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Submitted: January 29, 2019

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Submitted: January 29, 2019



Hey friend! Let’s play a game

The rules are simple, but it might be fun

I promise you everything will stay the same

Let’s just pretend that we are both in love

I know your heart is broken, but so is mine

So let’s mix our pieces and glue them all together

And see what we’ll end up with while time goes by

And we can laugh about it, keeping it forever

It will be just pretend, have some fun role-playing

We can fake our feelings, nothing has to change

So just give me your love, and I will give you mine

And I promise that I’ll keep yours safe

We can play it anywhere, the world can be our board

I can meet you at your place, or you can come to mine

There are no set rules, we can make them as we go

So let’s just roll the dice and let chance decide

Now I have to be honest, I like this game a lot

And from the look in your face, I think that so do you

Don’t hold back with me, just give it all you’ve got

Remember that it’s just a game, it doesn’t need to be true

Hey friend! I have a confession to make

I just realized things will never be the same

You see, there was this rule I wasn’t meant to break

I fell in love with you. I just lost this game.


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