Chapter 2: Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 220

Wednesday was an eventful day for the five friends though completely ordinary in all other respects. Shay woke up late, took a shower, cut himself shaving, swore a lot and then ate breakfast. By the time he’d finished washing his bowl the cuts on his face had healed. However, Shay was lost in thought and there was no one else around to witness this miracle.


Moss on the other hand, woke early and after admiring the clear blue sky, clattered down the stairs with a loud “whoop!” to his sleeping brothers’ dismay. He set to work weeding and just generally tidying up his flowerbeds. Completely ecstatic and humming quietly to himself Moss didn’t notice the cuttings trailing after him.


Lynne woke with the urge to make a Battenberg so after seeing her sisters off to school and wishing her stepdad Joseph a fun day at work, she set about baking. Engrossed as she was in both the food and the radio quietly playing in the background, Lynne completely forgot about her coffee. That would have been fine had she not knocked the mug over with her elbow. Muttering angrily to herself, Lynne dashed across the kitchen for the dishcloth and wiped it up, praying that the coffee wouldn’t reach the cookbook. So slowly that Lynne missed it, the liquid stopped spreading outwards and instead began seeping back into the still overturned mug.


Georgie woke to Phoebe singing and the smell of eggs. Ellis was at college and her dad at work, so Phoebe was the only other one home. Stumbling down the stairs and rubbing sleep from her eyes, Georgie went to find her oldest sister.

“Morning, squirt!” Phoebe greeted them with a grin and a shower of crumbs as she turned from the breadboard. Georgie gave her a tired smile. When she was fed and dressed, Georgie and Phoebe went to get some groceries. On the way home, they stopped to get some soil for Inch (Georgie’s pet snail). Intent on looking for soil, Georgie didn’t notice all the reptiles emerging from their houses and race to the sides of their tank towards her.


Raven emerged from their pit at about noon. Ash was sitting at the kitchen table nursing a cup of coffee and reading yesterday’s newspaper.

She looked up as they entered, “Ah, they surface.”

Raven just grunted and headed for the fridge, grumbling and batting at the air.

“Aunt Enid, can’t you go and haunt the graveyard or something?”

Ash laughed, “she has, it’s boring there.”

Finding nothing particularly appealing in the fridge, Raven shut the door and sloped back to their room. Gently fingering the strings of the violin they bought the other day Raven began thinking about the necklaces their friends found yesterday. Before they realised it they were playing a mournful tune on the violin. Ash put her head around the door.

“That sounds lovely, didn’t know you could play the violin though.”

Raven’s mouth went dry, “Er, yeah I’ve been practising at my friend’s house to surprise you.”

“What’s it called?”

 “Uh, it’s er The Discovery by erm…The Lunch Squad.”

“Hmm, haven’t heard of them, they a new band you’ve gotten in to?”

Raven nodded nervously but thankfully Ash went off then and left them to their thudding heart and racing thoughts.



Thursday dawned bright and dry. It was almost like the weather itself was hopeful for the coming day.

Fifteen minutes before the train left for the city Georgie was standing on the platform, Shay was three quarters of the way there, Lynne was waiting for her cake to finish cooking (three minutes and fifty-four seconds left), Moss was knee deep in fertiliser and Raven was curled up in bed. Ash banged loudly on their door.

“You’re going to miss the train – get your arse in gear!”

They groaned and rolled over but didn’t get up.

Five minutes before the train was meant to leave Georgie was sitting on the platform, Shay was leaning against the wall next to them, Lynne was racing to the station, Moss had managed to fall into the fertiliser and Raven was simultaneously tugging on their jacket and dragging a brush through their hair.

At exactly 11:26 when the train was scheduled to arrive Georgie, Shay, Lynne and Raven were stood on the platform expecting to leave. Moss was at home putting on clean clothes.

Ten minutes after the train was supposed to depart Moss strolled onto the platform. He’d just reached his friends when the train pulled up.

Lynne shook her head at him, “You lucky devil.” Moss just grinned back.


Once seated on the train (Lynne, Raven and Georgie sharing two seats – Raven was a weirdly cuddly person for such a prickly looking individual) the talk turned to Rania’s garage.

“Did you ask Rania about the necklaces, Shay?” asked Lynne, leaning across the table. He shook his head.

“I didn’t actually leave the house yesterday.”

“Did any of you notice anything…weird happening yesterday?” Raven asked hesitantly.

“Like what?” Moss asked.

Raven settled themself into the seat, “I don’t know but I composed a song on the violin I bought this week.”

Lynne’s forehead furrowed, “I thought you didn’t know how to play the violin.”

“I don’t.”

No one was really sure what to say to that so just looked at Raven.

