Perhaps it is love?

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This is a story about love that is maybe destined to be?

~ Hey there, I just started writing what came in mind and wanted opinions, advices so don't be hesitant with me. Hope you enjoy this. Maybe if I can get my head to work, I could develop this into a real story. Just share your thoughts! ~

Submitted: February 04, 2019

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Submitted: February 04, 2019








The third semester started 2014 and it was supposed to be like any other. I had a lab assignment with Amy when she suddenly remembered that she left some notes back in her classroom. Out of courtesy, I went with her to keep company. In her class there were, by my thought, a lot of fools so to say. Then again, there were two girls that caught my eye. It was funny to see them laughing so hard that one of them fell down. It was a skinny girl with medium length hair, blonde hair and a stupidly obnoxious laugh, and the other one was a bit chubbier than the previous girl ,with long dark brown hair and was crying in tears;


- Some friend... - I thought.


The skinny one noticed me and approached in a way that looked really frightening, like I genuinely thought I was going to die. She was really acting in a rude way , saying:


- Excuse me bud, something funny?! - or something of the sort. I replied instantly;


- NO! - and I did raise my voice a little there, and ran out as soon as I’ve seen Amy coming with her notes.


She later told me about a little about those girls. The skinny one's name is Emily while the chubbier one is Sophie. Although they were a grade above me, we were practically the same age because of me skipping 5th grade due to family problems. They weren’t the most problematic ones but they had their share of being naughty, rude and even evil sometimes. She told me about some of their stories together and I couldn’t help but laugh at how fun they actually sounded. After a quick chat with Amy about them, we got back the lab assignment. It took us around one hour before it was over.





Obviously going to school, I met them later and the image of Emily falling just popped and I couldn’t hold back my laugh. After she noticed me laughing she suddenly rushed at me as if she knew what I was thinking of. I was sure she would come to say something similar to before our previous encounter, but to my surprise she came to say, with  a really pleasant smile, "Hi", and there I was, standing there in disbelief that I actually survived our second meeting. From past experiences, I learned to somewhat read people's body language and interpret the words someone say to keep myself safe because in all my life there wasn’t really anyone that wanted to be with me or even get to know me without any hidden agenda or to just tease me. But I didn’t feel like that when she came. How should I put this, with that greet I felt as if I've known her for quite some time and it seemed natural to me. Her chubby friend didn’t say anything, maybe because she was shy at that point but she did make a little smirk on her face and I couldn't help but notice her crystal clear, blue eyes. All of that combined made her look a lot cuter then I previously thought. We introduced just ourselves just like that, with a simple "Hi" and "Hey" and then we went our separate ways.





In a few days time, there was another lab assignment but since there are so many of us in one class, the teacher had thought of an idea to split the class and have a joint class between Amy's and mine. At first I was a little excited to hear this, since I could possibly see the two girls from before again. Sadly, they were split in two groups and those two weren't in this one.


- Lucky me.. , with a disappointed in head voice.


Honestly, this feeling of disappointment surprised me, because it was the first time in a while that I was actually looking forward to seeing someone. I don’t know what made me do it but after the assignment was finished I went to the school library but with a purpose. Since I knew Amy's classroom is in the hallway where the library was, I intended to just walk past it and see if I could possible spot those two girls again. Before arriving at their class door, I have noticed that it was opened and I could hear chairs screaking and some really loud, pretty damn loud laughing. Since I have been wearing glasses for well, practically my whole life, I developed a keen sense of hearing and  I immediately recognized this particular sort of laugher. It was those Emily and Sophie again, no questions asked! I casually  and really silently, like a ninja, stood behind the door and had a little peek and what do I find? Those two, laughing their asses of, tears already coming from their tear ducts I just couldn't believe how much fun they were having at that moment.  I don't think I was interested in what was the cause of it, I just know that seeing them made me chuckle. I honestly wasn't the friendly, fun to be around, go - to type, I was more the quiet one that doesn't but in to other people's business but hey, these two sure caught my interest. I walked in and the closer I was, the chuckle I had was slowly turning in to  genuine laughter. When I came close enough, I soon realized the source of it all. It was their foolish friend, who was making stupid, funny looking faces, and in my opinion it was just to impress them. To be honest, it isn't like it didn't work, he caught their interest but only in the same way I have; that he was a foolish kid that made funny looking grimaces, nothing more and nothing less. I walked up to them and greeted them first, which was new for me but somehow it came natural to say hi to them. They welcomed me with such laughter that I couldn't resist but fall prey to them again and laugh together. Later, when the kid went to buy something to eat for breakfast, we had a little amount of time to chat. Us three, or should I rather say two because Sophie was actually back to herself when I first saw her, just a smirk on her face and not a word from her. I know I am shy, but she beat me at it. Well at least Emily was talkative and by that, I mean really talkative. Like, she was just asking question after question; "Where do you live?", "How old are you?", "Which class are you?", etc. the list goes on. She was just too curious for my taste, just to be honest with you. But it did make me feel like I matter for once, someone is taking an interest in me and it wasn't the kind where they needed help with their homework or to ask me if a guy is single for her. It felt good. We talked for a while, exchanged some basic information about ourselves and right when it was getting good, the bell rang to mark the end of class. Darn it, I wanted more time.. When I was saying goodbye to them, Emily said to me:


- Hey listen, if you have time you could come and hangout with us. You seem like a fun guy and I can see it in your eyes,  you thrive for an adventure, just like we do.


I replied:


- Sure, I would love to. Nice been meeting you Emily and Sophie. See you around. - and I walked away with a huge smile on my face, the biggest one in a while that's for sure.





