clearing out the brain

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Just a bunch of random stuff i was thinking of whit nothing to do

Submitted: January 27, 2019

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Submitted: January 27, 2019



If the rain falls down, will there be someone there to pick it up? And if you trip the "light fantastic"' will there also be someone to help pick you up?

To seek the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, will you have to pay taxes on it, or will it just be finders keepers, loser weepers?

In football, you have a mandated time out call the two minute warning. When you are about to die, will we also get a two minute warning before we die. I hope so because in those last two minutes, i want to make the most of it. Tell people what i really think of them, or just drop my pants, just go nuts!

Where does that missing sock go when you get your clothes out of the dryer? Is there some mystical place that one sock goes to, like "The isle of missing socks"?

When you blink your eyes, even though it only takes a nano second to do, do you think that you might be missing something during that nano second?

When you buy an item, and on the packaging it states,"new and improve", what was i using before, "old and shitty"?

You know that you have low expectations in life when after you take a dump, and you stand up and look at your shit, and think of yourself proudly, like you just won a Nobel Prize. And you think to yourself, "I wish they had a Nobel Prize category for shit taking"!

In some restaurants, i actually think they have a wait staff member who waits until you have a mouthful of food before they come over to you and ask,"Is everything ok?" It seems to happen to me everytime. 

I think my cats has gotten my credit card number. I'm seeing charges that i don't remember making like a Hugo Boss coat, and a Tag Heuer watch. Keep my eye on them.

At the car wash, i am finding that they are leaving change in the cup holder instead of taking change. They still do a crappy job cleaning my car though.

If it took a supreme being to create the world in six days, did he get overtime pay? Was he union, or non-union?

If you "think out of the box", does that mean at first that someone actually puts you in a box before you can think out of the box?

Holland, or is it The Netherlands, make up your mind, your not choosing a perferred sex choice.








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