To Find and to Go

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Story about Ken Sanders, again about him...
How he found truth and how he has gone..

Submitted: January 29, 2019

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Submitted: January 29, 2019



To Find and To Go

March 13, 1931, Scotland, Muckle Skerry, Psychiatric Hospital of Skerry Islands. Ken wasn’t insane but he could do nothing about it. Everyone was thinking that famous former detective and former policeman got crazy and insane. He was here since 1923 year. Now he really got insane. This Psychiatric Hospital of Skerry Islands was very unpopular and it was psychiatric hospital with only 20 insane people, 4 doctors and 6 guards. But on this day new one came here, he said that he was from one small village from England, near Paddington. But Ken still was without friend, because he was only old man here and he had lost one hand years ago and this made other insanes scary, but not new one, he was too strange to be insane. He was more than insane…

March 13, 1931, Scotland, Muckle Skerry, Psychiatric Hospital of Skerry Islands. On this day new one came and the guards placed him in Kens room, so now that man was Kens neighbor. This decision was very bad.  Soon they became friends, as that new insane was first in this place who wasn’t afraid of Ken and his hand. All day they were together like they find in each other something.

Years were passing and their friendship was getting stronger and stronger, but Ken was blind, every rest of the stuff and insane people were finding in that mans eyes very big danger as in his eyes there was evil. But still Ken trusted him like he trusted his girlfriend and like he would trust his unseen child. Well Ken had girlfriend, who was pregnant and he lost her in that damn day when he lost his hand. This story was unknown for everyone until he told this to that man. And why he told him that story, well Ken was insane, maybe, or just he wanted to tell someone this secret which he was keeping hole this years.

December 13, 1933, Scotland, Muckle Skerry, Psychiatric Hospital of Skerry Island. On this day Ken told everything to that man, everything, how he lost his hand, how he lost his pregnant wife. But after this day, Ken didn’t saw that man. At first that man asked if he could walk outside to see sea. Guard Liam took him out, but at the end Liam came back lonely. As he said that, man pushed him and jump from rocks straight to the sea near the beach full of rocks. It wasn’t first and maybe last time when insane jumped from that place, as it was not first time clinic was still had the rule to let insanes go out. Maybe they wanted so, to let insanes die, by the suicide.

June 13, 1934, Scotland, Muckle Skerry, Psychiatric Hospital of Skerry Island. Everyone is looking in Ken’s room, he hanged him and everyone was looking at Ken’s dead body. Hours passed and everybody already forgot about him, but not Liam as he found, after cleaning Ken’s room, notebook. On the notebook there was sign, “I found?!”. Liam started reading:

I found?!

“Half of my life I was searching for my pregnant girlfriend Olivia, who I lost many many years ago. She was love of my life, but where she has gone?.. I lost Olivia in that damn day when I lost my hand and my prisoner Federico. One man saw my girlfriend in carriage going out from city, but whose carriage was that I don’t know, and I won’t know that hole my life. People were talking that she was planning to run away from me, as I had no time for her, but this wasn’t true. I knew that she loved me as strong as I loved her. People were talking that she was living in small city with one unknown man, next to the sea. But people, people, people, I hate them, all of them! They talk only what they want… This is kind of my diary before I kill myself. I’m not insane, everything that happened to me is real, everything! You believe that I’m insane but it’s not true, it’s not, god damn it… But well, I’m idiot. I make here in this clinic friend, and only now I realize that I didn’t knew his name but yesterday I realize and read who he was. You guards are blind, because I stole his history paper from your room, blind idiots! I read, that his name was Johnny but everybody were calling him Johnny Boy, that he was murderer of many people. Idiot guards you let me to die! But well do you know who really was Johnny? No! he was he, he was that boy who changed my life, who changed my life from good to worse. Papers ain’t lying! There I found that he was born in that year when I lost my wife, not in that damn month, but after that month. My mind is blown up… I realized that he is son of Federico and one woman, woman who I lost, Olivia my loved wife. Why Federico? Because people, again people, were telling and making rumors that Federico changed his name to Gregg and that he was working in small city next to the sea, in factory of boxes. Yes people tell whatever they want but if people say something it’s 80% truth! I don’t know how I realized it, you will never know it but I know it, my brain is special, I can realize and figure out everything fast not like you idiots. Now I know that you someone is reading this letter while I’m dead already. Bye cruel world!

-Detective Ken


Liam finished reading… he was thinking about all this but than he said to himself:

“This crazy people, god save us from them”

And he just ripped this later and went out…

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