Finding my biological father

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Is to be continued…

Submitted: February 02, 2019

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Submitted: February 02, 2019



Ayshe sometimes lives in the Istanbul streets around Istiklal Avenue and Taksim Square with a couple of other boys her age; they keep shelter under a nearby old rusty building. It is December. Which means it is winter time. She has just got kicked out of home and all so with her own personal desire from her father which she used to call but he wasn’t her biological dad. It was her step mother’s partner which she was no good either.

Ayshe takes her small Barbie suitcase and climbs on top of the building where she hangs around with her friends. She inhales the fresh freezing cold air into her little lungs; she sniffs with sadness and loneliness, wiping the tears dripping down her sweet childish face. She says to herself she is much stronger than this and that everything will be okay after all even though she is still only about 9 or 10 years old. 

She climbs back down hurriedly after a couple of minutes or so, she sets to her mind and tells herself that she wants to research to discover who her biological father is. Her fake dad wasn’t a very decent man, he had a feral behavior if she didn’t bring back home any money he would bash her up in no time that’s why she has some scars on her forehead with dirty small hands. And her step mother wouldn’t even say a word to stop him she would just lift an eyebrow, narrow her eyes and give a bitchy sigh to her. Hell she was a bitch!

But everything hopefully has vanished in the past now. Ayshe thinks; she wants to start a new beginning in her life, a life where those two cruel and ugly human beings won’t exist.  She has hope that when she abandons and escapes from Istanbul, Turkey everything will fall in place to a better future for her.


‘Inshallah’ she says in her own language under her breath.


Ayshe kept a conversation that her family did the other day in her memory. They were talking about her real father and how they wanted to send her over there to him in Georgia. She heard everything and even got a pen and paper to write down his address which was a very smart and intelligent thing to do.

Before leaving the country she wanted to buy her favorite sweet - some cotton candy again from an old man where she used to hang around near the Liman - Harbour in Kyrenia.  She had to travel from Turkey to Cyprus where she used to live with her family and this wasn’t a problem for her because she had all the money that she needed. How? She secretly went into her dad’s room and got all of his money which was packed in his business bag. At first she thought this was wrong but after all the bashing up and suffering he caused for her she thought this was fair enough.

Ayshe’s first stop is travelling to Cyprus to buy the cotton candy with an airplane – Pegasus as an extra young flyer.  The flight attendants handled her with extra care which was a very kindly thing to do.  It was only a couple of hours but for her age she slept all the way from all the fatigue.

When the plane landed in Cyprus she disembarked and off she went to the Liman. She took a couple of minibuses, walked and hopped to find the old man that sells the cotton candy.


She speaks in her own language but here is the translation:

‘Hi can I have one cotton candy please?’

‘Sure that will be 5? thanks’

‘Here you go’

The old man hands her over the cotton candy

‘Thank you’

‘No worries enjoy’


Ayshe munches on her cotton candy with happiness and (turkish delight lol)!  She enjoys watching the river and boats all around her while eating her food.

Once she is done she disposes her rubbish in the bin and heads off to Georgia to meet her biological father.  She hopes that she can find him easily with no barriers…

Ayshe has never been to Georgia before but she thinks it will be a good experience for her to see the country of where her real dad lives. She can’t wait to meet and greet her father even though she is extremely tired from all the travelling she has been doing.

She arrives in Georgia this time by boat. All by herself like an independent young lady. She had to be, living life’s difficulties she has learned a lot just by being 10 years old. She feels like an inspiration now.

She hops on a taxi when she gets out of the boat the taxi takes her to her dad’s address she gives the taxi driver the paper. As they drive Ayshe sights a sign saying - Welcome to Georgia State of adventure. This really interests her…

The drive was about half an hour until finally she has arrived at the address! The house looked arched but a little bit old.


‘Here we are we have arrived at the destination’ the taxi driver exclaims

‘Thank you sir I have got Turkish currency though is that alright?’  Ayshe hands him over the money

 ‘Hm, well it looks like you’re new to Georgia young lady and on your own by the way but that’s alright that will do for today since you’re very young, payment is accepted’

‘Thank you sir’

‘No problem’


Ayshe climbs out of the taxi with her belongings and takes a deep breath before knocking on the door…

She waits until the door opens with anxiety but excitement at the same time to see her dad.

The door opens and she views a tall skinny man with black hair and long faced, just like Ayshe. She had a feeling this man could be her dad…

The man’s facial expression looked shocking as if he somehow knew that this girl was his daughter…

They begin to talk in their language but the man had a half Turkish and Azerbaijani accent.


‘Oh my god is this you Ayshe?’

‘…Yes it is me’ Ayshe stares at her father

‘How did you find me Ayshe’?

‘I found out your address by those two evil people but they weren’t taking care of me like a real mother and father daddy so I have travelled all the way here to see you’ Ayshe starts to cry and sob

‘Oh Ayshe it is all my fault I was in hardship and couldn’t look after you I thought you were in safe hands but…’

‘I want to stay with you daddy’


Ayshe’s dad hugs her very tightly puts his daughter inside, in a cozy warm bed to sleep on. And from now on Ayshe stays and lives with her Azerbaijani dad Ahmet, her second father, the best father of all! 



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