Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Riot

Submitted: January 27, 2019

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Submitted: January 27, 2019



Parker opened his to see the cracked window in front of him and the air bag deployed. At first he thought it was a dream until he tried to move his left arm and felt agonizing pain . When the van came to a hard stop, Parker felt the full force of it so much that his left arm nearly shattered in the impact.

Parker then heard the sound of a seatbelt unbuckling. Jessica readjusted herself in her seat. The arm of the seat struck her in her side and the seatbelt had tightened that in left a slash shaped bruise on her waste up to her right shoulder. She took a deep breath, the impact had knocked the wind out of her lungs so quick before she had passed out.

In the back, Homar had also unbuckled his seatbelt and stretched in pain. He looked around to see where they are. Tasha had hit her head pretty hard against the shattered window. She was alright for the most part, but she had hit the side of her head against the tree and had a small tear in the back of her head. Kailen was in between Homar and Tasha and unharmed with the exception of receiving savvier whiplash.

The row behind them Mazie and Sam were alright, no bruises or scratches, they were just in a lot of pain. Marlowe felt the full force of the impact since they were sitting by the window. They had a huge shard of glass through their hand and the side of their head was covered in blood.

Natalie and Dani had Francis break their impact and Francis himself used his jacket once he was able to grab it and the tool box that landed on his lap and used it as an air bag. The impact had broken his left arm, but he was glad he acted quickly.

"Are you okay?" Parker groaned as he wrapped his arm in a ripped up shirt.

Jessica nodded her head and rubs her belly. "Yeah. I think so." She said.

"We're okay back here." Said Homar. He looked at the two back rows, everybody was moving and groaning in pain. He was at least glad everyone was still alive, but not as happy that his whole team was injured.

Dani looked out the window, she had no idea where they were or how they were from the road. Dani reached into her pocket for her phone and checked for a signal, they were so far off the road.

"What the hell was that thing?" Asked Sam.

Jessica checked felt her head for blood before answering Sam's question. "Looked like a dinosaur." She said. "And not the friendly kind."

"Thank you for stating the obvious, Jessica." Mazie said with attitude.

Jessica was going to say something at Mazie when she felt the van move. Parker started to check his phone also, but neither did he have a signal.

Homar looked at everyone in the van checking their phones. "Okay guys." He began. "Let's try and get out of the van carefully and make our way back to the road and try to flag somebody down or at least try and make a call." Mazie, Sam, Francis, Natalie, Dani, and Marlowe all froze and stared up front. Homar was confused "What?" He looked to Kailen and Tasha and they too had froze in their seat. Homar could hear Kailen breathing heavily and saw fear in her eyes.

Homar looked up to the front and he too had froze in terror. What they all saw was a reptilian eye staring into the van. It was the dinosaur and it sounded hungry. It's glowing orange eyes glaring into the van and staring at Green 4. It had bird like feathers along most of its body, from the top of its neck to the tip of its tail, its sail was half the size of the average Spinosaurus. It also had orange streaks below its chin and went down the back end of its sail.

The dinosaur circled around the van, huffing and puffing with blood all over its mouth. Kailen and Mazie tried their hardest not to scream. The dinosaur grabbed the front of the van with its claws  and dragged the van away from the tree and lifted the van up the front facing the tree tops. They were face to face with the monstrous animal. The dinosaur then roared and bit down on the hood of the van. Mazie, Kailen, and Tasha started screaming. The dinosaur then dropped the van on the ground and rolled it over on its top. It then dug its claws into the van and started to pull the van apart.

Mazie, Sam, and Marlowe were in between the two halves of the van and looked up to see the beast staring down at them. The dinosaur dropped the two halves and bellowed as it sprung its neck forward at them. Sam, Mazie, and Marlowe acted quickly and crawled back into the half of the van. The dinosaur grabbed the front half of the van and began to rip it apart, but no one was inside that half. It looked up and saw Mazie, Sam, Marlowe, Homar, and Tasha running up the hill towards the road. The dinosaur bellowed once again and slammed the half of the van on the ground and marched after them.

The five of them ran as fast as they could with the dinosaur catching up quickly. They finally reached the road, but Homar's first instinct was to lose the carnivore before he could think of anything else, and so he ran across the road and into the trees on the other side. Mazie saw a hole in the ground and as they got closer she noticed that it was a tunnel. "In here!" She said quickly. The others followed as the dinosaur roared  again as it got closer. The five of them dove into the tunnel and the dinosaur  stuck its head into the tunnel but its head got stuck and couldn't get deeper into the tunnel. Mazie and Sam backed themselves against the walls as the dinosaur roared before pulling its head out of the tunnel and letting out a roar of frustration and they heard it march away.


