My Life

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Submitted: February 04, 2019

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Submitted: February 04, 2019



Today i got up early. I woke up inside a big, comfortable bed all to myself. The big windows shined light onto me and lit up my room. The sun and the birds woke me up just like they do every morning; usually i wake up to my very hot soul mate but today he is at work early. 

Today my driver takes me to a beautiful hiking spot I've been wanting to visit, but before that, breakfast.
I get up and walk to my big sleek kitchen, my fury ginger cat meeting me along the way. My cat had just been fed the best food that is available to these creatures, my maid being the thorough woman she is. My clumsy little cat looks up at me and meows and he keeps me company, watching me open cupboards to find ingredients.
I open the fridge to see what i have and cant make up my mind once i see the mounds of food that sits inside it. I hear my dog pattering towards me as he greets me playfully and i give him a piece of sausage that he gobbles up gratefully. 
I make an omelet and i fill my plate to the brim with green vegetables. I take my plate to the lounge room and sink into the comfortable fabric as i watch tv. 

Next my driver takes me to the hiking spot, where i push myself up the last hill until i come to a devastatingly beautiful scene.The scene goes far and the hills and rolling hills of lush trees and greenery are beautiful.
When im ready i dive into a waterfall lake to cool off, the water that washes over me fills me with satisfaction, as it swallows my body and cools my skin.
When im done hiking, my pleasant driver takes me back to my large house, where i step into my big shower and wash the sweat away.

I spend the day gardening and taking out vegetables. After the day is done and after i have taken a long leisurely bath, i sit down and continue writing my new book. As i finish a chapter I hear my soul mate walking through the door and i greet him with a hug and excitement.
The night is good as we cuddle and make plans for the next day. We will first go out for breakfast, and then go camping, we will spend the night around a fire with our friends, what a life.

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