Later on we kinda started to hang out from time to time but only in school. Day after day, month after month the semester ended and summer vacation is starting. Emily and I stayed in contact through Facebook but, me being as I am, I wasn’t that active on it so really it was maybe us checking on each other once a week. But it wasn't the same case with Sophie. I did look for her on Facebook but I couldn't find her so my guess was that she doesn't have one.  Now that I think about it, us three hanged out in school a lot but Sophie never really interacted with us, at least not as much when I was around. I think I was right to think that she was just a shy girl,a classic introvert, much like I am, and that once she would feel comfortable with my presence she would open up a little, but it didn’t really happen during the school year. June has passed, Jully as well and it was just the beginning of August just when, very unexpectedly, I got a very odd message from Emily.


- Hi there, I am inviting you to my birthday party, which is on 25th of August. I am looking forward for you to accept this invitation although we weren't that close in school, I do still want you here as my friend.

Thank you,



I say odd because it genuinely is. It was an invitation to Sophie's birthday party. I couldn’t believe it at first to be honest, but Emily assured me that it is true and that I was an invitation directly from her,it’s just that she didn't have a way to contact me so she asked Emily to do it. I was shocked a little and at that point Sophie was like a question mark to me. Full of mysteries and secrets that I don’t know, but wanted to. I have to admit, I was really curious about her. I asked myself "Why? How come? I never really talked to her, this may sound bad but, she was just an existence, she was just there with us, not saying anything in particular whenever I was with them. Didn’t really talk with me that much. Heck, I haven’t even noticed her look at us two once. Of course, I wasn't  planning not to accept the invitation so I just agreed that I would come. Okay, now that I have faced the fact that I am invited to a girls birthday party, there was just one question popping in my mind;


What the heck should I buy her? Does she like chocolate? Or maybe flowers? What chocolate those she like more, which flavor suits her more? And what scent is good for her if I should pick flowers? Damn so many questions, but so little time to answer them... After some careful consideration, I think I have finally thought of something that might just work. I bought her a gift card made just for birthdays, a big chocolate with strawberry filling and  a smile flower. The flower just recently started blooming and it had pedals looking as pure as the white snow. I have heard that the flower is associated with the term innocence which I thought would be a good one for her. It’s not like I know much about her but she seemed like the one that wouldn’t hurt an individual for her satisfaction, on the contrary she was the one that always got hurt by others.  The music was loud, I could hear it all the way to her house, the whole neighborhood. And finally here I am, right at the doorstep of her house. It was like two sides of me where fighting, the good, angelic one and the bad, devilish type. Who won? I don't know..?


- Gosh, I am so nervous, my hands are already sweating, I ran out of things to say even though I practiced for it, I don't know what to do... - this is what was going on in my head.





Finally I mustered up the courage and just rang the doorbell so now all I have to do now is to give her this, be with them until I have curfew and finish. Easy. After one more ring, the door opened. It was her. Sophie. Staring at me with those crystal clear blue eyes, but this time with a huge smile as well. I was amazed. Left speechless. Nothing came to mind except the fact that she has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen yet. She wore a cute light blue one piece dress with some weird shoes that honestly didn't really matter to me. I was captivated by her appearance. Cute. Gorgeous. Pretty. I mean, I must say this only in my head, she is really beautiful with that smile, with that dress, with the way she greeted me. After a short pause of awkward silence, she was the first one to break the ice and say something.


- Hi, glad you could make it. I thought you wouldn't come honestly, but now that you did, I am really glad. - and another huge smile but this time she even blushed which made my heart melt. I am done...


- Of course I would come, wouldn't have missed it by a longshot. Here, this is for you. I didn't know what to get you actually, so I hope that you will at least like it a little.. - and I said this in a tone that I never knew I could speak in.


- Oh, wow! Thank you, you shouldn't have. - she actually not jump, but hopped in joy.


- I am curious to see your reaction, would you mind opening it now? - now I was starting to blush for saying something like this,  this wasn't like me at all.


I can swear, when she opened it was astonishing. She was really glad to see what she got, the chocolate happened to be her favorite one, the birthday card made her laugh and I swear, she even let a tear drop even if it was just for a second when she noticed the flower. My thoughts were: "Jackpot!". After that, she walked me in and poured me some soda and said that I should feel free to take and use whatever I like, to act as if I am at home. I found Emily and then we all had our share of fun but since I had curfew I couldn't stay long. When I was about to leave, Sophie came also to walk me out. I. WAS. SO. FUCKING. NERVOUS. But why? Jesus, I am an complete idiot because I always overthink things. As we walked to the door she thanked me for coming and that she really likes her gift and she said that she will cherish it. While she was talking we never broke eye contact and I could hear her sincere voice of gratitude and I saw a little smile on her face. Yep. I blushed like a damn fool I am. I replied with a simple thank you and said my greetings with also saying that we will be seeing each other more at school. That honestly slipped my mouth. I haven’t mentioned Emily or anyone else for that matter, I just plainly said that I will be seeing only HER!?! She didn’t really had a reply except for "Yeah, sure". We then went our separate ways, me to my stupid home now with my stupid curfew and regretting not being able to stay more, and her back to her birthday party. One thought was circling my head, just her. Thinking of her made me smile all the way home, imagining all the things us three can do together at the start of school..





And so it began. As school started we immediately started to hang out more, but my presence was much more directed to Sophie. We actually talked a whole lot more than four months ago. Yes. Now I am sure that what I want is her and it’s weird... Is this what LOVE is?


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