Paranormal Voices Harassment

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Paranormal Poetry

Submitted: February 04, 2019

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Submitted: February 04, 2019



The voices 
Are starting 
To get stronger 
And I’m up too late 
So this is their prime time 
When I want to fall asleep 
Fall asleep 
That’s when they charge in 
Full audio blasting 
The propaganda 
The spiritual mind twisters 
A cacophony
Of dimensional audio noise 
Voices talking over voices 
None of them 
Saying anything kind 
So here I go 
A little sleep-aid 
Might be needed here 
Another night siege 
By these spirit attachments 
And their voices 
Incoming voices 
Like cannon balls 
Hitting the walls 
Hitting the ceiling 
Hitting the floor 
Even following me 
If I go out 
For one last smoke for the night 
Which I think I will 
And they’ll probably 
Talk to me out there 
As I smoke 
And watch the snow fall 
On this damn cold night 

1/30/19  Part 2 

Stricken with insomnia again 
It’s been bad with this 
For going on 2 weeks now 
These spirit attachments 
Are getting in closer 
Talking right next to my ears 
And the damn sleep-aid I take 
Hasn’t been all that effective recently 
I might be developing 
A tolerance for it again 
This has happened to me before 
It usually last about a week give or take 
No matter how much I take 
It just doesn’t seem to do the job 
At least not how 
I want it to 
Which is all about speed 
But after a while 
This problem usually 
Just takes care of itself 
And I’m back to being 
Knocked out by it 
Much quicker 
But not tonight 
Not tonight I’m afraid 
It’s just past 
One in the morning 
I’ve got to work tomorrow 
And here I am still awake 
Hearing the voices 
Of these spirit attachments 
They’re not saying 
Anything special tonight 
It’s one of those occasions 
Where they’re being rather cryptic 
So what do I do? 
I’ll try one more dose of sleep-aid 
This last one’s the charm 
Hopefully this stretch of rough nights
Is over soon 
And I’m back to falling asleep fast 
And escaping it all 
For a short time 
Even just a few hours 
Any time not hearing “them” 
Is like a sanctuary to me 
And I could really 
Use a sanctuary right now 

Brain Zap Part 2 
These spirit attachments 
Have been messing with my sleep 
Quite a bit……again this week 
They’ve been hitting me 
Quite a lot 
With what I call 
“the brain zap” 
This has taken the form of a voice 
Saying something in my head 
Quite loud 
It only last a moment 
It seems to me 
That they can only 
Get off a single word or two 
At most 
But they might do something 
Like shout my name 
In this instance 
The voice is very internal 
When it happens 
It startles me a bit 
It almost seems 
Like they’re jumping
Into your head 
There for a moment 
It comes with a sense of intrusion 
And it’s damn annoying as shit 
But I guess in a way 
It could be worse 
At least it seems 
Like when they do this 
They can’t say a whole lot from in there 
It’s just another one more 
Of their damn dirty tricks of harassment 
Maybe I’ll adapt 
And become desensitized to it 
I’ve managed to do this 
With some of their other 
Damn dirty tricks 
Would be a tricky one 
But it seems 
When they keep repeating 
One of these damn dirty tricks 
It eventually reaches a point
When it becomes old news 
And they don’t get 
The same reaction out of me 
But they keep going with it for awhile 
Because they’ve only got so many 
Damn dirty tricks to use 
Despite whatever they may say 


1/30/19  Part 3

It’s just one minute 
Until midnight 
These spirit attachments 
Are starting to escalate 
The voices 
Are getting louder now 
I’m about to turn in 
For the night 
Here in a few minutes 
“they” have been escalating things 
Quite a bit 
Late at night 
For the past week 
Or so now 
As I’m starting 
To get tired 
They move into position 
To attack 
To attack 
To harass 
To deprive me of sleep 
To be assholes 
I suppose 
That I shouldn’t 
Expect anything 
To be different here tonight 
I can almost tell 
Just by the way 
They are talking 
That they are planning 
To give me 
A hard time 
In a way 
I can just sense it 
I just took some sleep-aid 
But its been failing me 
Quite a lot this week 
Hopefully tonight 
It’ll do the trick 
And knock me out quickly 
So that I’m not stuck 
Dealing with the voices 
And the physical disturbances 
For very long 
Well I suppose 
It’s time to run the gauntlet 
The same gauntlet 
I’ve run through 
So many times before 




