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This is my short story about friendships and relationships.

Submitted: February 02, 2019

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Submitted: February 02, 2019



It’s a complex name. Sahinna yeah that shy girl that turned into a beauty and dancing queen, full of life and drama, just has something to reply to every word you say, a great sense of humor, she loves belly dance talented from birth with that hot pink jingly accessory she use to wear she changed it and bought a new one because the other one got old, tangy and almost nothing was left on the material. But you know ages 18-20 when young teenagers or early adulthood wasted people go out clubbing nowadays, the old term these kinds of people use to use was ‘disco’


Jenny calls Sahinna Shady I think she got that from Eminem but James listens to rap more… you know it’s a bloke thing Tim just doesn’t care there’s only one thing he cares about and that’s getting laid and it’s not lame there was a time when he invited a girl over to his flat for dinner suddenly his dad walks in while they’re having sex… um well that’s embarrassing! When he was thinking no one would be at home that night, he should be more careful next time and not save that stinky condom with cum in it to get girls pregnant. If you’re into love and sex well guess what? You have come to the right place this short story will get you there!


‘Shady is there a mall where I can buy a cigar’? ‘Just at the corner of the bar’ when she comes back ‘how many have you smoked today jen’? She asks with a spooked voice ‘about like 10 or 11’ giving an anxious face ‘well that’s okay’ Shady is speaking sarcastically now she tried it a few times but didn’t like the smell nor the taste ‘hey what do you think of James’?  ‘Who our James’?  ‘Yeahhh……’  ‘Don’t even think about it Jenny… ‘ her face fell ‘I know his a decent guy, his into love and romantizm better yet more mature than Tim…but his our friend’ ‘oh I know I just asked’ ‘yeah right’ the conversation just literally went silent jenny narrowed her eyes and fell into her secretive shell. 


Friday night. Yeah it has got to be, a hangover for jenny, a one night stand for Tim, a desire to find love for James, oh how sweet! And lucky last Shady the obsession to find her soul mate and I am speaking of a real, chocolate brownie skinned man! How someone commented on that song flaunt it ‘dark and dirty’ she loves those types of music just listening to it and going with the rhythm of the flow, having a boogie well she thinks it is great and doesn’t care what other people think! She imagines it she is on stage singing ‘girl on fire’ and suddenly she burps out of control but doesn’t even give a damn, just keeps on singing now that’s how confident she is! In her adventurous wonderland world it is as if she is at the beach and the theme is beach party everything just goes slow motion when that ocean eyed, sandy blond haired guy stairs at her, his strawberry ice cream dripping down onto his cone…….. Sound familiar? Well I guess so.


We’re all at Club Retro the place where we usually go to, the four of us the guys hang around the rooftop beer garden and the girls are on the dance floor sometimes but tonight on this particular evening we find ourselves altogether like we use to be when we were juniors. ‘eew look at that guy dancing hideously all over those girls’ Shady notices it and watches with disbelief ‘he must of be doing a good job though, look those girls are having the time of their lives, not my type of behavior’ James looked away with despair ‘that girl looks hot as I will go and join the group’ Tim hurries off ‘haha before you even know it!’ Jenny is use to him now but doesn’t find it that bad. ‘Cheers for the three of us who stayed!’ Shady commented with cheerful delight. They moved onto dancing till three.


Saturday after lunch James and Tim enjoy playing video games at home ‘you missed that round’ ‘no I didn’t that was a score’ ‘but I can’t say the same for you, look you’re going out of the edges’ ‘no I am not I am completely in the road’ James sighs they both argue until 10 rounds finish. They decide to go out to play footy now ‘don’t you just miss those old days when this footy pitch and match was surrounded by people?’ ‘Yeahh, oh well I have moved on from it now these are good days too, we’re still mates’ ‘yeahh I agree you’re right Tim’ as if Tim stated a right phrase for the first time in his early teens. They keep on talking and playing at the same time. Tim kicks the ball ‘got it’ ‘and goal!’ just a quick match with the two, who wins? Well off course it has got to be James the Collingwood team!


Shady receives an invite from her childhood bestie Susan to the mixed girls and boys dinner club for all of her group of friends! Well that sounds fantastic! She thinks inside her head and jumps around with rejoice, she speedily runs off to tell all the others they show happiness but only little because they are not so interested and use to going to restaurants, but who knows maybe this formal event will turn into a mysterious beginning with hopeful endings.


It is a Wednesday and everyone is getting ready with dresses, suits and ties ‘how do you put on this stupid thing-ouch’ Tim gives an unpleasant feeling on his face ‘just bear with it for one night, here’ replies Jenny and fixes his tie. James on the other hand comes in looking sharp and handsome ‘and how do I look?’ everybody’s mouth opens up wide and they’re all staring at him with an incredible impression, oh he is always predictable! ‘You look absolutely amazing!’ the two of them answer excepted for Tim, oh he has got to be so immature! ‘Well I am wearing my strapless red dress; Jenny is in her plain black dress……soooo we are all ready to go!  They all hop onto the white limousine that James booked for them and off they go.

