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Submitted: January 30, 2019

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Submitted: January 30, 2019



Watching movies, sometimes i and my friends will discuss afterwards some of the problems with the plot, or other things that might seem to be a bit of a stretch for that particular film. I think that it is pretty easy to point out such things in science fiction films. 

For example, in the movie War of the Worlds, whether it was the original movie from the 1950s, or the remake with Tom Cruise in the 2000s,this is the only thing i couldn't get, and it was a pretty big one. If the Martians were able to build these space ships, and travel a couple of million miles to get to earth and attack us, how come they didn't realize that the earths athmosphere and germs  would kill them. When we were sending men to the moon, and sometime down the road if we send them to Mars or other planets, we know that their athmosphere would kill them. That is why they wear space suits.

When the Martians were building their ships, i'm sure like us, it cost alot of money, what ever martains used for money anyway. You had to come up with the blueprints for the ships, then you had to go through research and development, and that took time and money, so why did they skimp on the research into the earth athmosphere, to see if it would harm them?

I guess like humans, the Martians had their own accounting department. Some Martian was crunching the numbers, and saw that this project to invade the earth was running over budget, so like the pencil pushers we have here on Earth, he went to the project manager and told him about the overrides and how much money it was costing and it was behind schedule. Then a meeting took place, and it was decided to save some money and not send any probes to Earth to see if the air and germs would kill the martians.. When we get there, we will deal with it then.

And things were starting out pretty good for the Martians, they had us on the run,. We couldn't stop them. When they put their three ships together to form that electromagnetic force field, nothing was going to stop them. But as soon as they opened up the hatches to their ships, and let in the air and germs, that was the end for them.

Back on Mars, the ones who agreed not to send down probes to check on Earths athmosphere so as to save some money, i think they lost their jobs, and i don't think they got severence pay or their pensions. What a screwup.

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