Sudoku Lord

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Who is the Sudoku Lord? What is his dream? How will he achieve his dream? Is a mad man, a villain? Could you imagine living in a world where sudoku rules supreme?

Submitted: January 29, 2019

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Submitted: January 29, 2019




Sudoku Lord

“Would you care to explain what this is?”, hissed the Sudoku Lord.

He was standing tall over a man who was down on his knees. His chest was arrogantly puffed up, arms folded across his torso. The Lord wore black tailored suit and pants, along with a black tie and an immaculate white business shirt. It was neatly tucked in, kept in place by a leather belt. The buckle was engraved with a sudoku square. The room was dim lit and echoed the sound of rhythmical tapping coming from the Lord’s sleek, black shoe. The man didn’t speak. He remained on his knees, hands chained, head bowed with guilt. Two guards, fitted with camouflage combat gear, stood by his side. They stood at attention, silent and still, weapons slouched over their shoulders. The man could see the weapons from the corner of his eye. Big, black assault rifles, reminding him resistance was futile. Still, the man didn’t respond. The Sudoku Lord stopped tapping his shoe, leaving the room dead quiet.

The silence was tense. The Sudoku Lord took three steps forward, knelt to the man’s ear and calmly said, “Would you care to explain what this is?”

He brought a creased piece of paper to the man’s eye level. The man’s eyes flickered up, catching a glimpse of the paper.

“I don’t know what it is”, he said. “I’ve never seen it before.”

His voice had a slight hint of desperation, guilt and fear in it. His lips started to quiver. The Sudoku Lord gently placed his hand under the man’s chin and titled his head, so they were eye to eye. He stared into the man’s eyes as though he was reading his exact thoughts. The man struggled to maintain eye contact. His eyes kept darting left to right then right to left, as if he was expecting a rescue team to suddenly burst through the walls. No rescue team was on its way. The man wasn’t about to be rescued. He was desperate, holding onto whatever false hope he could conjure up in his mind. His eyes met the Sudoku Lord’s. The Lord looked frightening with his unforgiving, ruthless stare.

He raised the piece of paper again, then calmly and slowly said, “This is the last time I’m going to ask. If you refuse to answer truthfully consider my face to be the last thing you’ll see. So tell me, what is this?”

Panic came over the man as he looked at the piece of paper, then at the Sudoku Lord, then at the piece of paper again.

Sweat started to glide down the side of his face. His bit his lip, breathed in, dropped his head and said, “It’s a find-a-word my Lord.”


“It’s a find-a-word my lord”, repeated the man.

“Oh, I see, I see”, said the Sudoku Lord sounding surprised.

The Lord stood up, keeping his gaze upon the man. He stood with his hands together, slowly shaking his head in disapproval. He turned away from the man, then back at him with anger and venom in his eyes. The Sudoku Lord raised his hand high above his head and in one fluid motion brought it down across the man’s face. The man flung sideways and hit the floor with a solid thud. With his hands chained behind him, the man’s head smashed onto the concrete floor, blood seeping from his ears and mouth. His head started to ring, his skin was stinging with pain. A flush of heat came over his face. The two guards standing beside him hadn’t moved an inch. Not even a slight flinch. They remained at attention, eyes forward, silent and still. The Sudoku Lord rubbed his hands together. The force of the slap had hurt him. His hands were red, stinging with pain. The man laid on the floor motionless. A pool of blood had formed near his head. The room was silent. Then the man started to laugh. It was snickering at first but soon became full blown laughter. It wasn’t a laugh of joy or amusement like most laughs are. Instead, it was a laugh of a man who knew his outcome from the situation was doomed. It was a laugh of acceptance. A laugh made in defiance.

“Only bitches slap”, said the man with a smart-arse smirk spread across his face.

The Sudoku Lord didn’t take kindly to those words. He became infuriated with rage. No one can disrespect the one and only great Sudoku Lord. He gave himself a short run up and kicked the man full force in the gut. The man let out a tremendous cry of pain and started to violently cough, gasping for air as his body rocked back and forth in discomfort.

“Is it not common knowledge find-a-words are an illegal publication? Is it not stated by the law that all brain puzzles, except for Sudoku, are deemed illegal?”, the Sudoku Lord shouted.

The man didn’t answer. He laid on the floor squirming in pain.

“Are you aware of the punishment for breaking the law?”

No reply came from the man.

“It’s prison or death”, said the Lord. “And the best part is that you determine the outcome of the punishment.”

By now the man had caught his breath and looked directly at the Sudoku Lord.

“You’re crazy!”, he relished.

“Am I?”, replied the Sudoku Lord. “Or am I boy who took the midnight train going anywhere? Or am I a man with a dream? A passion? A passion for the greatest brain game ever created. A dream where that passion is felt and shared amongst every man, every woman, every child. A world were Sudoku rules supreme. I can picture it with my very eyes. Its perfect. Its…. its…. beautiful.”

The man scoffed, shaking his head in disagreement.

“You’re an absolute lunatic”, he said with a raised voice. “You’re deluded. You can’t force everybody to share your dream.”

“Oh, I can”, the Sudoku Lord replied. “Believe me, I can. I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll use power, money, even force to spread my dream.”

“You take that path you’ll be seen as a tyrant. A dictator. People don’t respond when an ideology is forced upon them. They’ll never share or believe in your dream!”

“Silence! I’ve had enough of the crap you spill from your mouth. What you say is wrong! Eventually everybody will share my dream. Even if it means getting rid of the people who don’t. Whatever it takes to reach the perfect world I have envisioned.”

The Sudoku Lord gestured towards the guards. They bent down, hooked their arms under the man’s shoulders and lifted him to his knees. The man groaned in pain. The guards stood at attention with the man balanced between them. The Sudoku Lord stepped forward and brought his face within a few inches of the man.

“Mark my word”, he said, “People will share my dream. They damn sure will.”

The man’s head dropped in defeat.  In acknowledgement there was nothing he could say or do to change the situation.

“You are to face trial by Sudoku”, said the lord. “You will be given a Sudoku square and allocated an hour to solve it. If you manage to solve the square, your life will be spared but lived out in prison.” If you don’t manage to complete the square within the hour, you will be put to death. “

The man didn’t raise his head. No response came. The Sudoku Lord leant closer to the man’s ear.

“Good luck”, he whispered.

The Sudoku Lord stood up straight, turned his back to the man, walked out of the room, a stride in his step, laughing maliciously. The two guards turned around, the man dangled between them by his shoulder, wearisome and deflated. He was dragged out of the room, sent to determine his own fate.

© Copyright 2020 A.J.Mortimer. All rights reserved.

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