Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - The attack

Submitted: January 27, 2019

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Submitted: January 27, 2019



A farmer and his 17 year old son begin their morning with releasing the animals from the pens to enjoy themselves. The son began his morning duties with feedings the cows and horses and making sure the cows were milked. On this morning, a young mountain goat the farmer owned wanted to play, but the baby cows and younger horses didn't want, or at least not this early in the morning. The goat decided to chase birds around the yard. It had too much fun.

The young goat then chased a humming bird into the forest, managing to get through the gate. Once the goat thought it had cornered the humming bird, it flew up into the trees and landed on a long that seemed to be moving and breathing. The young goat didn't think much at first, but even farm animals know when danger comes around. The young goat ran out the trees and back into the property screaming and crying after seeing a pair of glowing red eyes. The farmer and his son stopped working when they heard the goat's cry, it was clear that it was crying for help.

All of a sudden, the trees that the goat ran out of burst forward and a massive grey and orange dinosaur came running after the goat. It was about 42 feet long, and stood about 21 feet at the hip, it had feathers going from it's neck to the end of its small sail on its back. It looked much like a Spinosaurus with bird like feathers. The dinosaur turned its focus to the field animals and forgot about the goat. The goat itself scurried off around the house.

The farm animals all ran across the field. The farmer and his son ran towards the house. They were so keen on getting to safety that they forgot about the piglets in their little play pen. The dinosaur charged full speed across the field and even stomped on the piglets, crushing them except for one. The dinosaur caught up to one of the horses, grabbed it with it razor sharp claws and broke its spine. The dinosaur then began eating the horse and carried its meal back into the trees. 


Another week went by and the smoke slowly started to clear and everything seemed quiet. However, due to the smoke and a new virus outbreak called the nurovirus, camp session at Shady Creek was canceled. But that didn't keep Green 4 from working. Jessica and Homar had begun to notice that the smoke would come around after lunch, so the team would work outside during the day and Merlin and George would find something to do for them after lunch. It was a pretty decent routine.

Before it started to get dark on a more simpler Thursday, Jessica, Natalie, and Parker carry scotch broom pullers back to the tool shed just below Raptor Ridge.

"Well, see? That's the thing." Said Natalie. "It's hard to tell what type of animal is related to a dinosaur if they've never seen a dinosaur's behavior. So how could you tell if a vulture is related to a raptor?"

"And that's why paleontologists are still learning new things about dinosaurs every day." Said Parker. They have been talking about prehistoric relations to dinosaurs and modern day animals for a good hour. And it all started when Jessica and Parker told Natalie about what Jessica suspects is out in the mountain. "I read that Gallimimus is related to modern day Ostriches due to their similar bone structures."

"Okay, but how can scientists say that a chicken is related to the T-Rex without actually learning of the T-Rex's behavior patterns?" Natalie had a lot of good points, and Jessica was just too amused to say anything.

"Damn it, Natalie." Parker groaned. Parker hated being wrong, but once Natalie made a lot of good points, he had to face facts, she was right.

Jessica couldn't help but laugh. She just loved watching Natalie and Parker argue and always thought it was more funny when Parker had the look of defeat. While they were still talking, Jessica saw something move up the road. Jessica went to get a closer look. Jessica didn't get too close when she saw it move again. Jessica froze and her heart started to race. The figure then comes out from behind the bushes and Jessica felt relieved to see a young mountain goat. It was white with brown spots and its horns were starting to grow in.

Jessica gasped with excitement. "Hi." She said in a high pitched tone. "Where did you come from, little one?" Jessica got close to the goat and it backed away. She could tell it was scared. "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." Jessica got closer to the goat and it looked away from her. "Nat! Parker! Come here!" She called out.

Natalie and Parker came running up the road. "Holy shit." Parker gasped.

Natalie got down on her knees and kneeled next to Jessica. The goat backed away again in fear. "Where did he come from?" Asked Natalie.

"I don't know." Said Jessica. "I just saw him hiding behind the bushes."

"Maybe he wondered out of his owner's property." Said Parker.

"What should we do?" Jessica asked.

"I think we should at least tell Homar." Said Natalie.

Natalie and Parker went up to Raptor Ridge to find Homar while Jessica stood with the goat incase it decided to run off. Once they found Homar, the three ran back down the hill. The goat became even more nervous, there were too many people surrounding it. If it weren't for Jessica keeping it company, the goat would've ran off in fear.

"Where did he come from?" Homar asked.

"We don't know." Jessica answered. "I found him here, scared and lost. He must've wondered away from his home by mistake."

"I'll give Merlin a call. See what she wants to do."


It got dark quickly, by 5:30, the sun had fallen beyond the mountains and the air started to get cooler and the skies began to turn from blue to orange, then black. Stars started to appear in the sky one by one as it got dark.

Natalie and Marlowe spent at least 45 minutes in the kitchen making dinner for the team. At dinner, Homar told Jessica that the goat would be allowed to stay here in Shady Creek until Monday when Merlin arrives and can call around to see who the goat belongs to.

After dinner, Jessica, Kailen, and Mazie helped Marlowe and Natalie clean the kitchen. Natalie cleaned the stove, Marlowe swept, Jessica and Mazie were cleaning dishes, and Kailen put the clean dishes away.

While Mazie was cleaning the large pots, Jessica couldn't help but notice that Mazie wasn't sanitizing them. Jessica walked up to Mazie as she started cleaning the third pan. "Hey, don't forget to sanitize them before you put them up to dry." She said.

Mazie looked at Jessica as if she were crazy. "I got it, Jessica." Mazie said with a little attitude.

