Love, sex and money

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L for love S for sex And M for money

Submitted: February 02, 2019

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Submitted: February 02, 2019



Lulu is an interior designer works for a luxurious company with Milly her bestie in New York USA. She has had allot of experience when it comes to guys she knows how stupid and foolish they can be, she has had many boyfriends, hooking up every Friday night at the disco/clubbing whatsoever. But Lulu still hasn’t found Mr. Right yet because she wants to find true love even though her boyfriend Nick is a smooth tinglish lick, his hair golden brown with navy eyes but he doesn’t spend too much time on her because he loves to work at his own pace as a business manager we almost consider him as a billionaire… well not that much of a deal. Nicks friend Jack is also his assistant but he is lazy and layed back he leaves all the work to his boss at the last minute and always has to spill his espresso on Silia the receptionist. ‘Jack will you please finish off that task and letter to the committee’ ‘I will do so after I finish drinking my coffee’ he is really relaxed about work and Nick is not mean to him because they’re mates.


‘Milly those crocodile greenish couch and red carpet needs to be rearranged’ ‘yes sir’ she yells with one hand on her head like a soldier, ‘sorry I didn’t mean to be mean or bossy but you know how much I love cloudy white couches but the red carpet can stay’ ‘okay and I will do the exterior plan for now’ The owners of the houses can be quirky and picky sometimes but it’s not that much of a hustle. ‘After business hours I know sometimes we work overtime but would you like to go out clubbing since its Friday today’? ‘Sure why not I will wear my red sexy dress with its pink rose on the side’ ‘awesome’


There is a new club that just opened called lipstick as we get in the colorful lights flash and we both find ourselves in the center of the floor with silver disco balls on the ceiling, the hall is so crowded that if that disco ball falls it would land on someone’s head instead of the ground.


Milly loves to chat so she has wonderful adventurous conversations she curry favors with any guy that she spots and he just has to be handsome even if it’s for a night. ‘Hey I just bought a g string would you like to see it on me? Or before we get into that I am not a slut or anything just want some company with a young man like you’ ‘oh ho well cheers then’ they both drink their vodka. Milly just has to fawn her hair back to one side, ‘were you here last night? Did you see that event how that guy bashed that dumbass when he tried to flirt with his girlfriend’? ‘yeah he had too much to drink too but he deserved it’ ‘yeah absolutely’ she decides that she wants to get into it now they both give each other a sign that only people who hook up know, she doesn’t even know his name but that doesn’t matter. He takes her home and throws her on bed and the sex scene begins……..!!!! They take off each other’s clothes they are so keen and luckily Milly isn’t on her period and the guy has a condom. And off they go inserting it in deeper, deeper and deeper until one squirts and the other cums.


On the other hand Lulu sneaks and peaks to find her soul mate well if she is lucky on this regular night and there he was……… she doesn’t care if his cute or ugly she is more mature than Milly and when she sees him…… she gets electrified she knows it’s her soul mate because she feels the connection and the way he looks at her straight across the hall he is saying as if you have it baby! ‘Hi you’re looking beautiful tonight’ ‘thank you’ ‘I am Alex and you are…’ ‘I am Lulu’ ‘what a lovely name nice meeting you Lulu’ ‘what are you into?’ ‘I am into dancing as you know that’s why I am here’ Lulu laughs ‘how about it’? As soon as I try to say yes he doesn’t even let a word come out of my mouth he takes hold of my hand ‘I am sure you know tango’? Lulu nods ‘yes! I knew it’ we dance, step, swing around. As we get closer we both feel the heat and we can even read each other’s mind we know that we have found each other something so special and unique.

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