and Francis rushed into the kitchen to get the things Jessica needed. Jessica never had to operate on anyone, she's registered nurse, not a doctor, but she knew what she was doing. Once Parker and Francis returned with the supplies she needed, Jessica put on the gloves, dipped one rag into the hot water and rinsed the blood off Yeti whit Tasha began to put pressure on the wounds with the other rags. "What did this?" Jessica asked.

Yeti was still in a state of shock, but he was still able to answer. He looked at Omega and said. "Pyro."

Omega was a little confused but then realized what he said. Jessica could tell he knew what Yeti was talking about, but he tried to play it off. "What are you talking about?" Omega asked. Yeti was going to repeat himself, but then looked back at Green 4 and realized that they don't know what he's talking about, nor did he want to scare them.

"Get him to the hospital." Said Merlin.

"I'll call an ambulance." Said George.


A little while later, after dinner and after the evening activities, and the students were put to bed, Jessica went to go shower. She kept thinking about what Yeti said. "Pyro." What did he mean? Jessica recalls that pyro is another word for fire. Fire couldn't' have done that. She then remembered the look of the scratch marks on Yeti's chest, they looked like animal scratches, three claw marks, similar to the ones that she read about in the news article three weeks ago. Could it be that whatever attacked Yeti was the same animal that attacked that boy? Was Shady Creek really a safe place?

Jessica got out the shower and walked back to her cabin. Before she walked in, she heard Merlin talking to Omega outside the dinning hall.

"How did this happen?" Omega asked frustrated. "What they doing here?"

"We don't know." Said Merlin.

"Pyroraptors never travel this far south."

"The fires up north must have driven them out of their domain."

"Whatever the reason, the students are now at risk. It's bad enough with what's been going on with last month's accident. Utahraptors never wonder into camp as often."

"Well, since we lost Riot, it could be possible that the Utahraptors were driven into the camp. I think we should be grateful that no one else was hurt tonight."

"You're right. Keep this from Americorps. The less they know the better."

"Well, what if they actually encounter either raptor?"

"We'll figure that part out later. No need to scare off our volunteers."

Jessica couldn't believe what she was hearing. Raptors? So what the news article said was true. There are dinosaurs in the area. Jessica rushed back to her cabin.

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