There are sounds of fork and knife with some people mingling around in the background, jenny’s eyes are on James for the whole time being but his eyes are on Shady……. ‘May you accept this dance with me?’  ‘Sure’ jenny looks so jealous ‘haha’ ‘hey what are you laughing at?’ jenny looks crossed this time ‘do you like James?’ ‘What?’ ‘You heard me’ ‘no’ ‘sure you don’t’ they’re both left together and the other two are dancing salsa as if they’re couples ‘you’re such a great dancer’ ‘thanks’ ‘so have you found love yet?’ he looks at her as if she is standing right in front of her ‘um no I haven’t’ Shady has a feeling that he might be in love with her, she likes his romantic vibe ‘have you found your soul mate?’ ‘No still looking to find him’ instead of getting upset he smiles. ‘Had enough?’ ‘Yeah’ they sit back down as he puts a fork full of salmon in his mouth. This night showed the real side of their characters that they had always hided.


Shady memorizes last night. The way James looked at her, the way she caught one eye at how jealous Jenny was when he asked for a dance. I reckon James is a marvelous guy if he really is in love with me but I am trying to approach a soul mate. Shady thinks inside her head.


The next day we altogether planned to go to the Sunnyside beach at mount Eliza. 35 degrees Celsius a balmy, hot summery weather to dive in for a splash and to taste the salty water the sensation of the sand in our feet’s. As James parks the car at the parking lot we all step out of James’s blue Ford Falcon.


Shady sits down on the sand, Jenny spreads her towel to get a tan and the guys are on the other side to do fishing. In the blink of an eye as Shady turns her head left her heart bounces like ‘boom’ and there he was……. Tall, handsome with dark skin she immediately feels the connection with him he notices her as well and walks toward her ‘Hi can I sit?’ ‘Yeah sure, have we met before?’ ‘Not in this life but maybe in our past’ it really felt this way like we have known each other ever since. ‘Could this be a dream?’ ‘I think it’s too good to be true’ ‘do you feel it too?’ ‘Yes I feel the connection’ ‘do you want to go for a walk?’ ‘yeah let’s go’ ‘you know I have always wanted this, I have even fantasized about meeting you here’ ‘oh really, well to me it is very unexpected, an attachment’ Shady holds his hand looks him in the eye ‘yes that means we’re soul mate’s’ he stars at her so romantically and deeply, Shady closes her eyes…. ‘Alex’ ‘how did you know my name?’ ‘I felt it and understood by heart, I am also psychic’ Alex holds one hand on her cheek ‘you’re amazing but I am not psychic what is your name?’ ‘Sahinna people call my Shady….I have found you and I won’t let you go’ Shady rests and leans her head against his chest.


jenny zones out from listening to her iPod and reading fifty shades of grey while getting a tan with her sun glasses on she looks around to find Shady she sees her with a guy from a long distance view as she captures them she gets happy and excited that she is with someone but she doesn’t interpret this feeling yet and why. So she goes back to James to see what he is up to.


‘Hey what are you guys doing caught any fish yet?’  ‘Tones! There yours and these are mine’ Tim replies greedily as he tosses the fishing rod to hook another fish ‘oh fine’ ‘where’s Shady?’ James asks with concern ‘oh she is over there with a guy and completely forgot about us’ James looks a bit down when he catches them together ‘but don’t worry I will keep your company’ as she gives a pat on his shoulder. Jenny notices he looks a bit pale ‘what’s wrong are you jealous of Shady?’ ‘what no I am just tired’ ‘well if you are don’t hold your breath, look at them they are like sweet couples, just saying’ ‘nah I always want the best for Shady and maybe she has found her soul mate’ ‘well yeah by the look of it’ ‘don’t worry if you can’t find the love of your life you always hav…..’ her voice just cuts through the line and she starts to blush. ‘Oh I don’t mean it like that I meant…..’ ‘it’s okay Jenny I know where you’re coming from, maybe you’re right I might have feelings for Shady and I have seen your jealousy for me’ ‘that’s the way spit out the truth but me? Jealous of you? No way!’  ‘Don’t deny it Jenny speaking of the truth just admit it’ ‘oh fine maybe but you think I am right don’t you?’ ‘Well um…. yeah since Shady is with someone and you have feelings for me, maybe we can…..’ ‘Oh my gosh! So you’re accepting to go out with me?’ ‘Well yes’ ‘Thank you James I am starting to realize my feelings for you now by my joy, you know I won’t disappoint you remember you once were my friend and now….’ ‘Okay Jenny we will see how far we can take it’ Jenny kisses him on the cheek much.


Tim has finished catching the fish but we know that his life is one with the other and this continuous to go on like that a silly asshole who never grows up like a kid but we still love him. Jenny apologizes to Shady about her jealousy and how rude she was that dinner night on the way back home. Jenny learns a lesson but James is a reward that adds up to her advantage. Later on they all have their fish and chips and proceed to live with happiness and laughter but also with their new member of the group, Shady’s fantasized soul mate that she found and always dreamed about.








© Copyright 2019 Lilac Maria Sussex. All rights reserved.

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