“I think,” they began, “I think it might have something to do with the necklace. I think they’re magic.”

A weird sort of thoughtful silence fell as the group processed the idea that magic could be real, and that they had somehow gotten tangled up in it.

“Maybe we should go somewhere and see if we can do something…magical,” suggested Georgie, breaking the tentative silence.

“I have to buy some ingredients first,” Lynne said, “but after that I’m good.”

Everyone else made agreeable noises.


When the train pulled into the station Lynne separated from the group and went off to do mysterious Lynne-things. The other four rattled about and just wandered between shops – art supplies for Shay, health shop for Georgie, guitar picks for Raven and Soaring Sabre-Tooth at Moss’ request though really everyone wanted to go. Lynne met up with them all for lunch and, taking their food with them, the group settled themselves down in a little used alley that the river bordered on one side. Seated in a slightly ominous circle, the five friends looked at each other and shuffled about a bit, no one quite daring to speak first. It was Moss who finally broke the silence.

“Shall we eat so? If no one’s talking, I’d rather my dinner didn’t go cold.”

Almost gratefully everyone started rustling and peeling the papers off their food. Once everyone had finished eating – well except for Georgie who was only halfway through her burrito, her snail ate faster than they did – Lynne took charge.

“Okay so Raven, why don’t we challenge your musical skill first? Shay you have music on your phone, yeah?” He nodded and Raven took out their guitar. Shay scrolled for a moment and then found a song by Granny Smith that he didn’t think Raven knew. Checking that they were ready he started the song. The song played right through, loud in the silence of the alley, and the last note had barely faded before Lynne instructed Raven to play it. They kind of looked at her for a moment then shrugged and began strumming. They didn’t sing but it was obviously the song Shay had chosen. Moss clapped loudly when they had finished.

“Guess that proves something then,” Georgie said

“But how can the rest of you test powers if you have no idea where to start?” Raven asked.

“That’s a good question,” Shay agreed.

“I wonder if it’s got any relation to the necklaces,” Moss mused. They all looked to the skull and headphones settled against Raven’s bony chest.

“Possibly,” Lynne said. “Mine’s a whale’s tail. Do you think that could give me powers to do with water?”

“May as well give it a go with the river,” Shay nodded.

With the other four looking expectantly at her Lynne took a decisive step towards the river’s edge.

“What should I do?” she asked, her mind completely blank.

“You know those books about Peter Johnson who’s a demigod? He can breathe underwater and move it at will. Maybe try something like that,” Georgie suggested.

“Well I’m not getting in there even though it is June,” Lynne said firmly “so I guess I’ll try to move the water with my mind.” Pulling a face that looked like she was trying to glare a hole through the river bed, Lynne concentrated on making a small water free point in the river. It happened slowly but the water started to flow around a space in the middle almost as though there was something in its way.

“Oh my gods you did it!” Georgie exclaimed jumping in the air and clapping her hands a few times. 

“I did it,” Lynne repeated sounding a bit faint. “I really did it.” And then she crumpled into a heap on the bank.


When she came to, Shay was peering into her face looking very concerned and for some reason Moss was gently patting her knee. 

“You okay Lynne?”

She sat up with a small groan, “Yeah sorry about that I’m not sure what came over me.” She tried to stand up but staggered a bit.

“Whoa,” Shay put out a hand to reassure her, but his fingers came back sticky with blood. “Ooh! Lynne you’re bleeding. Let me have a look.”

“What?” She twisted around to peer at her arm. “I must have hit it when I fell.” She peeled up her sleeve to reveal a large gash on her elbow.

Shay poked and prodded it a bit with a slightly grubby tissue he’d found in his pocket to try and clean off the blood, but it was drying too fast to do much good. He sat back on his heels.

“This is going to sound mad, but Lynne, I think it’s healed.”


Both Moss and Raven tried to look at the same time and banged heads with a crack. While they were both flailing around Georgie slipped through and started inspecting Lynne’s elbow.

“Shay’s right. There’s not even a scrape.”

“That’s weird,” Moss observed.

“Maybe that’s Shay’s power,” George suggested, “healing I mean.”

“Possibly,” Shay agreed. “The ankh is the symbol of life after all and it’s not a big leap from life to healing.”

“At this point I think it’s safe I assume we all got powers from the necklaces,” Lynne said.

Hands flapping in excitement Georgie jumped on the spot a few times. “That’s so cool!”

“As cool as it might be,” said Moss, “isn’t a better question ‘why were they in Rania’s garage and does she know?’?”

“We’re going to have to talk to her, Shay,” Raven said. “There’s no way out of it.”

Submitted: February 02, 2019

© Copyright 2021 MxB. All rights reserved.


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