Blinded to my beauty

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Everywhere you look, there's rarely a true person being themselves, without the filters. How sometimes society tells us what to believe in and we are gullible

Isn't it ironic or shall I say iconic how I never truly see That beauty thats in me

My hair is chestnut short With many clothings of assort I'm considered overweight With taunting remarks I hate

Its a lil bit cynical I know the lies they tell me though But I'm not the one to blame Yet I'm the one who feels shame

There's beauty all around me The smiles & laughter, Passions of an Aussie they tell me to be independent but to never be truly ascendant

For isn't that what their preaching The images on social media their teaching My body is mine but not my own My thoughts I think will never be known

No wonder we're all vain No wonder we're all shy Societies have told us To kiss our ass goodbye

Submitted: February 05, 2019

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