Healing your Fears

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I could handle it.

Chapter 12 (v.1) - Undamaged

Submitted: March 14, 2019

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Submitted: March 14, 2019



Nicole’s POV


“Go… away…” My weak voice pleaded as Mr Hansen came back with another smirk on his face like usual.

“Aww, why? You hurt my feelings.” His voice mocked a high pitch squeak. I shook my head, causing the dripping blood from my mouth to drip down my chin and onto the floor.

“I’m… not…. Afraid.” Deep pants were in between every word I whispered, and I just weakly whimpered as Mr Hansen had laughed like a maniac at my statement.

“Oh, I know you aren’t sweetheart.” His teasing voice floated around the room. My confused face was enough to set him into a long blabber.

“You see, I was sent here to ensure you proceed to the next step of your revival.” I was shocked and most of all, worried. I haven’t finished my treatment? I thought… Are there more steps than I thought?

“Oh yes, you have barely scraped the surface of your treatment my dear, everything I had done was just for you to get used to the environment, there is much worse in store for you.”

“No…. more.” A light giggle of amusement escaped Mr Hansen’s mouth.

“I can’t promise anything~” No longer did I listen, I only laughed. It started off with a quiet giggle as I later just burst out laughing. This pain was something I could handle.

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