Love at first sight

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For readers who would like to find love on their very first date!

Submitted: February 02, 2019

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Submitted: February 02, 2019



Ashanti is a beautiful and elegant French first class lady from Paris. She lives in a popular city where it is home to the statue of liberty, arts and fashion. New York. Yes it had to be New York but she didn’t mind going for a holiday to Switzerland to explore more than 50 cultural, traditional castles because she loved that country. She was an upper class lady and lived in a glamorous mansion with her family. Shanti enjoys playing the piano and going shopping with her friends, when she travels to Paris she merits a first class seat and bed in the front row of the plane, relishes the savor of the red wine which had to be shiraz when flying up in the air, she hopes and wishes if she could just have company to connect the wine glasses saying cheers with a young, handsome, tall man with broad shoulders, a six pack and biceps.


Today was a hot, summery, peachy day. In the month of July. Shanti is very keen on going to get her hair and nails done with her best friend Julie as usual. They both were very good friends from high school and still are. Julie always gives great advice to Shanti about love and Shanti is kind enough to help Julie with the mortgage and moving furnishers. Julie changes her home design every 5 months personally she likes to get up to date in the interior of her home she adores brand new black and white leather couches. Shanti doesn’t mind the furniture she lives in a mansion with 5 bedrooms why would she everything is always clean and brand new thanks to the helpful servants.


After they get their hair and nails done they both decide to go out for dinner together to try out a new luxurious expensive restaurant that newly and recently opened up yesterday. Julie was sitting down on shanti’s bed shanti keeps on changing into all of her dresses she is having trouble to make up her mind what to wear. ‘I need new clothes’ shanti sighs in despair as usual. ‘You have a wardrobe full of clothes and you still need new ones’ Julie laughs creepily. ‘Of course I do I am the daughter of Mr. Elbert’s I must look fab at all times and steal my tall and handsome young bloke’s heart’ Shanti explains and smiles predictably. ‘ here why don’t you try this’ Julie hands me over an ivory dress with buttons in the center ‘yes that was what I was looking for thanks gorgeous’ she tries it on ‘how do I look?’ ‘Beautiful as usual hun’ ‘awesome we are ready to go!’


The chauffeur drives us to the new restaurant. We sit down and as I turn to my side I see a man with blue eyes of the sea with charcoal silky black smooth hair he was staring right at me I don’t know for how long but it was breathtaking me the way he stared, our eyes were locked, the clock had stopped ticking for that moment, that moment I felt his passionate energy, his essence and spirit we both felt so connected and attracted to each other. Any minute now he gives me a wink I immediately turn to face Julie. ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘Nothing just this guy… his staring at me’ ‘who?’ ‘Over at the side of the room’ ‘oh I see’ we had chemistry this was nothing like the others this… felt intense and real. He stood up and was ready to go, before he comes past me he secretly hands me a note with enticement the note said: ‘call me’ and his number I was shocked Julie saw everything she laughs ‘so what does it say? hm let me guess… call me maybe?’ she giggles again I was shocked not because this kind of chemistry  never happened before but because I was speechless, and before I even knew it I had been slowly falling in love…


The next day I was very tempted and had an urge to call that guy at first I was shy to be honest but… I eventually did! I dial his number excitedly with my heart racing and skipping a beat ‘hello’ I listen to his dull manly voice ‘is that you’ he knew it was me ‘ah yes it’s me’ ‘thank you for calling I was waiting for your call and your name is…’ ‘Shanti’ ‘that’s a lovely name I’m Sheldon’ ‘nice to meet you’ I say. ‘Hey wouldn’t it be nice if we go out sometime maybe today or…’ ‘Yes! That would be amazing’ I reply quickly speaking before he had finished his sentence I was blushing just by talking on the phone! ‘Okay then meet me at the botanical gardens’ ‘okay then I’ll see you there!’


I was walking along the pathway into the botanical gardens as I look straight ahead at my view I see Sheldon walking and singing to his iPhone. ‘Hi Sheldon… can you hear me?’ ….. He takes off his earphones from his ear. ‘Ah yes hello Shanti nice to see you isn’t this nature so wonderful?’ ‘Yeah absolutely’ the air was fresh and cooler normally than the other days Sheldon looked red and all warmed up from his walk. ‘I guess you like walking?’ I added ‘yeah wouldn’t mind a walk on a day like this with your company’ I chuckled ‘I prefer running’ ‘great but you don’t need running or exercise you’re already perfectly slim and in form’ ‘aha yeah well thanks for the compliment’ I grinned. I started to feel very close to this guy and getting the warming heat of fire bursting out of my chest, my hands felt sweaty he was so mellow and charming.


‘So do you like music?’ yeah I do I play the piano’ ‘that’s fantastic! Maybe you could play it for me one day’ ‘I’d love to’ after a long pause ‘there is something that I wanted to tell you do you realize that you really capture my attention you look like a lady that has allot of leisurely time’ I stared at him for a minute… ‘Yeah I am a free lady… I mean in my own time yeah’ my face fell in embarrassment ‘and you are very attractive to me too’ my heart was racing so fast that I thought my head was going to explode from my busy buzzy emotions. ‘Shanti’ ‘yes’…….. ‘I think I am… falling for you’…….. Oh my god I couldn’t believe what he just said! On our first date Sheldon had confessed his love! I thought inside my head. I had to take a deep breath and let my words come out bravely… ‘That’s so sweet of you I think I am in love with you too’ and the two share their first kiss on their very first date.

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