Jessica backed away, she could tell Mazie was upset. "Just letting you know."

As Jessica finished cleaning the plates, she went to grab the serving bowls when she heard Mazie call out to Marlowe. "Hey Marlowe, make sure you sanitize that table before Jessica gets on you."

Jessica turned over to see Mazie giving her a nasty look. "Seriously?" Jessica said. "I wasn't trying to be a smartass, Mazie. I was just telling you how to clean the pots and pans."

"Well how you say things comes off very condescending and unprofessional, Jessica. And that's what bothers me."

Jessica couldn't believe how upset Mazie was. Mazie has had her frustrated moments, but never has Jessica seen her snap at someone like this. And how Mazie made fun of her made Jessica very uncomfortable and she dropped the serving bowls in the sink and stormed out the kitchen.


Jessica went to her cabin where she had the goat on a leash by the door. She was very upset and a little hurt and the only thing that took her mind off of what just happened was the goat. The goat took a liking to Jessica as she was the first person it saw. "Hey, little guy." She said softly. "You're not going to get mad at me, right?" She began to pet it and scratch the back of it's ear. The goat climbed onto Jessica's lap and rubbed the side of it's face on her chest before laying down on her lap.

The next morning, Jessica got dressed and stepped outside to see the goat, but there was no one there. The goat was gone. The leash was still tied to the door, but the goat itself was nowhere to be seen. Jessica looked around, but saw nothing. How did it manage to get out? Jessica was so concerned about the goat missing that she didn't notice that there was blood on the side of the cabin.

Jessica went down to the dinning hall to get breakfast and saw Mazie sitting by the fire place. Jessica couldn't tell if Mazie was still mad at her, but she didn't want to bother her either this early in the morning. Jessica grabbed herself coffee and a granola bar and went back to her cabin and stayed there until noon.

Once noon came around, the team all climbed into the van, they planned to drive up north to Lake Tahoe for a team trip which also counted as a HAWC activity. Neither Jessica nor Mazie told Homar what happened, so he was a little lost as to why they weren't talking to each other.


Driving up north through the mountain, the team stopped by a tourist spot, a cliff that showed the perfect view of the mountain. The team all jumped out the van for a bit. Jessica stood close to the van, she didn't feel like sight seeing at the moment. Jessica noticed two men getting out of their pickup trucks and walked down a trail that led into the cliff below.

About five minutes pass and Homar felt ready to go. He didn't want to waste any more time getting to Tahoe. "Alright guys." He said. "Time to go."

Sam, Kailen, Tasha, Parker, Natalie, Dani, and Francis all walked to the van. Jessica waited at the passenger seat because she had to back Parker out of the drive way. Mazie was still standing at the edge, she was on the phone with her mother, sharing the view through face time.

"Mazie, it's time to go." Homar called out.

Mazie turned around when she heard Homar, but she couldn't make out what he was saying. "What?" She said.

"Come on. We're heading to Tahoe."

"Who stubbed their toe?"

All of a sudden, there is a loud roar coming from the trees below. Mazie turned around when she heard it and realized how close she was to the edge.

Homar froze when he heard the roar. Parker jumped out the van and Francis maneuvered out of the back seats. "What was that?" Said Homar.

"Was that some kind of machine?" Marlowe said.

Jessica's uncle worked with a lot of heavy machinery, and none of them sounded like that. "I don't think so." She said. "It sounded big."

Mazie started backing away from the edge in terror. There were gunshots that followed the sounded of the roar. The two hunters ran back up the trail and to their pickup truck. "You have to leave." Said one of the hunters. "You need to leave now."

Mazie was confused. What did they find? "What? Why?" She said.

"Don't ask questions, just go." The hunter got into their truck and drove away.

"What's going on?" Asked Kailen from the van.

Mazie rushed over to the van. "I don't know." She said. "The guy just said we have to leave."

The roar is heard again a lot louder and closer followed by more gunshots. Mazie jumped in the van and Homar slams the door. Jessica climbed in the passenger seat and Parker just backed the van up and drove off into the north. Tasha had her headphones in, so she heard none of the gunshots or the roar and was confused as to why Parker was speeding down the road.

"Yo!" Said Tasha. "What's going on?"

"We don't know." Kailen answered. "We heard gunshots and some animal noise."

As they drove further down the road, Jessica sees a figure run into the middle of the road ahead of them and stops and starts waving. Jessica quickly realized it was a person. "Who is that?" Asked Kailen.

"I don't know." Said Parker as he drove faster and faster.

Jessica realized how fast Parker was going. "What are you doing?" She said. "Parker slow down."

But Parker did not hear her, he still heard the roar in his head as if whatever it was, was chasing them. Parker turned away from the road to see a large figure rushing towards the road. The person also saw it and tried to run. To Jessica's horror, it was a dinosaur, the same one that attacked the farm earlier in the week. As the person tried to run, the dinosaur grabbed them like nothing.

"Parker!" Yelled Francis from the second row.

Parker suddenly froze and his foot sank into the gas peddle and he went faster. Jessica acted quickly and turned the van to the left as the dinosaur charged at them full speed. The dinosaur rammed the van and the tipped over on its side and rolled down the hill.

"Prepare for a really bad landing!" Homar shouted.

The van spiraled out of control, hitting every tree in its path, shattering every window and people hitting their heads against the ceiling and seats. Garbage in the van flew everywhere, Dani's coffee flew out her mug and spilt all over her and Natalie. Jessica covered her face the second the van began to role. She opened her eyes a few times to see her and everyone else upside down in the air before crashing into the ground. The van finally came to a stop, hitting a very large and thick tree and denting the side of the van. Everything went black.

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