Just as I suspected 
These spirit attachments 
Are hitting me 
Pretty hard tonight 
When I just went to bed 
And tried to fall asleep 
It was like 
I was surrounded 
By the voices on all sides 
I’m hearing them 
Quite loud and clear 
Right now 
They’ve been escalating at night 
For a little over 
A week now 
The sleep-aid 
Isn’t doing the trick 
I’d say the voices 
Are louder tonight 
Than they were last night 
I’m trying to forget 
What I’m hearing them say 
As soon as I hear it 
But I can tell 
That they’re mainly 
Trying to intimidate me 
This is all very deliberate 
I guess all I have left to do 
Is keep trying the sleep-aid 
There’s no commanding them to leave 
They’re not going to listen 
How do I know this? 
Because they’ve never listened
Another night under siege 
This fades out soon 
I do just get 
These bad weeks
Every once and awhile 
From what I can tell 
They don’t require any rest 
Or at least 
Not a lot anyway 
So I can’t expect them 
To be getting 
Worn down here 
Anytime soon 
I’m the one 
Getting worn down here 
It’s a drag 
So come on sleep 
And take me away 



Feels Like Your Mind Is Spinning 
Right now…..late at night 
Getting hit 
With the voices 
It’s an occasion
Of audio-vertigo 
It seems 
Like there are a few 
All speaking 
Over each other 
Until it morphs 
Into just this distorted sound 
Of voices talking 
If it’s loud enough 
It can be disorienting 
In a way 
Feels like 
Your mind is spinning 
Feels like 
You’re getting hit 
With the audio-vertigo 



1/31/19 Part Two 

2:30 pm 
Has been particularly
Bad so far 
The voices 
Are chattering away ceaselessly 
I can’t sleep 
I don’t know 
At this point 
If it’s them 
Or just straight up 
Old fashion insomnia 
……it’s probably them 
But the sleep-aid 
Is not working 
And I’m not taking anymore 
It’s down to sink or swim here
At this point 
Either I get to sleep tonight 
Or I don’t
If I can’t fall asleep 
Before too long 
I think I’ll have to start 
Making coffee 
And consider this night awash 
It’s been awhile 
Since I lost 
An entire night of sleep 
Because of all this 
So unfortunately 
I suppose I’m due 
Damn annoying
Bullshit it all is 

Don’t Take It Lightly 

Don’t channel spirits 
By any means 
Don’t take it lightly 
You could start 
Hearing the voices 
From beyond 
And some 
Might want you 
To let them 
Through the door 
They may want 
To speak to you 
All of the time 
And when I say 
All of the time 
I mean all of the time 
I’m not exaggerating 
Don’t take it lightly 



It Would Seem 
Right now 
Across most of the country 
An Artic Blast 
Temperatures are very low 
Running my heater continuously 
My condo 
The rooms 
The noise 
And these voices 
I’m hearing them 
Coming through the noise 
As I so often do 
I’ve got no choice 
If I turn off the heater 
Even for a short while 
I’m worried some pipe 
Would break 
So the voices 
Will be louder tonight 
It would seem 


They Emit Voices 
Everything I try to do 
These spirit attachments 
Are always there 
Trying to interfere 
Trying to distract me 
Trying to sabotage me 
They emit voices 
Like human beings breathe 

During The Nights 

It’s been a rough week 
During the nights 
When I grow tired 
It often seems 
That these spirit attachments 
Grow stronger 
It’s like they’re hovering 
Right over me 
As I lie in bed 
There’s just something 
About the voices 
They’re faint but clear 
They sound near 
But also far away 
All at once 
It’s as if I’m hearing them 
Through some kind 
Of separation between us 
But I know 
They are very near 
Very close to me 
I can literally feel them 
Moving around 
On my body at night 
We’re on two separate 
Planes of existence it seems 
So unimaginably
Close together 
So near 
And at night 
Quite often 
These voices sound 
The clearest 
And sometimes 
The night can be rough 
Because they don’t 
Give a damn 
That I’m trying to sleep 
They’ll just keep on talking 
Keep moving around on me 
They’ll just keep on 
Being the attachments that they are 
Attached throughout the night 

The EVP Voices Can Leap Out 

The EVP voices 
Can leap out 
They can leap out 
But who will believe you? 
Except for others 
That have experienced it 
And I assure you 
There are others 
That have experienced it 
From playback recording 
To hearing them 
Real time on recording 
To hearing them 
At any time 
With no recording 
At all 
Hearing them 
With the naked ear 
No headphones anymore 
When the EVP voices 
Leap out of the recording 
Play it safe 
And don’t venture down 
That road 




© Copyright 2019 B.W. Edwards. All rights reserved.

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