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a moment of self-reflection

Submitted: January 28, 2019

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Submitted: January 28, 2019



In the mirror
I look at someone different
From whom I think to be me,
Just as those in reality
Perceive whom they only want to,
Or perhaps what I simply let them see.

Inside is the person
that requires no proof or glory
For his kindness and caring,
Whose sole fidelity rests with those who would only love him.
For him and not that other guy
But some reflection in glass or a semblance to their own biased bearing.

He will fight for the truth,
No matter now strong a lie's conviction,
That people bestow upon him, life and them.
What does it matter to family, friends, lovers, or a mere acquaintance?
We are all so lackluster alone
Yet, stand together as dazzling and rare as any precious gem.

Oh, how I would love to shine like that,
Even if there is but the slightest glimmer of promise
Unaided by anyone but the person contained in skin,
Those bones and blood and organs,
Which comprise a complete man,
But one ready to reach a little farther than what he can find within.

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