District Of Zenda

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Submitted: February 03, 2019

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Submitted: February 03, 2019



  District of Zenda

my name is Jissca i have a little sister called Jane i am

about 8 years old and my sister is 5. we livied with our

mother in Zenda. Zenda is a small country near strelsau

. everthing is quiet in Zenda since Strelsau had puplished

in the news paper  that there will be a new king and the

cornation will me made in 3 days. one day the Duke

maechale came to Zenda's inn (my mother's inn) with

rubert (his loyal man) and talked about the cornation and

what the Duke will do to the king as he was his half brother

Mother" i have heard the Duke. he is going to prevent his

brother from being the king" "Dont enterfer between them

they are brothers so dont care about it" as you know all

Zenda love the Duke and hate the new king so nobody

cares about him. 2 days passed the news  says that the

king went to the hunting loge to wait until the cornation is

ready. At 10 pm that day an English man came to the Inn

and asked me about the new king and how the people like

him. "He is not known in our country sir" i said "Not

Known.. i think he is going to be your king isn't he ?" The

English Man said. "Yes he is , but no body saw him as he

was out the country all of his life and came back when his

father died (the King) so he came back to be the king "  I

explained. The Big Day Arrived "It is the Day Mother I Cant

wait to see our new king" I said Excitedly. "i am Not Excited

I Dont Even Like him , The Duke Must Be our New King Not

Him" Jane Said Angerliy. "Mother The News Says that the

king  went through the old town not the rich one , I thing he

has changed alot." I said. 


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