Judgement Day

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2 high schoolers who do not get along very well become neighbors. soon after a meteor strike causes the world to end and they seem to be the only ones left. will the human race end or can they find other people and continue it?

Submitted: January 30, 2019

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Submitted: January 30, 2019



It was just a regular day in Clementson. It was cloudy outside with the high of 85 and a low of 73 and the weather was great. Kids were outside, and birds were flying all around the neighborhood. Samuel Tilden was getting ready to move in the neighborhood that day in a house his parents had just purchased. People would describe Samuel as very relaxed and genuine person. If he ever saw someone in struggle or in need, he would do all that he could to help that person out. He had a good life and there was only one apparent problem that he was dealing with. It was a kid named Dana Matheson who went to the same High School as Samuel. Dana had notoriously bullied everyone for a long time but none worse than Samuel. Dana had a true hatred for Samuels positivity and generosity and he wanted to out an end to it. Hera, a mutual friend of both had told Samuel this and it did not make any sense to him. Samuel didn’t care however, he was going to continue to be himself and not let anyone stop him. He was moving in to his new home and spotted Dana down the street. He asked him what he was doing there, and Dana replied, “That is my house idiot” and pointed to the house right next to where Samuel was moving into. Dana said, “Looks like we about to be neighbors so I guess we will be spending a lotta time together hahaha.”

Samuel was so flabbergasted from learning his rival now lived right next to him. He said to himself, “My life is about to become a living hell, God please save me.” Samuel told Hera what had happened, and she felt very bad for Samuel. She told him that if maybe he got to know Dana that maybe he would not be such a bad guy after all. Samuel just blew what Hera said off because he knew she was always an optimist and not a realist. The next week Samuel was home alone by himself because his family had some errands to run and he didn’t feel like going. Dana was also by himself at the time. Everything was quiet and there was nobody outside playing. All of the sudden and huge crash was felt and the whole world shook it felt like. The sky turned from blue to bright orange and chaos ensued. It was reported soon that a meteor had hit the earth similar to how the dinosaurs went extinct. Balls of fire were raining from the sky and horrid screams could be heard everywhere. Samuel had no idea what to do all he could think about was his family and friends. He had to act fast and hope this would be all over. His first instinct was to hide in the fridge. It was a lead lined fridge that was brand-new and had tons of space. He cleared it out and had hopped in. A few hours later, he opened it and couldn’t believe two things: that he was still alive and the world as he knew it looked like a wasteland. Nothing was the same.

He stepped out to find miles of flat land with some fire in between. He couldn’t see or find anyone anywhere. He thought it was safe to go outside and wanted to find someone. Looking around outside he saw a fridge similar to his and heard a noise coming from it. He was scared at first but decided to open it anyway. He could not believe who busted out of it…DANA! They both looked at each other like the Spiderman clone meme with very confused faces. At the same time, they both asked, “What just happened!? How did you survive?” Samuel said, “I hid in my new fridge because I thought that would be the safest place. What about you?” Dana then replied, “I did the exact same thing.” Both of them could not believe what had just happened to the world or comprehend the thought of being alone on the planet. Dana asked Samuel, “Well you’re the smart kid, right? What the hell do we do next?” Samuel said, “I guess the next logical thing would be to find other people and see if humans have been completely wiped out or not. If you are going to come with me make sure to not be a jerk, you have a knack for that.” Dana pleaded, “Ok man I’m sorry I was always jealous of you and how smart and nice you are. You are a super nice guy.”

After their chat they began searching for other people. They went into houses, tried using cell phones, and shooting emergency flares found in people’s homes. Nothing seemed to work for them. No matter what they did to make noise of where they looked nothing was around them. It seemed that the only thing left on the planet was some tress and cockroaches. Dana then broke down in tears, “This is useless! Everyone on the planet is gone and it is only you and I. We are only 16 how are we supposed to survive this atrocity?” Samuel had never seen Dana like this and was shocked. However, more importantly they were running out of food and still no sign of any human around. Dana would not stop blabbering, “This is the end bro I swear we are done.” Samuel was getting really irked because he had so much on his plate, “STOP TALKING YOU ARE NOT MAKING ANYTHING BETTER!” Dana promptly replied, “sorry” in a mellow tone. After hours of searching both boys were completely starved and dehydrated. They eventually passed out right where they stood. A few hours later water hit them in the face and they saw 2 beautiful girls standing in front of them. They gave them water and canned goods that were salvaged. Samuel said, “Oh my god, how did you find us?” One of the ladies exclaimed, “We hid in our fridges and then went searching for our families. That didn’t end up too well, so we just tried to find anyone and stumbled upon you two.” All 4 knew that they meant to meet for a reason. They were the ones that had to restart the human race and become the pseudo Adam and Eve because this was Judgement Day and they all had pure hearts.

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