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This time we talk about the racism in different ethnicities.

Submitted: January 30, 2019

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Submitted: January 30, 2019






Have you ever been bullied or scolded just because you belong to a colored ethnicity? Based on your complexion, people saw you differently? 

The appearance is important, not to mention the first impression. The media affected us with what beauty looks like no matter how hard our celebrities promoted your true self was what matters the most. 

Ironic. Even influencer couldn’t change it. 


Nowadays, the media is convenient and fast. So is the gossip or rumor could be transferred to people by people faster. By clicking that simple icon send, the whole world sees it. 

No Mandarin in the campus? Caught. 

Chinese big mama being humiliated by an Italian clerk because big mama can’t speak either Italian or English? Caught. 

Black lives matter? Caught. 

Hijab women being misunderstood as terrorists? Caught. 

Videos recorded the cruel bulling moments at school? Caught. 


Would things be different if we didn’t assume people first? 

Stereotypes are only for reference. 

Not all the English are that arrogant, not all the Americans are always feeling confident, not all the Chinese are that detestable, not all the blacks are so-called gangster..... 

One stereotype ruined the whole community but with one non-stereotype could save another person’s thought toward the most of them. 

You hate them so do they to hate you. Vicious circle continues. 


Language barricade is a problem. 

Haha, don’t you think English is an omnipotence? Or mandarin or Spanish? 




There are many truths that people know but few of them are willing to face it. 

You travel to a country that its official language is so different to yours, do you think English could still be a no problem tool? Okay, even if it somehow works, you are not respecting the people there. I’d rather you pull out your language translator and communicate with the locals. Now that’s respectful. At least try. 

However sadly, some not so strong ethnicities chose to demean themselves by using your first language to sustain their living: another truth. 


You can hate but don’t ever harm people. Your expression of hatred doesn’t mean anything to the society but bullshit or a desperate creature who’s trying to get attention.

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