Raptor Mountain

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Road

Submitted: January 27, 2019

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Submitted: January 27, 2019



It didn't take long to make back to the road. No less than a  ten minute walk. "Great." said Kailen as the six of them looked up and down the road. "Now what do we do?"

"We go the way we came." Said Parker. "Try and flag down whatever car or truck that passes us by and get help, find the others, go back to Shady Creek."

"Okay." Said Dani.

The six of them started walking down the road. Thankfully, Dani managed to grab her bag when they managed to avoid the dinosaur and inside was  her pocket knife and a black marker. Dani dragged herself behind the others and began carving "G4" in the trees as clear as she could just incase the other half of the team had the same idea as them.

Jessica kept quiet for a while, she looked at her bruised and scratched hands. For some reason, it reminded her of the day she had a run in with her father, a day before she went to AmeriCorps.


It was October 9th, Jessica had already packed most of her clothes and she wanted to go out and walk around her neighborhood one last time. Sometime around noon, Jessica went to her favorite deli market to get a grilled salami, ham, and cheese sandwich, her usual and favorite order. At the deli counter was a good friend of her mom, his name was Ceasar, he was a big Puerto Rican man, with a grey hair, and he always seemed to be wearing a white dirty shirt whenever Jessica sees him.

"How's your mom?" Ceasar asked Jessica.

Jessica knows that Ceasar has a thing for her mom, the only issue with that is Ceasar is married and Jessica always felt awkward when Ceasar asks about her. "Um, she's doing good." said Jessica. "She's a little hesitant to let me leave."

"Ah, she'll come around." Ceasar said with a smile. He wraps Jessica's sandwich and puts it in a bag and hands it to her.

Jessica gives Ceasar a five dollar bill and takes the sandwich. "Yeah, probably." Jessica smiles and walks away. "See ya."

As she walked towards the front door, a man opens it and steps into the store. He looked to see Jessica and he recognized her and froze. Jessica waited for him to walk passed her, but he didn’t. He just stood there.

"Um, are you okay, sir?" Jessica asked very concerned. She hoped he wasn't a pedophile coming to take her.

"After all these years, I've found you." The man said.

Jessica seemed a bit lost. Who was this guy? How does he know her? "I'm sorry, do I know you?"

The man felt his heart break a little. "I guess it's been a while." He said. "Jessica, it's me, Robert. Your father."

Jessica immediately dropped her sandwich, her heart sank in her chest and she started shaking. She felt like she couldn't breathe and she felt hot. Her first thought was she was on the verge of a panic attack. She didn't know what to do.

Robert grabbed Jessica's sandwich and handed it to her. Jessica was still frozen, she couldn't believe that her dad was standing here in front of her. She wanted to say something, but not a lot came out her mouth. "Um… I uh…"

"Come on. Let's talk." Robert takes Jessica by her arm and walks her outside.

They walked down the street to the park. Jessica looked straight forward every time Robert said something. What she supposed to say to him? "Where you been"? Robert sat Jessica down by the pond.

"It's so good to see you." He said with a smile. Jessica still had a straight face. She didn't know how to react to see him. She filled with mixed emotions and didn't know how to express them. "I know you're wondering why I left all those years ago." Jessica didn't say anything, she was waiting for him to explain. "Jessica, I never wanted to leave. I was just scared of all the things that was bound to happen. I was scared of failing you as a father. But I'm ready now, and finally be the father you always wanted me to be."

With every bit of her she had to give, Jessica looked down at the water not wanting see the man sitting in front of her. "Mom always said you left to fight the monsters in China." She said. Jessica remembers that morning, waking up for her first day of kindergarten and only seeing her mother crying in the kitchen with her father nowhere to be seen.

Robert sensed Jessica's rage when she looked back at him with disgust. "Jessica."

"Listen, I really want to believe all of this, I really would. But you left the most beautiful woman ever, alone. Heartbroken. Angry." Jessica felt her throat closing on her, she was almost about to cry.

"I didn't want to leave your mother, Jessica." Said Robert. "Like I said, I was afraid of failing you as a parent and your mother."

Jessica stood up. "So why didn't you come back? Why didn't you at least tell mom all this instead of just leaving her and a lost and confused five year old on her first day of school?"

"I loved your mother, Jessica!" Robert yelled. "I knew if I just came back without warning, she would've kept me from you anyway. She would've shut us out. You can't imagine what that's like!"

"I know EXACTLY what that feels like! She shut me out because of you and blamed me for you leaving her! 15 years, Robert! 15 years she reminded me of what you did! 15 years she had to look at me and say that I'm the reason all this happened!" Jessica sat back down and started crying.

Robert was hurt, but he knew he deserved it. He knew this would happen if he ever saw his daughter again. "Jessica. I know what I did to you and your mother was wrong and so very selfish." He said. "But please, let me become your father again. Let me help you with whatever you need."

Robert went to put his hand on Jessica's shoulder and she pushed his hand away from her and stood up off the bench. "You never should've came back." She said angrily. "I don't need you. I never did. You want to be there for me? Go back under the rock you crawled out of." With tears still falling from her eyes, Jessica grabbed her sandwich, her bag and stomped away.

Robert sat in the park, he himself began to cry, realizing what he had done. He watched Jessica walk out of the park. He never wanted any of this to happen, he really never meant to hurt Jessica or her mother. After sitting on the bench for another three hours, Robert finally got up and went home.


Jessica snapped back to reality when Francis tapped her on the shoulder. "You okay?" Francis asked.

"Yeah." Jessica answered, quickly realizing there was a tear falling from her left eye. "Yeah, I'm good."

