The wedding at the waterfall

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With spontaneity!.....

Submitted: February 02, 2019

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Submitted: February 02, 2019



I am casually at a spectacular piney green Waterfall. A personal place where I can find silence and serenity on this scorching hot weather today. The air is warm and humid but I feel peaceful and relaxed when I breathe in the fresh oxygen. The landscaped views look wonderful; the branches of the trees are hanging down leaning slightly on the water, the water is pouring down with a pleasant way, washing away all my negative thoughts raging in my mind. I am hearing the sound of the bird’s gently singing and the smell of the river touching the tip of my nose……


All of a sudden I hear a round of applause in the background, I walk along the small bridge and I capture a scene of a Wedding…..everybody is showing their joy and happiness for the couple, my eyes study down on the bride as she steps on the grooms feet, I thought that must have been hurtful…….


Just then, the bells ring in my head I remember that this is a Cultural Turkish Wedding. Now I understand why…..When both partners confirm the word ‘yes’ the bride steps on the groom’s feet. It is a cultural and traditional thing for Turkish people. I can see the love they have for each other in the two and it is beautiful…… I sneak and join in the proposal at the back row without even having an invite; I clap and cheer for them, what a splendid spot they have chosen for their marriage! Spontaneously for me indeed!

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