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Sonia was a girl of her early 22, she finished her education in U.K, she came back to Nigeria and start working in her father's company, begin an only child, she gets whatever she wants. Sonia's father (Mr Wilson was a senator and her mother was a former molden in Lagos). Sonia fell in love with a young man named David, David came from a poor background, he lost his father when he was six years old. His poor mother managed to train him and see him through his education. He graduated from the university of Lagos, he has be looking for job ever since he graduated. *** Sonia was in her office when her phone start ringing, she took her phone from her bag and starres at the screen and the caller was SWEET DADDY' boldly written on the screen, she picked the call. ''Hello sweet daddy!" She said. ''My lovely angel, how are you?" Her father asked. ''Dad, I am fine and you?" She asked too. ''I am good my lovely angel! I want you to come home now!" Her father said calmly. ''Dad, I hope there is no problem?" She asked suprisely. ''No sweetheart, there is no problem, just that we have a guest that I would like to introduce to you!" Her father said. ''A guest?" She asked because she was not excepting any guest! ''Yes my angel, please come home for daddy!" Her father said. ''Alright dad, I would be with you shortly!" She said to her father. ''That's my baby girl, dad loves you so much!" Said her father. ''Love you too dad!" She replied and end the call. (''Who could that be, that my father want to introduce me to?") She thought as she arranged her bag! ''Jennifer!" She called her secretary. ''Yes ma!" Jennifer replied. ''I am going home, my dad sent for me, take care of the office!" Sonia said as she start walking away! ''Okay ma, but ma I hope there is no problem?" Jennifer asked. ''Not at all!" Sonia replied and walked out of sight, she hoped into her car and drove away. Sonia got home and pulled out from her car, she walked majestically into the sitting room, she could see a mature man and woman that were old enough to be her parents and a young handsome guy sitting with them along side with her parents. ''Good day sir! Good day ma!" She greeted kneeling down. ''Welcome my dear!" Mr and Mrs Denis Johnson said almost in union. ''Good day dad, Good day mom!" She said and starred at the young man sitting opposite her parents. ''Hi!" She said and waved at him. ''Hi pretty!" He replied and cut eye for her. ''Dad, what's happening here? Who are they?" She asked with a low tone as she sat next to her father. ''My princess, let me officially introduce to you, my friend and his family!" Her father said and smiled to her! She didn't say anything, she just starred at them then to her parents who were smiling seriously. ''My angel, here is Mr and Mrs Honourable Denis Johnson!" Her father said pointing at Mr and Mrs Denis. ''And here is their only son, Steve, who just finished his education in America and he is back home to stay!" ''Oh, nice meeting you Mr and Mrs Honourable Denis!" She said with smiles and shook hands with them. ''Nice meeting you too!" Mrs Denis said. ''You have grown into a big girl and looked matured now, is nice meeting you again!" Mr Honourable said and shook hands with her. Then she went to where Steve was sitting, Steve stood up on his feet as she walked to him..

Submitted: February 02, 2019

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