Francis rubs her back. "Just making sure."

Kailen started checking her phone for a signal, but she got nothing. "I don't like the idea of us just wondering out here on the road like this." She said. "What if that thing comes and sees us?"

Parker stops and turns around to face Kailen. "Kailen, I understand that. I really do." He said. "But if we try and keep a low profile in the woods, we might miss our only chance at getting help."

"Well, maybe Kailen is right in a way." Said Dani. "Maybe we shouldn't too close to the middle of the road where that dinosaur could see us. If we're walking along the outline of the woods close to the road, we can jump out and flag down the first car or truck we see."

Parker thought quickly and thought it sounded a lot more safer. "I actually like that idea." He said. "So let's shimmy on over to the trees."


A few miles up the road, Homar and his group walk back the way they came and crossed the street and back into the woods. Tasha and Sam paused at the edge of the road. Marlowe noticed they stopped and turned around. "You guys coming?" They asked.

"I'm not going back into those woods." Sam said. "Not with that thing lurking around."

"I'm with Sam on this one." Said Tasha. "I ain't dying today by no creatures."

Homar walks up to them. "Guys, I understand you're scared." He said. "And believe me, I'm am scared shitless, but we can't just abandon the rest of our team. They still might be alive."

"Homar, have you seen what that thing did to the van?" Sam asked. "I seriously doubt any of them are alive."

"We have to at least try." Mazie said. "They'd look for us if it were them." Mazie couldn't help but think the other night when she snapped at Jessica. She also realized she never apologized to her for it. She then realized that she might not live to get another chance if Jessica is still alive. She owed Jessica that much.

"Plus, it's highly unlikely that dinosaur is still lurking by the van." Said Marlowe. "I assure you that."

Homar nodded his head in agreement. "So come on, guys. There's nothing to be afraid of for the time being."

Sam and Tasha were still reluctant to step foot in the woods. Sam frowned and stepped forward. Tasha still didn't move. "Fuck that." She said. "I ain't going in there. Imma stay right here."

Tasha stayed by the road and watched the others slowly faded away into the trees. Tasha put on her headphones and listened to her music and faced the road. She had her music on so loud that she didn't head twigs snapping behind her.


By the van, Homar's jaw dropped at the sight of the carnage that the dinosaur had left behind. The food that was in the back seat was all over the ground, AmeriCorps gear and rain coats.  The van itself was in two different parts of the small area. The back half was right side up with the back seat barley attached to the back with the tool box and the water cooler leaning against the seat. The front was leaning against a tree and birds already going through it to form nests in it.

Marlowe went to the front half and found a tooth stuck in the hood. Feeling how dry it is, they could tell that the dinosaur was long gone.

Mazie went through the van to find any trace of the others, but there was nothing. Mazie then comes across Kailen's stuffed bear and saw blood stains on it. It was a white bear, so the blood was very noticeable. Mazie started to panic. "Oh no." She said as she held the bear. "No, no, no!"

Homar rushes over when he heard Mazie's cry. Mazie crawled out the van and showed them the bear and the blood. Sam started to tremble and was on the verge of tears. He took the bear from Mazie and held it against his chest.  The four of them went quiet.

Marlowe looked down and noticed shoe prints in the mud by their feet. "Look." They said. "They made it out." Homar sees the foot prints also. The mud looked like it had already dried up before they came. Homar sighed with relief.

"Oh thank god." Said Homar.

Sam looked around the woods. "KAILEN!" Sam shouted. "PARKER!"

Marlowe and Mazie acted quickly and covered Sam's mouth. "Shh!" Marlowe said.

Sam pushed their hands off his mouth. "What?"

"Listen. Kailen and the others are still alive, but we won't if you continue to scream like that." Marlowe whispered.

"Marlowe is right." Said Mazie. "That dinosaur is still out here. Let's not draw its attention."

"So what do we do?" Sam asked. "What's the plan?"

"Let's head back to Tasha and just follow the road." Homar said. "Maybe the others are trying to flag down any cars passing by."

Just then they heard a scream. It was Tasha. The group quickly ran back up towards the road. Once they got to the road, they see Tasha on her knees with blood all over her face and a bloody rock in hand. It looked like she was bashing something, something that was alive. Once they all got close to see what she was attacking, it looked like some type of bird.

"Tasha, are you okay?" Homar asked.

"What happened?" Asked Sam.

Tasha stood up and pointed at the animal she just killed. "This little creature jumped on my leg and bit me."

Mazie frowned at the sight of the smashed corpse of what was a bird like animal. "What kind of bird was it?" She asked.

"I don't know." Tasha answered. "And I don't care. That's why I don't like any type of creatures."

Marlowe got down on their knees and examined the small animal. It was no bigger than four feet long and three feet long. Its feathers were gold with grey strips. Its arms were formed just like that of a dinosaur's, but it was hard to tell if it was a bird with its head crushed until there was nothing left. "Well, I couldn't tell you what kind of bird it is unless we had a better look at its head." Said Marlowe as they stood up. "But at a guess, probably like a hawk or something." They all went quiet

"So, back to getting out of here." Said Sam.

"Well, at a guess, I'd say that the others are walking back the way we came." Said Homar. "So, I think we should do the same. If we're lucky, we'll catch up to them."

"I like that." Said Mazie. "We should get moving."

"Agreed. Let's move out, team."

As they start walking down the road, and leaving the corpse behind, three small bird like creatures emerge from the bushes and find the body of one of their own. The creatures sniff the body and begin eating it. One of them watches Homar's group walk along the road.

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