Love where you least expect it

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Submitted: February 02, 2019

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Submitted: February 02, 2019



Days seem to pass so quick for me when I’m having a busy day at work self employed as a freelance writer. Life didn’t begin for me after the age of 20. I have been out clubbing, getting drunk and wasted in the past I have done awfully embarrassing stuff when I was drunk like spewing out my lovers name or telling stuff about what I did with the guy that I hooked up with last night. Anyhow now it’s all about work and financial success I have stepped out of my comfort zone and want to accomplish better skills in my romance writing, the salary that I make is approximately about $72,585 per year. And that’s a big achievement. I have all I need. I have my fancy home, my Toyota corolla and company with my domestic brown and creamy colored cat. But I might as well also need some company with my true love or a soul mate and I have been looking for him by travelling the world. I have been in America, Paris, London or Rome but haven’t found my sweetheart yet…


Today is very bright with sunlight it’s a typical summery season in January I hop onto the metro train and off I go to work as usual. At work I have my colleagues there is Sam, Alice, James and Ron these people are my besties especially James is very cute, handsome looking with his blue eyes of the sky and blonde macaroon hair. But I never really had eyes on him in a romantic way I saw him as my friend but we always get along well and he also helps me allot with editing and publishing my work who knows maybe he is the one?


‘Good morning Clare’ ‘morning James how has your day been today?’ ‘It has been fantastic thanks for asking what about yours?’ ‘Fine thanks I bought you a cuppa’ ‘that’s nice of you thanks’ ‘you’re welcome’ as I sit down on my desk James hands me over my published work ‘oh thanks you’re a genius! ‘no worries your work was great as always just needed some editing that’s all done for you ready to be selled’ ‘hey why don’t we have a night out to taco bill?’ that would be awesome!’ okay I’ll meet you there tonight at 7’


As we enter into the Mexican restaurant we sit down and order our nachos meal as usual. We usually go out with the rest but tonight we wanted some space and time for each other to chill and maybe even find love where we least expect it. The air was craving for love tonight was going to be madder than ever! ‘I’m starving! Clare jumps into the first line of her sentence ‘me too!’ our food arrives 10 or 15 minutes later we both gulp down our food. ‘How is that story going the one about the haunted house?’ ‘It’s going fine almost completed’ ‘do you need any help since you have always been helping me with mine?’ ‘No no not to worry leave everything to me’ James smiles kindly. He had always been so kind and generous to me tonight he looked hotter than ever he wore a black and white suit with a ruby colored tie. Maybe he was trying to impress me and what he was doing he was doing it just right.


We both cached each other’s stare for a second… ‘So have you found Mr. right yet’? My cheeks flushed and I turned into red tomato. ‘Arm… no not yet’ ‘me neither my ex-girlfriend betrayed me with another guy’ ‘hm that’s sad to hear’ right now our eyes were locked we both felt something incredible inside something so soft and pure, a gentle touch or even a flame. ‘Maybe what we are looking for is right in front of us’ I was shocked at first….. ‘Hm maybe’ there was a pause for 3 seconds ‘how about it Clare would you give me a chance to be your boy?’ ‘I swallowed hard before I chocked on my food I sighed out loud and smiled. Maybe this was the moment that we were waiting for our whole lives maybe he was the one. ‘We could try I guess’ he sighed in relief ‘okay I am happy to know that now thank you for saying yes’ our hands connected and met to each other. That moment was a night to remember it was our very first night that we had made out together!

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