One night stand!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Finding Romance
Warning: Sexual scenes and coarse language Type of writing: short story Genre: Romance and erotica Between two characters- straight, sex: (female and male) Names: Francesca Maxwell and Lochlan Parker

Submitted: February 03, 2019

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Submitted: February 03, 2019



Francesca swifts away a strip of dead straight eggplant hair to the side, trying to get it away from her face due to the windy weather outside of Brooklyn bridge, New York, United States of America. Yeah trying to show it off or flaunting it like a real bitch! It is a Friday night. Francesca is freezing her ass off on this winter season. She really needs a cup of coffee. Right now. On the Atlantic Terminal Train Station. Maybe she should curry a hot guy’s favor for one! Or a French martini……


Francesca hops onto the train and off she goes to a nightclub. On her own, to get laid! Nah just kidding! Or maybe she can if she gets lucky tonight. She always goes out and about into the New York City often, very occasionally. Sometimes with friends or just by herself, independently if she wants a hook up for a one night stand! Now that is her plan actually in the matter of truth……!


Francesca wonders her head around while the train takes her to her destination. Traffic lights, houses, restaurants, bars all pass by. She decides to go to Analog BKNY a nightclub this time. she has been to many, many different clubs and she knows the real deal, being cautious with getting her liquor drinks spiked, how to attract a young bloke, or player for a night!


Francesca is a super dooper sexy woman on earth! With her sensual seductions, her skinny figure, her blackout hair, short leather skirt, black holed stockings, is just charming and gorgeous! She enters into the club. A metaphor thought of Francesca: Lights flash her way, she is the center of attention, as always, fine, elegant, sultry nature, and of course with a wet pussy, her vaginal hole getting wider, aroused. YES NO VIRGIN! At all never even has she felt like one since 13 or 14 years of age!


Francesca doesn’t respect or cherish good gurls because they’re not from her class, in fact she hates them! Her group of friends used to be all slutty and yes very popular bad ass bitches! That was her class and yes again, she would stay classy in class! She isn’t able to keep in contact with her best friends because they have gone schooling and it’s their gap year, they have just finished high school recently.


And have ditched her with other blonde bitches! Which is really distressing for her. She feels left out of her group so she just chooses to go out clubbing, her own way. And maybe just approach a sexy player or fuckboy to meet her needs and pleasures! It doesn’t matter whoever they are, murders or criminals. She only but only keeps her interest in what she is going to get in bed! And paid as well!


Francesca sits down on one of the harbor gray bar stools and orders a Malibu mixed with pineapple juice.


‘Hey barman can you get me one of those?’

‘Sure beautiful’

‘Thanks love’

‘Getting lucky tonight yeah?’ the barman chuckles

‘Oh hell yeah! I’m seeking for the long lasting one’ Francesca assures him

The barman grins ‘Well I hope you get what you want! Have a goodnight pleasure!’

‘Yeah thanks baby!’ Francesca ends the chat with the barman and takes a sip from her drink.


Francesca is determined and keen on getting wasted, drunk and laid with a handsome young bloke out there in the club! She was alone but any minute or two she knows that she can find the best lover and deal so she turns her head to the side and captures a young teenager with emerald eyes, jet-black hair, tall, Pearl River skin…..!


He is standing at the middle of the dance floor, his Jack Daniels in one hand, a blonde dancing in front of him…..! He persists to keep on making secretly eye contacts with Francesca every now and then for a couple of minutes. He seems really attentive and focused about her….! Which is a good sign in a beneficial way for her….


All of a sudden the guy begins to make winks and head signs to Francesca meaning to come and get it baby!..... Francesca is enjoying the chemistry they have for each other. It feels pleasing, addictive, irresistible, satisfying with intense sexual chemistry that they are showing to one another!


Francesca immediately responds to the soon to be one night standard guy. She winks back and tells him to come to her. This felt habit-forming, in an obsessive compulsive way…. Just like the disorder!  Her heart is racing now, she is producing anxiety…. But it felt good, so good…. Even from now!


‘Hey sexy’ Francesca starts to quiver, flutter and tremble.

‘Hey you’re looking good tonight’ the guy replies

‘I’m Francesca and you’re….?’

‘I’m Lochlan’

‘Hm nice to meet you’

Lochlan plays with Francesca’s smooth, silky hair and decides to sit down next to her.

‘Your girlfriend is left there all stranded and everything….’

