The Nights you argued

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Remembering the nights you woke to loud disagreements but you couldn't interrupt as it was past bed time.

I am sitting here and staring at the wall Listening to words that are so powerful With anger, pain, judgement & disrespect How I can sit quiet and not inspect

But that's how it goes in my household don't say say a word unless your told Be a silent lil mouse and creap to the door, holding your breath and listen to em all

Words overflowing, all hours of the night Look throu' the crack & keep out of sight. you need to see and witness the drama, Watchin' ones you love put on their armor

You shudder and shiver, quiver and quake Holding your tears back for goddess sake The words are not for you, so please don't take heart, but it's killing you slowly, its tearing you apart

When all is silent, don't waste your time, jump into bed, forget all this crime. Hold your tears and put on a smile Never let them know, or you'll be walking the green mile.

It's only a night and it's only a day What sounds horrible in the dark shines bright in the Sun's rays. And remember that they love you forever and always.

Submitted: February 04, 2019

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