The dinosaur marched back to the other half of the van, but also found it empty. The other half of the team had already made their escape. The dinosaur dropped the van and bellowed again in frustration that its lunch had gotten away.

Parker and Francis peaked their heads out from behind a tree to see the dinosaur stomp off into the distance. Jessica came out from her tree. "Is it gone?" She asked.

Parker nodded slowly. "We're safe for now." He said.

"Looks like that thing chased the others up towards the street." Said Francis.

"You think they're alright?" Kailen asked.

"Hard to tell unless we go up to the road and find out."

"Is that a good idea?" Natalie asked. "With that thing near the road?"

"Natalie is right." Said Jessica. "If we go up to the road, that thing might be waiting for us."

Francis and Parker looked at one another. What else could they do? They can't just wander through the trees without a plan. "So what do you suggest we do?"

Jessica didn't really have much to think of beside just walk back down the way they came until they find someone to help them. What else could they do? "We're just going to have to find help." She said. "We walk back the way we came, then once we're far enough from that thing, we get back on the road and flag down anybody who we come across."

They all went quiet for a moment. "That's probably the dumbest and cliché thing I've ever heard all day." Said Kailen.

"Well, do you have any other bright ideas?" Jessica asked.

Before Kailen could answer, she hears the dinosaur roaring from up the hill. "Fine."

"Two to three miles south should get us away from its sight." Parker said. "Let's get moving." The six of them start walking south.


On the other side of the road, Homar sticks his head out from the hole in the ground. The area was clear, but he could still hear the dinosaur's roar. Homar signals the others and they come out from the tunnel. "What the fuck was that thing?" Tasha asked.

"What kind of a dinosaur was that?" Mazie asked.

"Not like anything I've seen before." Said Marlowe. Marlowe sat back in the hole and holds their hand.

Homar looked back at the group and saw Marlowe sitting down with the piece of glass in their hand. "Oh my god, Marlowe." Homar said as he rushed to them. "Your hand."

"I'm okay." Said Marlowe. "Let's just focus on getting out of here."

Mazie ripped one of her sleeves from her hoodie. "Hold on." She said. Mazie wraps Marlowe's hand in the sleeve. "We're going to get you help."

"Right." Said Homar. "But first we need to find the others. The sooner we do that, the better we can cover more ground."

Mazie had almost forgotten about the others. Then again, so did Sam and Marlowe. Tasha didn't say a word. "I like that idea." Said Mazie. "We should go and look for the others. We'll probably have strength in numbers that way."

"Alright then." Homar said. "Let's get moving."


Parker and the others continued south, passing through knocked over trees, where the dinosaur came from. "So, Jessica." Parker said. "What else have you heard about the news article and what Omega and Yeti said about a giant dinosaur on the loose?"

"Not what I already told you about what I know." Jessica said. "I knew what Shady Creek was hiding was big, but I never knew how violent and aggressive it could've been."

"Well, what do you know about this thing?" Dani asked.

"Like how long has the animal been in the cage?" Natalie asked.

"I don't know." Said Jessica. "At a guess as to how aggressive it was, probably all its life."

"Well, that could do it." Said Parker. "Animals raised in isolation aren't always the most functional."

"That's good to know." Said Kailen. "But if that thing is out here, didn't you say that there are other dinosaurs on the mountain as well?"

Jessica then stopped walking. "What is it?" Parker asked, turning around to face Jessica.

Jessica put up her hand. "Shh." She said. "Listen." They all went quiet. Jessica felt her feet slightly shake. She then heard a rumble, but it sound far away. It didn't take long for her to realize that something was coming, something big. "Everybody hide." Jessica said quickly as she ran towards the nearest tree. Parker and Kailen ducked under a piles of knocked over trees and Dani and Natalie hid behind two trees also. The rumbling got louder. It was the dinosaur, it looked tired and frustrated and hungry.

Kailen stared at it in shock. Even though she had already seen it, just looking at it made her tremble. The dinosaur stopped right in front of the knocked over trees. It could smell Kailen's perfume. The dinosaur circled the tree Jessica was hiding behind and Jessica slowly moved around the tree, avoiding the creature's point of view. The dinosaur let out a roar and charged forward. Kailen closed her eyes and covered her mouth as the dinosaur made its move. The dinosaur had seen a bypassing deer and ran after it. The dinosaur managed to grab the deer and ripped it in half and ate the front half of its body.

Parker signaled Jessica and Kailen to move and the six of them ran towards the road. The dinosaur finished eating the whole deer with blood all over its mouth, it could still smell Kailen's perfume and growled and continued to follow the scent.

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