The girl he never loved......

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A boy who never loved me back...

Submitted: January 29, 2019

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Submitted: January 29, 2019



I’m in love with a very cute, handsome boy in my class. His skin is so bronze kissed and tanned his eyes droopy, filled with emotion and empathy, his lips thinner than a finger. There is just something about him that makes me go insane is it his looks? Or his heart and soul that I love I’m not sure but all I know is that I am so in love with him and will do anything to get his attention.


We are in class today having our English class I’m sitting next to Isaac of course, at the moment we are best friends but only in a friendly way at this stage. He asks me a rubber and of course I have everything ready to capture his attention I hand the rubber over to him, the teacher Mr. Ellis asks a question to the whole class Isaac raises his hand and answers it with his sexy boyish voice because he is the class clown. As soon as class finished we both walk down to the schools gate at the back where we hang out with the rest of the group.


We sit down on the bench eat our snack and chat. Isaac opens up a packet of chips ‘want some?’ ‘Ah yes salt and vinegar is my favorite’ the cool breeze was hitting my face the wind was cold and my face was freezing so I fixed my scarf. ‘So do you like English’? I ask ‘no not really I’m better with math’s’ ‘oh really? I love English’ Isaac chuckles ‘that’s because you love writing’ ‘well yeah it’s that obvious’ I grin silly ‘do you like school’? ‘Love it!’ ‘Because you’re a nerd’ ‘I guess’ ‘I don’t mind it unless if my friends are here to hang out with’ ‘yeah’ ‘so do you like anyone’? I ask ‘who me?’ ‘No the person behind you’ Isaac laughs ‘no I don’t’ ‘oh really?’ ‘Yeah’ I don’t believe him to be honest a guy so sweet shouldn’t be kept single for long but I would be shattered if he liked someone else. ‘What about you’? The moment he says that without any concern I just wish I could say that it’s him that I love but how could I? What if he doesn’t like me back? ‘I don’t like anyone’ ‘hm sure you don’t’ Isaac starts to bag me now and I kind of like the way he is doing it, it makes me feel pleasant. Sooner or later the bell started to ring and we walked back to class.


The next day I check the bulletin on the board and it says that we are going to have an excursion to the year 10 formal. I was so excited for this big night out and hoped and wished that Isaac would be there aswell. I imagined myself dancing with Isaac and my heart beating so fast this is going to be magical! I thought. I was walking to class unexpectedly I saw Isaac and a blonde haired girl he kissed her they looked close enough to even be lovers. I was shocked and couldn’t believe my eyes I quickly walked to class without showing any emotion on my face. ‘Hi Emma’ I hear Isaac’s voice talk to me I didn’t want to reply back actually because I was hurt and didn’t want to admit that I was jealous of him. ‘aa hi’ ‘you look a bit down and pale’ ‘ah no It’s probably just the Melbourne weather’ ‘oh yes it is a bit chilly this morning isn’t it’? ‘Yeah absolutely’ we walk inside to home - group we have our class but I was silent the whole time I didn’t even say a word and just hoped that today would be over.


Formal day had come and I was getting ready to go. As I walked past the pathway with the wild oak tree to the side it was dark and silent and there was no one to be seen I hoped that tonight would be just the two of us like in my dreams. I suddenly see Isaac coming towards my way ‘hello’ ‘oh hi Emma’ but by the look of it he hadn’t come by his self he had come with… ‘Are you alone tonight? Where is your partner for tonight?’ I hesitated and swallowed hard…….’oh I thought that maybe… arm… you would be my partner for tonight’ phew my gosh ok I said it. Isaac moved his head backwards any minute I see that blonde girl again from the other day she comes towards us with her sapphire eyes and her plucked eyebrows she gives me a dirty look. I don’t know what I had gotten into and who the hell I had fallen for.


‘Hey hunny could you give us a minute’ the blonde girl walks away ‘I’m sorry but I already have a partner for tonight’ ‘you lied to me’ ‘no it all happened after we spoke’ ‘anyway… I had my eyes on you the whole time, my heart was caught in only you’ ‘oh Emma I’m sorry but I’m with someone else’ ‘I know it’s okay I just wanted you to know’ ‘ok well we can always be friends though arm… I’ll see you inside’ Isaac walks inside the hall and leaves me alone in the dark.


I was so heart-Brocken and disappointed in him for choosing that blonde bitch over me we could have been so good together but I guess that he will never see me the way that I see him I walk and see that Isaac is dancing with that girl without even caring about my feelings. I face straight ahead and never look back and walk back home.


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