‘Oh don’t worry about her….. I only want you tonight’ Lochlan bends down and tells her this in her ear.


The tickle of his lips gives her the shivers and goose bumps, all the way down to her spine…..!


He admits and confesses to her; oh it is so sweet like spicy, hot chilly sauce! But they try not to fall in love because that is not what they’re exploring for….. But they can definitely make love! Oh yes and in the bedroom they can fuck as much as they want for hours and hours! Hell yeah!


They both drink their alcohol’s staring at each other, like they’re going to eat each other up! But YES they will soon because Francesca is thinking of leaving with Lochlan tonight, and she is sure that he is thinking what she is thinking too! Oh yes she is one of those people who are born with this illness in her head…. Meaning the urge to pick up someone and fuck! Yes but what can she do it’s in her DNA now, she can’t get over it!


The two dances all night long until 1:00am! When they get tired and want to have a break and sit down for a while Lochlan says,


‘Shall we?’ Lochlan asks Francesca to get her approval of leaving and evacuating the dance floor like every other fucker would! As saying that he nods to her…..

‘Yeah sure’ Francesca accepts his claim


Lochlan takes hold of her, grasps her hand and drags her out of the club! Francesca feels the hot anxiousness on her face when she blushes because people are watching them both to exit the club. But it’s not such a big deal, as she is used to this as always!


Lochlan drives Francesca to his smoke colored house. Yes it is a modern home, abalone walls in the interior and exterior, candy couches, rhino carpet, black and white kitchen…. This is Francesca’s dream home actually! The minute she examined and inspected his home she was shocked! She couldn’t believe her eyes! Because this was the exact same design that she has in her mind for her new home in Brooklyn, New York!


‘I’ll get you something to drink, what would you like?’

‘Well it’s getting late so I’ll have a cup of coffee please’

‘Sure I’ll be right back, and then you can show me your goodies’ Lochlan gives her a mischief look

‘You sure wanna get some don’t you ayy?’ Francesca asks

‘Who wouldn’t want a women like you?’ ohhh doesn’t he have to be so cute! She thinks and smiles at him back.


Lochlan comes back with their espresso’s to relax and chillax from all the loud noise from the disco…. But to be honest, they both wanted something more now….. In a sexual way, they both felt turned on and horny…..!


When they both finished their coffee’s Francesca took out an imperial dress with her powder feather boa. SEX IS ON IT’S WAY! She stripped off her clothes and changed into them in front of Lochlan. Lochlan looked as if he was saying: oh bring it on baby! She got on top of his lap on the sofa, rubbed the feather boa around his neck. She started engaging in stripping his clothes off too…. ‘May I?’ she asks ‘right on!’ Once they were off she gave him a pleasurable blowjob…..! Damn he was moaning! She bites the top of his soft pinky lips…. Oh it was so delicious! The kissing, the erotic and exotic location and scene were what Francesca was attempting to find! And she did! Hell yeah!


‘Please give me more Francesca’ he demanded so she clutched his hand and takes him to his bedroom; she ties his hands to the handles of his bed….. Lochlan looked inpatient, he wants her, now….!  You can’t imagine the things I want to do to you Francesca thinks inside her head but doesn’t put it in words…..


Francesca jumps on top of him, Lochlan passionately and hurriedly inserts his penis into her vaginal opening. Nothing too slow, only rough sex! Francesca screams a loud moan! They try every sex position that you can think of. The captain style, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, the magic bullet, standing up, speed bump, missionary, the squat, One person on bed, one person standing, sideways, on the table, on bed banging it hard!


They are going at it for 4 or 5 hours! Strong, long lasting, passionate, lustful sex! What a night! They say to each other! They had a late night sleep afterwards, when the early morning dawns they don’t even want to open the curtains; they are still tucked in bed, enjoying their sleep as much as they took delight having sex!


The sunrise is shining through the curtains, strikingly, glowing and beaming. Francesca wakes up and gives a yawn with her sexy, husky moaning voice. She gets up from bed and sees that Lochlan is still asleep. She does the unexpected and kisses him on the lips, but he doesn’t wake up. So she just has a hot shower, gets dressed up and leaves Lochlan’s house.


Francesca and Lochlan’s one night stand ends here….. But there must be still more to come, what a night was that!


The End

By Seni Writes






© Copyright 2020 Authoress Seni. All rights reserved.

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